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I Stopped Losing A Long Time Ago



 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap

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UPBEAT, energetic, I love this song, I'm proud of it, listen to it!
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Well God bless 'cause the truths in your soul
Young or old, we're all made of gold

I stopped losin' a long time ago
Take a break from your rap and listen to my flow
I'm not on my own, I'm backed by mad skill
Pick a battle wit' us and you're grabbin' a bad deal 4
Often the crews that I cross get cross
'Cause they lost, and they said that they would win but they did not
I recall in the past when I was battlin' Nasty
And Ghost, they both showed that they could blow past me 8
But I remembered how the foundation of
MOB 8 was based on hate and then one day
I realized the skills that I needed to seek
Were easy to see, simply by believin' in me 12
There's somethin' different 'bout how I spit
And you wonder how you can do it but you do not get
Close and no one knows why but accept it
'Cause I'll be stuck in your head live and aggresive

My mind's in motion, it's finally open
The mics explodin', yet I can hold it
The birth of magic, my words surpassed it
At first my hand slipped but I learned to grasp it

It's like, step back, jet black, you know I can get that
Makin' it amazin' I'm raisin' it like a jetpack
Let it rest, the best ready to just step
If it's Pen then I'm there I'm never to get scared
We ain't scared like I said, so just check it and let it ignite
Ready to fight bring a machetti or knife
'Cause anything might happen by the end 'a the night
Get me a mic and I'mma show you plenty 'a life 8
I'm rippin' matter and gettin' at 'er, you gettin' battered
I'm gettin' madder and ready to rip it and it'll have an
Impact badder then any attempt that didn't matter
Pitter patter, I step in the end it wit' all the chatter 12
And that'll be it, switch to a style that'll build
There's a void in your mind's eye that I'm 'unna fill
I'm near the top and it's obvious y'all are climbin' a hill
Tryin' to be real, but-I-just stumbled-on to a vibe I can feel, now where 'da strings at?


One more time, live in effect
Hittin' your mind with the mic that I check
It's negative energy that I'm tryin' to deflect
Now you gunna figure out how live I get!

I'm takin' over and hopin' you know that I'm goin' to make it
'Cause makin' it is my goal and I know that no one'll break it
Or fade it you're facin' me and I'm ready to lock horns
Ready to drop bombs frenetical top songs
You gettin' 'em dropped, rockin' the spot as I explode
Hotter than hot itself, am I hot? I guess so
Let's go, rippin' it up to just blow
It up in the moment before I'm onto the next show

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Ancient Rhymer said 4816 days ago (July 8th, 2006)
Medieval Kurbstomp
The best song you've ever done, has real mystic vibe to it. I like the blend in this track as you display a combination of old styles and new styles and express elements of classical, reggae, hip hop and pop. You've taken this in a good direction Carson, just watch the words blending together in your fast rapping. When it happens it's subtle but on a second listen through it's easy to pick up on. Great tune man.
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Ancient Rhymer said 4816 days ago (July 8th, 2006)
On second thought...
Scratch that words blending into each other comment, I just read the lyrics so
I couldn't quite pick up on what you were saying exactly.

El Canto Is Back!
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Leon said 4800 days ago (July 24th, 2006)
dont know where my original message went..pushed the wrong
button..but as i was saying... this has great rhtyhm and the lyrics are
facile but also has meaning and profoundness.
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ynot said 4727 days ago (October 6th, 2006)
thats good stuff. I dont know what else to say...well put together but
what got my attention was the energy u had in ur flow. Great song.
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