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This song began last month while "Phantom" was playing in Appleton, Wisconsin. My Airstream trailer was parked in the middle of a huge pasture. I had no phone or internet connections so I decided to delve into GarageBand!

This is the first song in which I minimized the use of loops (the only one is the drum track). It started out as a piano piece and evolved from there. Suddenly a flute appeared in the mix! As I worked on the song, I realized that it reminded me of Phantom's wonderful flutist, Lisha. She is one of those beautiful, classy women with a great amount of talent (and humility).

So I add this song to my growing list of songs dedicated to some of the special women in my life. Lisha is excited about this song being posted, and even likes the song art (adapted from an actual photo of her).

Someday (when I finally get a mic!), I will re-submit this song with Lisha's REAL flute sound on it, along with the real sound of my 1906 Steinway grand. But please enjoy this version for now.
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PowerBook G4 17" 667mHz/512 MB SDRAM
packosmokes said 5493 days ago (July 4th, 2004)
There's a beautiful floating feeling I get from this
song. I also really enjoy it when the flute and piano
feel like they begin to "communicate" with each
other. Makes this song feel like nature.

If I would recommend anything it would be get little
more variation happening? Not much, though. There
are parts where it tends to feel repetitive, the song
could "grow" more in places, I guess.

Great work!
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Cameron said 5493 days ago (July 4th, 2004)
Very good comments, Pack! I was indeed concerned that there wasn't enough
variety in this song. (I also thought it might be slightly too long.)

Maybe I'll try re-working it later, and add some variety and record it with the
live instruments as I mentioned in the description.

Thanks again for your comments; they are right-on.
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said 5493 days ago (July 5th, 2004)
This is a lovely piece. I can't wait to hear it again
with your piano and with Lisha and her flute. I don't
know if you need or want more variation. The song's
simplicity is what, I think, allows the very effective
interplay between the piano and flute. Soothing,
comtemplative, and not too long. Kudos!

Mcboy said 5492 days ago (July 5th, 2004)
all the ingredients r there...
the meldody ,strings,an playing r there.....a little editing and and some variation like packo suggests would make this complete...i realize its a sketch for real piano and flute but i like what i hear....
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SlimGirlFat said 5492 days ago (July 5th, 2004)
could drift anywhere with this piece.Very reflective track
and just the right length...
Ringo said 5492 days ago (July 5th, 2004)
the ostinato piano, strings and drums all work very well

The flute is really good too.

For some reason the lead piano line sounds slightly "flat",
not in pitch and not so much in the playing more in the
actual sound, maybe a touch more reverb or a bit of eq, it
doesn't seem to sustain like the arpeggios do.

The pauses give the piece variation but the ones that just
stop dead do break the dreamy illusion built up by the
rolling piano and strings. Seems to need something like
an echo or very long reverb to fill them up a little. Or
continue the drums or have a string swell etc.

But these are small niggles. Overall I liked it very much
and Lisha must be very flattered.

Can't wait to hear it on the Steinway and her playing the

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Cameron said 5492 days ago (July 5th, 2004)
Thanks, everyone for your great comments so far!

Ringo, your ears were especially perceptive about a couple of things. The
lead piano track sounds a bit dead because I added it after I had mixed down
the first (arpeggiated, sustained) track down to AIFF. Later on I didn't like the
lead piano "deadness", but by then it was too late.

The first piano track ate up a LOT of CPU because of the sustain. I had to
convert that one to AIFF right away! So the two piano tracks don't match

Some of the pauses were abrupt because of the same AIFF problem....the
sound cut off suddenly at the end of each section of the file. I tried to cover it
up by bringing up the low string levels. I was only partially successful, ha ha.

It's GREAT to get these comments, truly! They're very helpful. I appreciate the
time that you've all taken to write them.
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gudkarma said 5492 days ago (July 5th, 2004)
i like lisha's imprint on your soul
it seems as though her flute has tangled itself on your
legs and wrists.
you might not have settled well without struggled first
against the bondage of her.
against the beauty of music waiting pregnant in the wind
of Appleton.

the piano asks questions and the flue comes in softly to
coax the piano in a direction is should be moving.
patient.....even when the piano seems to upset the
balance of the song itself (which actually is the song).

the flute kisses the piano softly
in the secret places between the dark and light
keys...where few musicians seem to go.

the song ends..fading lights and i wonder what the flute
and piano are doing in the meadow....just outside of
appelton...where love has grown
into a melody of its own.

well done my brother.
ah.....well remember i wanted a girl in nj ?
ok. apparently there's more inspiration out west!
i'm coming to visit!!!!!!!

