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How are you today?


Brutal Youth

 Genre: Indie Rock
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The first song we ever wrote together.
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The floor is cold, when will Spider Man come and save me?
I lie here alone and no one wants to hear the songs I wrote for you

If you knew me, would you catch me when I´m dead?
If you weren´t just a picture,
would you be my friend, one of those who says "hello how are you today?"

I remember when I dreamt that Batman came to town
He kissed me, and I became ashamed when I realized


I left the ground, Superman likes to show me stars at night
I´ll sell my soul to you, my love, if you take me there again

I´ve spent my life over the skies
I´ve flown into the sun
I´ve lived my life in so many dreams, that now I have forgot what´s real

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Uploaded: Jun 21, 2006 - 01:07:25 PM
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moorlandt said 4837 days ago (June 21st, 2006)
so promising
and so charming. OK the production/recording could be very much improved. It's all quite flat right now and sometimes a bit chaotic, except for the singing which really stands out. Woo girl, you have a very very nice voice. Thanks for joining this community. Hope to hear a lot more brutal youth in the near future.

Welcome to MacJams!

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Peter Greenstone said 4836 days ago (June 21st, 2006)
has great potential
I think you have the making of a really good song here. I like the
melody structure, the lyrics, and the vocals. The arrangement could
use some work filling it out a little. I kind of like the guitar part but it
seems like it could varied a bit more and mixed better. The percussion
seems a bit of a mismatch to the music. The bass part is pretty decent
but the tone seems rather blegh. The build that comes in the latter
half is a great idea, subtle but effective in a cool way.

Overall, it's the mixing and treatment of the elements that really could
use the most attention. But the true goodness of the song still shines
through making it easy to imagine how wonderful it could be with
some more work. While I have a lot of nits to pick with this version I
did really enjoy it.
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Hectorious said 4836 days ago (June 22nd, 2006)
I realy like this one. Heres an idea I think that the bass should try a tiny
solo in the key of C nothing very fancy then slide on F# to F# Octives on
the E string into the Beggin of the first verse. I love the lyrics. Very cool
song writing.
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stacey said 4830 days ago (June 28th, 2006)
Sweet Voice
I really love the vocalist! Completely stands out against the music. I think
there's too much distortion on the guitar. But that's just my opinion! I like
when the vocalist gets a little rough and tumble after the middle. It's a
nice arc.
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texas2tone said 4824 days ago (July 4th, 2006)
Some specifics
Like everyone else, I enjoy the overall tone of the vocal very much and I
agree with them concerning the mixing/tone of the recording.

What I really want to mention here is tempo. I get the impression from
each of the three recordings you have posted that your tempo is not as
steady as it could be.

Part of that may be due to the tone of the bass, which is not exactly
punchy: in fact, the attack on each of the bass's notes is so slow that I
believe it is significantly contributing to my impression of dragging.
This may be behind much of the unsteadiness in tempo that I hear. I
am not a bass player, so I cannot say what exactly would fix this.

Others have noted a certain... monotony in drums, guitar, etc. They
are right. Your photo (on your profile page) indicates you have one
guitar to work with, which limits your options. Still, there are some
tricks you might try. One trick is to "turn off" the guitar alltogether in
one of your verses; another would be to strum just once (long and
strong) on the downbeat of each measure. Just some ideas.

Thanks for the music.
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