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 Genre: Ambient

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Give this one some time to start. Has a slow fade in and out.

As usual I set out to create a sound-bed I could use as a backdrop to a spoken word piece. But rather than the usual 2 or 3 minutes, I wanted to do something long. When I finished with this one I ended up being happy with it as it was.

I may add words later.

I wouldn't have posted it, but then I listened to Drak's song Fractal Serenity and read how he created it and felt I had to add mine to the mix. His is too short, mine is too long (yeah yeah yeah, everything is relative).

I found this: http://www.grotrian.de/spiel/e/info.html

It's a flash music box. But I found if I did away with the presets, picked my own notes, cords, and percussion, I could produce "noise" I was happy to listen to for quite a while. I won't call it music, but it still pleased me. No matter what I did though it was too fast.

I decided to record a "session" with WireTap Pro, and by accident learned if the webpage for the generator was in the background it played about a sixth of the speed (exactly what I wanted).

I took the raw AIFF into GB3 and duped it into three tracks, applied panning, effects, and track volume adjustments, and made it what it is now.

Maybe I am deluding myself, but I haven't gotten bored with it yet. I think because my mind searches for a pattern that isn't there.
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WireTap Pro
Piano generator at: http://www.grotrian.de/spiel/e/info.html
drakonis said 4752 days ago (July 16th, 2006)
How funny
How coincidental that you and I would post computer-generated pieces
a day apart. Yours too has a dark cast to it, but yours is more of a
disturbing anxiously repetitive rhythm. Really cool sound effects.
Were those (and the constant panning) part of the generated sounds,
or did you choose your own instruments and tweak after getting the
file? I will go check out the URL you mentioned in chat later today (was
this done with that pianolina?) So many toys, so little time! Well given
the fact that this doesn't really grow/shrink/develop/morph much, it
could probably have been about 3 minutes instead of 15, but the idea
is intriguing. Great horror flick stuff... down endless midnight
corridors of the old mansion, where every time the old grandfather
clock at the end of the hall chimes, the little patterns in the rug under
your feet turn into bats and flitter away.
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cjorgensen said 4752 days ago (July 16th, 2006)
How funny
Thanks for not listening. :)

I listened to your 4 times now. You owe me three!

I agree that it doesn't do much new after the first few minutes, but I still
never got bored. I do now, but been listening to it for a couple months now.

I posted mine because of your track, so not too odd they are so close

I chose my own notes and such. I brought it into GB3 to apply the effects.
There are three tracks. One is the raw, and does a slow pan from left to right
over the course of the "song." The second has "Zapper" applied, and the third
is quiet "Lunar Bounce." I did some stuff with the master track as well,
applying the "attack" to the EQ and some gating.

Even the raw AIFF is fun to listen to, but it has a few times where it hits "sour"
notes, or the velocity it too high so the note clips. Believe it or not, but this
was about the 7th "take."

A Bloody Dark Pastryman
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said 4752 days ago (July 16th, 2006)
Mine is Too Long (ahem) ;)
I didn't find it boring either until about the 5 minute point when I opened
my eyes for the first time wondering where the quicktime cursor was
relative to the end of the audio file.
I enjoy what you've done with a minimal set of sounds. Very good
cjorgensen said 4752 days ago (July 16th, 2006)
Mine is Too Long (ahem) ;)
Heh! If you got bored at the 5 minute mark you still had nearly 19 more minutes
to go! I'm sorry.

Or maybe you meant that some other way? :)

A Bloody Dark Pastryman
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Doadars Uncle said 4751 days ago (July 17th, 2006)
Nice beats
I got a real feeling of process, here. Subtle progression.

It is a nice environment for me while I clean my office! Sort. File.

I moved in and out of question and self doubt. A simple thought
becomes nagging, and will not let go!

All in all, it was nearly random. I can see the thought exercise within it.

Thanks man!
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cjorgensen said 4691 days ago (September 14th, 2006)
re: Nice Beats
I liked it. I never got bored. It did take many "takes" to get this, but there was
little thought behind it. I set chaos in motion and sat back. I let it go as long as I
did because I wanted a backdrop for longer spoken word pieces. Unfortunately, I
don't have anything that would go with this.

I tried to repeat the experience, with other objects, but never produced anything
else I liked.

A Bloody Dark Pastryman
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atonalis said 4739 days ago (July 29th, 2006)
a definite deliciously dark delight of downatmos decadance. really nice man. i truly dig your stuff - backdrops and/or poetry. nothing wrong with length........ it can be all about the breathing............ wonderful track.
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cjorgensen said 4691 days ago (September 14th, 2006)
re: wonderful.
Thanks for the comment. I like your work as well. Someday I'll ask permission to
yammer over one of your tracks.

A Bloody Dark Pastryman
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Sea Monk Seven said 4686 days ago (September 19th, 2006)
nice job
very dark and creepy. the effects are awsome as well.
probably id turn up the mix, but thats just because i have quiet/bad speaker. good job
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cjorgensen said 4678 days ago (September 27th, 2006)
re: nice job
I tried replying once already.

The levels sound fine on my speakers, and I have crappy ones as well. It would
be easy to bring them up though.

Glad you didn't hate it.

Off to listen to one of yours. Unless I have already. :)

A Bloody Dark Pastryman
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