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I need some Inspiration



 Genre: Pop (mainstream)

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Another one that pooey (Jim) helped me with. I wrote it at school when I was going through a hard time for a bit. The Bridge is my favorite part of the song! Enjoy!
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I need some inspiration, I need a push I need a shove, I'm trying hard, got what it takes, I got the heart I got the love. You know I'm needing you here, I've got nothing inside my head, and all I feel are my warm tears, and you not there inside my bed.
So come to me, you know I need you, and I can sleep, Becauces of you.
So come to me, 'cuz I still want you, my hearts breaking, 'cuz I'm not near you.
I know I need to come back,
I need to try and stop the crying,
Try and stop my hurt colliding,
Need to try and laugh with you.
I need to see that your here,
I need to know you going to no where,
Need to see our time will come,
Anmd figure out that your the one.
I swore you were comming, Iheard you were comming, I ran out the door, and you yelled you loved me.
I finally have, just what I want, it was always you, you always had my heart.
Don't think you'll ever get it, what I'm tryin to say, I'm scared I could lose you, so I'll say it all today.
I love you, I need you, I'm sorry, I'm crying.
Open your eyes, and see I'm yours, your stuck, in our love.
Slam on my pain, yell at my heart, knock down the walls, that keep me from you.
Slap all my tears, break down the hard times, say I love you, and throw away the hurt, throw away the hurt, throw away the hurt.
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Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Garage Band
FEEL said 4789 days ago (July 8th, 2006)
Sweet song
You have a very nice voice. The harmonies work well together. The song
is moving and has a beautiful melody. The guitar and piano compliment
each other well. You can feel the hardship in this composition. Some
times a song can help on working things out. Thanks for sharing... your a
nice addition to macjams.

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KATD said 4781 days ago (July 16th, 2006)
Sweet song
Thankyou very much, Its good to hear nice things about my music!
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jackstone said 4789 days ago (July 9th, 2006)
Beautiful Song
You did great job on this!!
Amazing piece. you're talented lady.
Thanks for your voice.

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Stun Nutz said 4789 days ago (July 9th, 2006)
You have...
... a great passionate voice, that's for sure. There is a lot of strength in it. The melodies you sing carry a lot of emotion. I like the layered vocals in the chorus...nice touch. I checked out your first song as well. I can't say that I want to visit the troubled space in my head that these two songs take me to very often, but you have a good thing going here... keep it up. (the first song you posted reminded me of how I felt when I listen to "Hurt" by Trent Reznor or Johnny Cash).

A couple suggestions to try in the future might be more of an instrumental break with a solo and perhaps even another instrument woven in there (violin?) as a counterpoint. Welcome to MacJams...!
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KATD said 4781 days ago (July 16th, 2006)
You have...
THankyou!!! A compliment from you is an honour as I have heard Much of your music! Thankyou for the suggestions!
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charliechen said 4788 days ago (July 9th, 2006)
Feeling the hurt
I have a feeling that you could sing the proverbial phone book and still break hearts. The pain is deeply palpable in your vocal delivery.

The melody is quite beautiful. I found this song not as strong lyrically as your first post. The words as they stand are lacking in structure. I find that without a rhyming or metering scheme, the words seem frenzied - dare I say it, a little hysterical. But that's really easy to fix with some editing.

I hope I haven't said too much. I've gotten in trouble on this site before for being too liberal with my opinions. Tell me know to take it down a notch is you wish.

You've got a great fan in me of your voice and talents. Keep the posts coming.
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KATD said 4781 days ago (July 16th, 2006)
Feeling the hurt
Thankyou! I did not find your comments offensive at all, Criticizim is ALWAYS good, and I am happy you like my music!
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bug67 said 4788 days ago (July 10th, 2006)
You have a beautiful voice. Although it sounded strained to me at times throughout. Were you singing the harmonies as well? I thought I heard them off key at one point. I dunno. Maybe my ears are crooked today.

The piano was very well played, however, it sounded as if it was recorded from some distance in a rather large hall with the microphone placed at the back of the hall.

This could deffinately benifit from more production. As was stated earlier, some strings would compliment this tremendously. Could use some bass guitar as well. Probably some form of percussion wouldn't hurt either.

Don't get me wrong and think I'm bashing this. On the contrary. This version is an extremely good starting point. Just needs a little polish.
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KATD said 4781 days ago (July 16th, 2006)
Thanks, I recorded this song in a room, with 2 mics, and I played piano as i sang, so there wasnt much to it. Adding strings would be a lovely touch, but this is just a starting point, we will see what happens in the future!
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Nolan said 4780 days ago (July 17th, 2006)
Very very nice.
Beautiful voice. The guitar and piano create a great sound. The bridge
is my favourite part too - your voice is fantastic in that section

My only suggestion would be to tighten up the timing a slither; it's a
bit more noticeable in the first half. It just holds up the flow a bit.

Great song. Well done.
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said 4681 days ago (October 24th, 2006)
great singing
nice chord changes , you can definetly belt them out I feel the emotion in
the words .Sometimes I run out of things to say not trying to be short but
this is great and you have talent.
jie said 4675 days ago (October 30th, 2006)
Excellent. Love your voice, liked the chord progression. thanks for sharing. Cheery
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grah3am said 4671 days ago (November 3rd, 2006)
A great song about being uninspired, which is a bit of a contradiction, but what the heck.

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craft said 3960 days ago (October 14th, 2008)
great voice
you have a powerful voice.. Well done
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falcef said 3215 days ago (October 29th, 2010)
need some Inspiration
Song and voce two ok bye e saluti from Italy bye bye falcef
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