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Something to make you laugh! This song started as a "test" to experiment with changing tempos in the same piece. The song quickly developed a mind of its own and took off. I was just along for the ride.

I love circuses -- especially the small, sleazy ones which slink into small towns on the fringes -- stick around for a couple days, then slink off into the night to the next stop just ahead of the cops.

I put this in the "Soundtrack" genre because that's how I hear this song, part of some circus scene as described above. Let me know if it makes you smile!
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said 5597 days ago (June 16th, 2004)
This Is Fabulous!
You pick your chords from the same music tree as I do!
This is a circus of the mind. Not of the known tangible
dimensions. You have captured the essense of clowness...
not JUST the clowns themselves, but their souls. There is
definitely something going on in your brain that defies
commonality. To get to "here" with it is amazing! The path
is clear... BTW, has anyone noticed an increasing number
of "Clown" songs at MacJams, lately? Brilliant, Cameron...

Cameron said 5597 days ago (June 17th, 2004)
This Is Fabulous!
Thanks, Alimar! It is indeed interesting how many of us seem to be drawing
inspiration from one another, so it's not surprising that we're "picking chords
off the same tree".

I have been constantly amazed and delighted to listen to everyone's songs on
this site for the past ten days. SO much talent goin' on here! I am enjoying
getting to know several of you on MacJams. Talented folks, all.

Summer is prime time for circuses so perhaps that's why there's increased
energy in that direction here recently.

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said 5597 days ago (June 17th, 2004)
Weird in a good way
I'm bent enough to get this. Swell.

Some of the drums are choices I wouldn't make, but I
love the synth sound.
Cameron said 5597 days ago (June 17th, 2004)
Weird in a good way
Thanks, Troy! Your subject title pretty much sums up my personality in

Yeah, I agree with you about the drum choices! Some were rather random;
others more intentional. I think I'd change the tom-toms to something else.
(Any suggestions?)

I'm hoping that the loud, swelling sound in the middle wouldn't be thought of
as a mistake; I put it there on purpose....conjuring up images of a drunk tuba
player in the circus band, or feedback on a cheap PA system....or whatever
your mind wants to create.

Thanks again for your comment!
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packosmokes said 5597 days ago (June 17th, 2004)
I thought I'd just post what actually happened in my
head while listening to this song.

The setting is under water and there'a a whole bunch
clowns swimming around like grouper fish, heh! As
the music gets slower the begin to descend further
and further down the water. Then, as the speed
suddenly picks up, they start goin' wild swimming
back up until they reach the surface. The visuals of
these clowns then poppiing out of the water, like

Pure fun!
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giovanni said 5592 days ago (June 22nd, 2004)
Definitly Soundtrack
I really like this... It is telling a story and you can follow it quite easily. Oddly enough I listened to this again while reading packosmokes' visuial and could really see how it fits! LOL!
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Cameron said 5592 days ago (June 22nd, 2004)
Definitly Soundtrack
Thanks, Giovanni! This brings up something I wish could happen here on
MacJams: some sort of collaboration with animation folks, or just film folks in
general. MacJams musicians could provide soundtracks to (Mac) film-makers!!

Wouldn't THAT be something? (Maybe it's already happened or is happening
and I just don't know about it....)
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giovanni said 5592 days ago (June 22nd, 2004)
Definitly Soundtrack
Cameron - That's a great idea! Perhaps you should post that thought on the forums!
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Mr Winther said 5520 days ago (September 2nd, 2004)
Mr Bungle
It reminds me of Mr Bungle. :-)

Been working on my own song for four hours now.. really
tired... This song captures my state of mind right on spot!
Going on repeat here now.... ;-) Inspiring! (All eights)
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Mr. EI Oval said 5500 days ago (September 21st, 2004)
The Dark underbelly of the Circus
You have caught perfectly the sleezier side of the Circus.

I like how this composition breathes and has a life all its
own. Stephen King and It can't be too far away...
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_nderscore said 5443 days ago (November 18th, 2004)
all topsy-turvy
this was wickedly wild & wacky. seemed playful at times,
then it all flipped upside down & got sort of freaky.
excellent mix of sounds & effects! you have captured the
mood of the circus perfectly! packosmokes' comment
scares me
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said 5244 days ago (June 4th, 2005)
soundtrack for the trippy mind.
Totally enjoyed this piece. I feel the circus vibe.
Big smile.

TennesseeVic said 5230 days ago (June 19th, 2005)
The Residents meet Bonzo the Clown
Those opening synths are almost vintage Residents, the rest
of more Barnum and Bailey pit orchestra.

Big fun!
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Cameron said 5218 days ago (July 1st, 2005)
The Residents meet Bonzo the Clown
GREAT title for your comments here, TennesseeVic!

And this *WAS* "big fun" to put together. I'm glad that my friend James
encouraged me to post this piece -- I wasn't going to, at first; thought it was
too silly. I'm glad that people seem to like it.

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Macaudion said 5219 days ago (June 30th, 2005)
You are truly one of the greats here!

I am always astonished at your flawless expressions
of existence...
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Cameron said 5218 days ago (July 1st, 2005)
NOW you're making me blush, Cydniko! I'm so glad that you like this piece
and my music here. Your comments on all my tunes have made my day!
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caroline said 5201 days ago (July 18th, 2005)
your madness manifests
in this romp - less coffee, more green tea! me? i'm off to put on a tutu and stand on the back of a pony! thanx - i like it!!! in fact... it's a download x
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inmotion said 5199 days ago (July 19th, 2005)
Clowns and Circles
Listening to this song reminded me of too many clowns getting into a tiny VW Bug. You know that part of the circus where they do that! LOL
This is a really fun piece!
composerclark said 4896 days ago (May 19th, 2006)
Lots of fun
I wanted to comment on something of yours I hadn't heard, and after
going through 3 "classical" genre pieces that I had already heard and
commented on, I saw this and thought, "hmm, I wonder what this is

It's demented, is what it is! Wonderfully-so, I might add. I love the
opening; at that point it's mildly commical, but equally interesting in
an experimental music kind of way. I kind of wish this first little bit
had continued a bit longer.

The shift in metre to 3/4 and a slower tempo makes it clear that this is
deliberately fun music, a bit like Mozart's "Musical Joke," where the
joke is the number of times he does things that are considered bad
taste, like violate the "rule of 3" in sequences, and basically have very
trite melodic material. You can only do this kind of musical joke if you
know music well enough to know that one "ought not" to do these
sorts of things, which you obviously do.

Great fun! I've said this in a previous comment, but you should
compose more! Yes!
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michaeljayklein said 3518 days ago (February 24th, 2010)
The greatest show on earth!
Creatively quirky and inventively charming Cameron--I truly enjoyed this; you did a great job here. Incidentally, by some coincidence, I was only recently trying to figure out the name of that familiar little circus music cue you thoughtfully opened and closed this with and my mind is a blank! I used to know at one time but alas.... Thanks for sharing your talent! Michael
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