: )

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chipuni said 5492 days ago (July 5th, 2004)
Beautiful harmony...
The harmony and instrumentation is really beautiful. I love the subtle electronic strings that come in. It matches the drums quite nicely!

The lead piano sounds too different from the harmony piano -- you mentioned elsewhere that it was compressed too much. Unlike the harmony piano, the lead piano sounds too much like a toy piano. I'd love to hear it with a better piano, especially your 1906 Steinway grand!

I agree with packosmokes, though, that the song feels too repetitive at times; the melody's rhythm is repeated too many times, and the harmony doesn't change enough.

Thank you for writing it!
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TobinMueller said 5491 days ago (July 6th, 2004)
Appleton Wisconsin... my father went to high school there
and I was born and lived right next door... and I probably
know that pasture. You performed at the Fox Cities
Performing Arts Center, on College Avenue, right? Great
new venue for them there, I bet my father and still-in-
Wisconsin son were in the audience. Too bad I didn't
know ahead of time, i could've hooked you up with a
home cooked meal. very sweet song. For some reason
reminds me of Laura Nyro. Relaxing and wonderful. Lisha
has good reason to be proud.
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giovanni said 5490 days ago (July 7th, 2004)
I really like how this piece develops. The flute is a great
addition and a pleasant surprise (even though I knew it
was coming) when it enters. I eagerly look forward to the
real flute and Steinway version!!
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Cameron said 5490 days ago (July 7th, 2004)
THANKS everyone, for your very good comments. I've learned a lot from
submitting this piece and truly appreciate your opinions and suggestions.

It's gratifying to know that a piece can have room for improvement yet STILL
be "good" as it is. Your comments reflect this balance and I must commend
you for achieving it here on MacJams.

That balance between constructive criticism and praise is a true manifestion
of the "best" that this internet music community has to offer.

Thanks again.
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Paul_T said 5489 days ago (July 8th, 2004)
It's all been said
Loved the piece. You know a little french horn in bits and places wouldn't be bad, either. Or is that too obvious.

I hear it lurking in the briars, kinda like the "other guy," not that that has anything to do with the story.
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Sista Mac said 5489 days ago (July 8th, 2004)
Your interpretation is very romantic, and joyful! It is easy to see that this person makes you happy. It carries alot of emotion. Very Nice!!!
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said 5487 days ago (July 10th, 2004)
This is wonderful!
iG.STUDiO said 5480 days ago (July 17th, 2004)
Lovely Piece
Nice; very symphonic development, it gets progressively
more interesting as you get into it, very poetic in nature,
good and tasteful mix (I would add some sustain, or
reverb to the piano sound - just a tiny bit, for it sounds a
little dry, but it's just me...), voting with no hesitation...
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hacked_to_pieces said 5472 days ago (July 25th, 2004)
You have a new fan
I don't listen to this genre of music very often but this is
very good. You can really tell you are a professional
musician it shines thru in this track.
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said 5471 days ago (July 26th, 2004)
Class act
Good balance. Nice pacing, nice pauses. You've achieved a
nice legato with virtual instruments. The flute, of course,
is missing breathiness and velocity. I can hardly wait for
the real deal!
Z293 said 5467 days ago (July 30th, 2004)
This is a beautiful piece, I couldn't even begin to
develop a piece like this. I love it when someone
comments on something I did and you search out
that person's material and it's totally different than
what you are expecting, it opens you up to different
styles. Thanks for your comments, coming from a
true professional is great feeling.
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mcsweb said 5460 days ago (August 6th, 2004)
1906 Grand??
What length is it? My experience is that most pianos over
50 years old stop being good playable instruments, even
Steinways. I'm sure those stored in the basement of
Steinway's Manhattan HQs are the exception... Anyway I
seriously digress. Is this song "played" using the editor
(ala Alimar) or through a midi controller? The metronomic
even attack of the notes leads me to believe it was the
editor. If I'm wrong, your playing could use just a touch
of expression. If I'm right, maybe take a page out of
Alimar's playbook, and add expression in the editor. BTW,
I like the drums, and the melody is quite nice, if a tad
repetitive. I'd like to see some more variations. Very
pretty and relaxing. (My wife likes it too.)
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said 5452 days ago (August 14th, 2004)
Beautiful composition.........brings out the beauty in
memories of "one" who reflected upon us; and all the
beauty within oneself to tingle another with the same
feeling of love.
james87 said 5450 days ago (August 16th, 2004)
Well constructed piece. Would make an excellent
soundtrack. Strong piano soloing and airy flute sounds. If
anything the solo needs lifting from the background a
touch perhaps with reverb. Nice one.
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juedm said 5448 days ago (August 18th, 2004)
but inconclusive. I don't notice any instruments used,
therefore I am inclined to think this is comprised of other-

