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eyeS (Distorted Reality Vox RemiX)



 Genre: Gothic Rock
No artwork

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Distorted Reality provided the vox.
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Uploaded: May 03, 2006 - 04:18:48 PM
Last Updated: May 03, 2006 - 01:25:23 PM Last Played: Jun 25, 2018 - 12:50:08 PM
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said 4918 days ago (May 3rd, 2006)
nice friend!
So smooth and emotional.
Top notch production as expected.
You need to stop messing around Shawn and either
get on a good label, or just start your own. If you decide on the latter, let
me know and i'll join you.

said 4916 days ago (May 5th, 2006)
nice friend!
Oh BTW...10-10-9-10

FOr what it's worth. This song moved me, and I have to feedback to give.
I like it as is.

This is itunes ready.
said 4918 days ago (May 3rd, 2006)
I'm with EE...
your stuff is always top notch and well produced. You need to get this
out to the masses. I think for shits and giggles, you should send a
couple tracks to either Future or Computer Music and see what they
Sil-VER said 4918 days ago (May 3rd, 2006)
Thanks atonails...

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Mcboy said 4918 days ago (May 3rd, 2006)
very very
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Nurse DRE said 4918 days ago (May 3rd, 2006)
brandon (EE) sent me the link to this song and I was instantly captivated - the harmony and emotion are musical lures that trapped me good ... you certainly know what you're doing - cheers!
drakonis said 4918 days ago (May 3rd, 2006)
darkly sweet
great underlying music bed (really liked the bent-down bass, wish it were
more bassy and predominant though).. inventive effects with the voice,
quite effective, draws me in... and sheesh, great singing too. I feel a lot
of thought and work went into this, quite polished.
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perceptualvortex said 4918 days ago (May 3rd, 2006)
nice. I especially like the vocals. Awesome production as usual.
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The Composer said 4918 days ago (May 3rd, 2006)
They're all right you know...
You've got a wonderful ability to churn out well produced and
interesting tracks pretty quickly, get yourself a regular singer and you'll
have an album that I wouldn't second guess buying.

As to the song, very cool... nice progressions, great singing and an
awesome combination between glitched/unglitched sounds... more
subtle than some of your previous stuff, but enough to keep it very
interesting and so you.

Things that didn't quite sit well with me... I felt as if either the song
was a little too long... or you just didn't build it enough or fast enough
so the energy of the piece got a little stagnant at times... not moving
anywhere. The drums that kicked in at about halfway needed to be
brought in at the end of the piano/percussion interlude 1/4-1/3 way
through... this little lull was a perfect place to come back stronger than
before, instead you kept the same energy and sounds as before which
was a little disapointing.

I'd also want another change up in energy towards the end, probably
for the same reasons. Theres many dips and lulls in the piece which is
pretty cool, but theres not much in the way to balance it out in the
other end.

One other point, at the beginning the analoge like drums are very nice
and subtle and work well... however the drums in the second half,
although they build the energy well, they are too straight for your style
and sort of hold the piece back a little. They either need to be played a
little more fluid... or glitched more like your other stuff.

