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 Genre: Classical

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Keyed in live from my PSR-270 into Garageband then I played a bit with the notes. Has a driven quality to it. Hope you like it. Calling it ”Business”.
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PSR-270, G4
Bowman said 4798 days ago (July 5th, 2006)
Love to here some comments.
This piece is a little different from my other work here and I'd love to here
any comments about it from my fellow music makers.
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composerclark said 4795 days ago (July 8th, 2006)
... that I haven't heard this until now, and that you haven't gotten more
feedback yet! It's good stuff; seems like it would fit perfectly as a
score for a suspensefull movie scene. As a piece of concert music (aka
classical music), I think it sounds like a great beginning to something
more extended, but now I'd want to know where it's going from here.
Basically, it'd be good to have some development, and some
contrasting ideas.

But, as I said, as a musical portrayal of a single, suspenseful mood in a
film, I think it works very well as is.

The rhythm is occasionally a little uneven, presumably because it was
created primarily through live playing, so you might want to quantize
the file, if indeed Garageband allows this.

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composerclark said 4795 days ago (July 8th, 2006)
... oops! I just realized that I've been making pretty much the same comment to
you over and over! Talk about a one-track mind (me)! Sorry about that! I guess
I often feel that compositions could (should?) be longer, so that once the
composer has drawn me in (which you have done), I can feel like I am being
taken on a journey of some kind as navigated by the composer. If that makes
any sense. Anyway, sorry about that!

And I reallly do think that if more people heard your music they'd love it.

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Bowman said 4794 days ago (July 9th, 2006)
Feedback is so important to an artist. I know it is for me and I know that to
get it here on MacJams you must reach out and become a part of the core of
active members. I've tried and will continue to listen and comment on as
much of the music as I can, but I looks I haven’t really done it nearly enough
because aside from you and a few of others I really haven't received many of
comments or even plays of my music. The few I have, have been thoughtful,
encouraging and much appreciated and yours are especially meaningful
because of the respect I have for your music and musical knowledge.

As for "Business" it was the first piece that I composed in part and edited in
Garageband. I’ve since addressed the slightly off rhythm issues and I think
have made it a better piece but it still is short. I haven’t uploaded it yet.
Frankly I don’t see much need to because of the lack of interest.

As you I can see it being used in a suspenseful sequence of a film, I am a
filmmaker and film music is very dear to me, but in my fantasies could see it
being played live by an orchestra and would love to use it as an opening
movement or intro to a larger piece.

As I mentioned another time I am drawn to the short form, I’ve made many
short films, and wasn’t sure I had it in me to write feature length material. But
eventually I took it on and turned out what I think is quality work. So maybe
one day it will be in my future to do so musically.
Thanks Clark for the time and the encouragement.

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composerclark said 4793 days ago (July 10th, 2006)
Hi Charles,

You're right about the importance of feedback -- perspective is an easy thing
to lose for artists, because we tend to work alone, and for the most part there
are no absolute standards to tell us if we're on the right track or not. It is
essential to have good instincts and to follow them, but feedback from others
helps tell us if we're reaching others or not.

You're on the right track! Keep doing what you're doing!

That said, I think I have figured out a few things about how to receive
feedback here -- you probably know most of them, but here they are anyway:

1. Comment on the music of others, in a meaningfull way if possible. Short,
positive/constructive comments are fine too, but basically, it is more useful
to most of us to receive an honest, thoughtful comment, and they tend to
take a little time.

2. Give more comments than you get. I don't know the exact ratio, but you
may find that you're giving out at least two comments for every one you
receive, until more people get a chance to hear your music and become fans,
at which point things should even out a bit.

3. It's easy to keep track of this; on your "My Profile" page, it lists # of
comments ("Jam Comments) given, and thee # of comments received for each
song is given in parentheses in the "Hits" column. You have to add up the
numbers that correspond to each song to get a total. You can do the same
thing with votes. By definition, the # of comments given for the entire site
must be the same as the # of comments recieved, but, until a person
develops a following of some kind, you can expect to generate a lot more
comments than you get.

4. Particiapting in the forum threads is a way of becoming better known, but
I've never been sure of how much of that results in people becoming
interested in your music. I'm sure that SOME people may become curious
about the music of others though the forums, but I'm just not sure how

5. Some people put a link to their latest submission in their signature file
(see "Signature" in your "Account Information" page). That makes it easy for
someone to check out your music if they feel so inclined. Some people aren't
fans of this, but I'm pretty sure most people don't mind, and I personally
think it's a great idea and have followed others' signature files many times to
check out their music.

6. Cultivate relationships. When you find an artist whose music you like, try
listening/commenting/voting on several of their tracks; it often results in the
artist becoming more interested in your music.

7. Submit no more than one song a week. This is something that someone
suggested to me early on, the rationale being that songs disappear from the
various "picks" listings on the left side of the screen after a week, and your
best chance of getting noticed occurs in the first week of posting. Also, if
you have more than one new song in a given week, it seems like many people
will listen to one but not the others.

8. Some people promote (aka "pimp") an occasional song in a Forum thread; I
think there's a category called "show your stuff," or something like that.
Again, some folks don't care for this, but there's really nothing wrong with it,
as long as the self-promoter shows a willingness to become involved in the

None of this is scientific, they're just a bunch of observations, but others have
made them too, and they are in keeping with a general principle of life, which
is that you get out of something more or less what you put into it, but
sometimes you have to be patient.

Way too long, I know, but hopefully it'll help!

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