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Praise Round

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This is my first experiment at singing a round. It is a cappella and just under one minute in length. The first half is the first two verses of Psalm 62. The second half is
Hallelujahs. I hope you like it!
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My soul finds rest in God alone
my salvation comes from Him
He alone is my rock and my salvation;
He is my fortress,
I will never be shaken

Hallelujah, Lord!
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G4, mic
GB 2
drakonis said 4906 days ago (April 17th, 2006)
dizzying, but sweet
That's almost too many Roxylees to keep up with! Very pretty
harmonies, as usual. I like how you began to separate the different
voices in the first half by panning them a little to the right/left (I think
you did.) But I'd suggest moving some of the later voices even further
L/R (not a lot, just a little more) to help separate them more... because
this is a round, and being sung by the same person, the voices get
easily tangled up, so you need to keep them distinct. The second half,
I think you didn't move the voices off dead-center, they sounded on
top of each other. And finally, you used a little too much reverb (I
know, Alannah's going to jump in and say "There's no such thing!"), or,
you use the cheapie reverb slider in GB... time for you to showcase
your voice and newfound GarageBand mixing prowess by moving up to
(cue the loud trumpet fanfare) "AU Matrix Reverb"! Maybe I should
leave that to your KISA to teach you about (smrx.) I liked how you
invented this and put it together, you are really catching on to this
quickly! Good work here!
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Roxylee said 4906 days ago (April 18th, 2006)
dizzying, but sweet
Hmmm... I remembered what you said last time and actually DID pan the
vocals, but I guess not enough? On the first half I left the first track in the
middle, the second slightly to the left, and the third, slightly to the right. I
spaced them further apart on the second half. There are 6 tracks in the
second half and I made them further apart down the line until the last two
were totally opposite. Maybe I shouldn't have doubled those tracks? About the
reverb, I don't know nuthin from nuthin- I just picked "Live Performance" and
didn't touch anything in there. I'd be happy to learn how to do this kind of
song better, so thank you for any suggestions on the settings. I'm glad you
liked it overall, and thank you for your expert advice. :-)

I love this place!
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drakonis said 4906 days ago (April 18th, 2006)
dizzying, but sweet
Here's a quick suggestion for what I hinted at. Try one thing at a time and
listen before changing all at once. First, try turning OFF "Live Performance on
ALL tracks, change it to "No Effects". Then choose "Show Master Track" from
the menu, and double-click the master track at the bottom to open its info
window. Now in the one place you can add an effect, add "AU Matrix Reverb"
from the popup menu. Then click the pencil beside it to get its (scary
looking) config window. Change the Wet/Dry mix to about 40%, and from the
popup menu at the top, choose "Large Room", or "Medium Hall". Try
listening. If it sounds better, move to part 2.... if it still sounds muddy, try
setting the wet/dry mix down to 30%.

Part 2: Well, if you double a track and pan each track to the far left & right,
then it sounds like it is right back in the middle (but "wider" sounding than if
you just have one voice in the middle.) So you don't want to do that trick to
EVERY voice, otherwise they're all in the middle again. But try this. Leave
each track doubled, but on each one, pan the left or right doubled track back
partway to the center, leaving the other panned track all the way out as-is.
Each doubled track will now be in a slightly different space, and will sound

OK, now how does it sound? Post the update and lets hear it!

deja vu, it's the next best thing to being there<br>
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said 4906 days ago (April 17th, 2006)
Very lovely. Especially when you get to the "Halleluliahs." On the tech
side, I concur with Draks' comments. Keep it up Rox!

"Oliver wants more!"
Roxylee said 4906 days ago (April 18th, 2006)
Thank you, Mike. Maybe I should redo the settings and repost this...
Somebody tell me what to do to fix it! <G>

I love this place!
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RickW said 4906 days ago (April 18th, 2006)
Roxylee, I'm thrilled to hear you experimenting. This is really nice and I
can most definitely sense your love for God. I agree with Drak about the
production; the first part sounds confusing. Aside from tech issues, your
voice and harmonies are exquisite.

God bless you,


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Roxylee said 4906 days ago (April 18th, 2006)
Thank you, Rick. I'm glad my love for the Lord comes through, even if I don't
know much about production-yet. :-) I hope the remix is a lot better.

I love this place!
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said 4886 days ago (May 8th, 2006)
Take One...
I am assuming this one came first. I am new to this. :) Very nice voice
throughout. To me it seems stronger in the first part simply due to more
words. I listened to both and I personally like this one. I know, the remix
is very good, but the simplicity of a voice to me is what makes this for
me. Nice minor key touch adds a sense of serious and somber to the
verse. God Bless.

Roxylee said 4886 days ago (May 8th, 2006)
Take One...
Wow, thank you. I almost deleted this take; now I'm glad I didn't. :-)

I love this place!
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said 4562 days ago (March 28th, 2007)
I'm smilin....
Listened to your remix of this first, I didn't know it was a psalm(I'm kind of new in the churchworld) In some way I find this piece more soulfull(don't know how to spell it hope You understand -more heart prehaps but You have HEART in all your songs I believe !
Thanx for another great one : )

Feter said 4213 days ago (March 11th, 2008)
Praise Round
now how on earth you thought of that ...do you
remember when I asked you about antiphonal you
answer you dont know ...ahem you did it so great
my dear ...God Bless !
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Roxylee said 4212 days ago (March 12th, 2008)
I don't know what you call it, I just do it. lol
Check out my latest song called Emma, by davisamerica
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