Anyway, really enjoyed this one, downloaded and faved and
everything... well done.
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TobinMueller said 4917 days ago (May 4th, 2006)
Audio captures concept
Nice spacial spaces left and good use of effects. The harmonies in the
chord progression, the open suspensions especially and orchestration, is
nicely done. In my ears I thought the track could benefit from a more
present bass line (the first time it comes in, about 2/3s thru, has the best
moodiness and goth feel). Consider having a live bassist collaborate to
complete a well done track. Reminds me a bit of POE, who I like. I had
trouble following the words and would have liked lyrics posted, but I also
think more details in the verses, specific things to make the poetry cut
deeper, would strength the content. You captured the languor and
separation inertia of hollow relationships in your audio choices; I like this
sort of concept song.
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MissChaos said 4917 days ago (May 4th, 2006)
mysterious & nocturnal
What a pro production. Crisp, spot-on frequencies. Compelling slow build
that, even though doesn't have a distinct climax, ends and leaves me
having to listen again just to experience that dreamy, dark & mysterious
voice. The hang on that last vocal note is just gorgeous. When I listened
for the third time, I paid more attention to the way this is constructed; it's
not an overly thick layering of sounds, but the way you use effects and
jarring cut-offs make this such a dramatic song. It's the simplicity of the
music tracks that let her voice weave perfectly in and out of the space.
Harmonically, there's nothing atonal about it. :-) Kudos to you, atonalis,
and everyone else involved on this. Can I borrow your vocalist?! cheers. --
Miss Chaos
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atonalis said 4917 days ago (May 4th, 2006)
mysterious & nocturnal
so glad to get a visit from you! as i love your music.... i know our posts dont equal out in terms of relavance genre-wise..... your words are so apreciated. this was meant to be slow, meditative.... jarring in transition and subtle climax...... which to me, i strived for at the end....... thanks again for your visit ! ! ! !
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MissChaos said 4917 days ago (May 4th, 2006)
mysterious & nocturnal
I don't care what you label it. If it moves me, I would listen again and again.
This, my friend, is beautiful and moving. I had this on repeat for awhile this
evening. I sometimes try to give a good technical critique, but when i can't see
past the emotive values, all I can do is tell you how much it can impact one's
state of mind. How can you quantify that?! Rhetorical question. That's a quality
in music that can rise above how technically perfect a song can be, in my
humble opinion.

. . : : Meow : : . .
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Stun Nutz said 4917 days ago (May 4th, 2006)
That was one top notch production, as usual... but this time, it was very
"accessible!" I mean, I could almost imagine this being played on
mainstream radio. It reminded me of (kill me later) Evanescence, but
without the nu-metal leanings... and way more interesting. This could be
a nice secrect weapon used to convert people and their musical mindsets.

Side note: I love how you left her voice sounding clear (with no glitch) as
she holds the note at the end. Nice restraint.
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FEEL said 4917 days ago (May 4th, 2006)
Reality check
Does have that reality check issue... I finally found myself listening to the music with my eyes closed. Nice ambiance, heavy on the effects but it works well with me. Especially the vocals... really blends with the composition as a whole. If I tried to do that with a vocal track I would end up loosing it in the mix. The melody on the other hand is just OUTSTANDING! I need this...

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ktb said 4917 days ago (May 4th, 2006)
a really cool track
track. I'm not sure what happened with my original comment, so I
apologize in advance if this shows up twice. The backing tracks are as
Professional as any I've heard here. The progression is inventive and
great depth. DR's voice is astonishingly GOOD. I think you guys are a
great collab pair. Also is DR a MJ artist, I did a quick search but came
up empty. I enjoyed this immensely thx John
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musichead said 4917 days ago (May 4th, 2006)
total shock
Very hot song,,,Im speechless...

Steve Anderson
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said 4917 days ago (May 4th, 2006)
Very powerful
The vocals are perfect and I love the FX. This has such a nice flow to it.
The mix was perfect, I thought. I really liked how the drums/percussion
move in the 2nd half of the tune. My only wish would be that those
drums started earlier in the song. Totally outstanding tune- had to D/L
this one!
cjorgensen said 4917 days ago (May 4th, 2006)
I thought some of the vocal bending was a bit much.

I'd get into the lyrics or singing right when it goes, "crick crick crick," or
somesuch. Reminds me tons of Delirium. This is like much of what I listen
to. If I paid a buck to download this I wouldn't feel cheated.

It's a nice song. I'm in love with the vocalist.
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caroline said 4917 days ago (May 5th, 2006)
i found this very disturbing but
then the vocal came in and that caught my ear - where are the written
lyrics? i really like to read this stuff while i listen - pfft - this is very clever
- no wonder i go rushing back to my campfire! brilliant - just brilliant -
i'm even going to vote!! thank you for sharing your talent
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Macaudion said 4916 days ago (May 5th, 2006)
Man you have it DOWN, and on every tune that I've heard of what
you've been kind enough to share w/ us here - It is absolutely w/o
coincidence that you are hanging out up here and at the top of the
board - The vocals and all of the backing instrumentation; everything...
It's original and it is densely packed w/ a marvel of events that
continues a groovn' signature sound that is undoubtedly, antonalis -
You know that is is beyond ON, when you're in the middle of the newly,
hip meat packing district of NYC and at some internet cafe and still, it
does what it does; it transports you to a better place... Thanks for
reminding me, Sir... - Always... Dion
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thetiler said 4916 days ago (May 5th, 2006)
interesting stuff
Thanks for sharin
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Frog4 said 4916 days ago (May 6th, 2006)
Newbie to site and if this is indicative of the quality, oh wow. Echoing
some other posts, this singer has that special quality that makes you feel
immersed in a mood. Mix and flow are masterful. Really hits stride when
drums kick in latter part. This song (and artist) deserves good things...
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illuminati said 4915 days ago (May 6th, 2006)
The production here is pinnacle stuff
The voice and the music complement each other extremely well.
Intriguing songwriting, and interesting song. I was comfortable with the
length of the song because you had plenty for the ear to look for. If I
heard this on the radio, I very likely would be tracking it down at the local
store (or itunes).
13 said 4915 days ago (May 6th, 2006)
really is fantastic. greatness all round and a perfect choice of vocalist.

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said 4915 days ago (May 6th, 2006)
This reminded me of my homies Telefon Tele Viv.

Rawk yo.
K.I.S.KISMET said 4914 days ago (May 7th, 2006)
Checked Distorted Reality...M's voice is terrific and the bands music is good. I personally like your style of music much better and think her voice could not fit more perfectly. Yes, it does remind me of Telefon Tele Viv as well.
Always in admiration....SO hot!
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said 4914 days ago (May 7th, 2006)
Just checked out Distored Reality too. I noticed she is on my friend Kristy's label
Nilaihah Records, in my hometown C-Bus.
I agree with you that I like her better on Shawns music. He has really mastered
that sound more than anyone i know. It's IDM, only slightly more unique and
accessible. I think he should keep her on tap for future projects.

datafunk said 4913 days ago (May 8th, 2006)
I'm glad you finally have the audience you deserve ato. I won't be very talkative. this is simply perfect. bravo.
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SlimGirlFat said 4913 days ago (May 9th, 2006)
Beautifully produced.
Wonderful vocals... and the music bed is wonderful..

screamalexz said 4912 days ago (May 9th, 2006)
posting the lyrics would be nice, the skipping on the vocals is rather creative. pretty great production. nice enchanting feel with a hint of industrial/techno to it. a little before halfway there's a nice breat i like. i think you could easily get onto a pretty good label.
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Drew Kopr said 4912 days ago (May 9th, 2006)
What an amazing tune and production! can you give me the link to the original so I can listen to it and compare this verion? Great work! Drew.
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Bubowski said 4912 days ago (May 9th, 2006)
Freakin Outrageous
One of the best things I've heard here or elswhere! Damn you're good. (I don't even like glitchy stuff usually). All 10s from me for sure.
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Bubowski said 4912 days ago (May 9th, 2006)
Which Strings
are those? (As in, which library) So smooth and perfect with the electrincs, voice and glitches.
Check out my latest song called Yosemite Voices
Number-S said 4901 days ago (May 21st, 2006)
1000 yard stare
I went to the goth genre section because I thought that it might be
good for a few laughs, then I was caught with a thousand yard stare
when I heard this piece, it is awe striking & easy to get lost in.
No. S
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mr.turtle said 4899 days ago (May 22nd, 2006)
Remove the A in your handle
One of your more accessible pieces. Finally reaching out to the unwashed
masses. You've shown with this piece that one can be accessible and still
be creative. Even though its riddled with techno it has an organic feeling
to it. It is some of the best produced and most creative music that I%u2019ve
heard here. Clearly you have dared to be great. Turtle Out.
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icharus1969 said 4838 days ago (July 23rd, 2006)
Freakin' Awsome!
Beautiful Music, and your voice is absolutely haunting! This song is
going to be listed as one of my first favs!
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j2morrow said 4763 days ago (October 5th, 2006)
Awesome song. Wish you'd posted the lyrics. And who's the singer?
Great voice. Impressive work here, my friend. Can't believe this didn't
come off a CD somewhere.
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said 4380 days ago (October 23rd, 2007)
you took the time to elaborate on everything. beats, synths, vocals and fx. very nice my prince of glitchness.
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