The high-key notes in the first 1/4 appear to be "off" key
at times, and the flute comes in rather loud and
overtakes the piece at times.

That's just IMHO - I'm no Jazz Music Aficionado.

Very nice beginning of what could be an outstanding piece
of Music Composition!


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juedm said 5447 days ago (August 19th, 2004)
surprised that I didn't notice the acute amount of Melancholy this piece is
capable of inducing, after a forth listen.

My earlier remarks were obviously made in haste, and I should include here
that this piece worthy of a higher rating than the 6's I posted.

The Synth Violins are nicely inlaid, and I like them lots, and the Flute has it's
spotlight moments too.

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legato said 5384 days ago (October 21st, 2004)

I love this piece as well... Appegiations are so cool as the
under lying rhythm. The instruments are perfectly layered
as well. One thing though...My opinion, I would like this
piece to have more of a live feel and maybe that's in the
future, maybe do away with the sequencing or less
quantizing to give it more warmth, feel and emotion.
That's it.

Great Job!
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_nderscore said 5356 days ago (November 18th, 2004)
very smooth/emotional
consistently great from start to finish. wonderful &
rewarding composition. everything builds on each other
so nicely-making it just 'flow'. beautiful stuff
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thetiler said 5332 days ago (December 12th, 2004)
Love that story!
Great story about how the song came about - (10).
Love that picture, but the story really brought out the
music. Being new here, your story makes me realize how
important those special notes on artists tunes are!


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thetiler said 5332 days ago (December 12th, 2004)
Love that story!
Great story about how the song came about - (10).
Love that picture, but the story really brought out the
music. Being new here, your story makes me realize how
important those special notes on artists tunes are!


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saxking20 said 5139 days ago (June 23rd, 2005)
I enjoyed. I even liked the breaks even though I read later
that they were logistic problems. Silence in music is good
sometimes-gives the piece a chance to breathe.
I love the story about the Airstream. I used to teach band
at Botkins, OH where the chassis are made and drug to
Jackson Center, 6 miles away. I have more RV stories I'll
save for later!
I would like to hear your piece with live flute as I miss the
vibrato and expression. You did a good job with the
synth, however.
I look forward to hearing more of your tunes you have
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Cameron said 5131 days ago (July 1st, 2005)
saxking20, thanks for your very interesting comments. It's fascinating that
you lived so close to the Airstream factory.

Someday I will re-do this piece with a live flutist, hopefully Lisha herself....and
on my Steinway grand. And hopefully get a live drummer....

First I'll have to transcribe this piece so everyone can read the notes!
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Macaudion said 5132 days ago (June 30th, 2005)
Emotional climate
This is the second time that you've brought big wet
cry balls to my emotional climate...

My words won't help here either.



p.s. i know i shouldn't pose these thoughts here, but
it is just beyond me how a tune like this has less
than 8,9s and tens - let alone less than 7s
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Cameron said 5131 days ago (July 1st, 2005)
Emotional climate
Cydniko, I appreciate your kind words as always.

Your observations about the scoring of this piece are fine to share here.

I think that people scored a bit lower on songs during the first few months of
MacJams' existence. Very few submissions were scored higher than "8" back
then. Although I am pleased with the musical content of this piece, I do admit
that some of the production aspects could be improved -- and WILL be,

Thanks again!
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said 4170 days ago (February 17th, 2008)
Oh Ya
I really like this it is beautifully orchestrated the strings are grand, the piano delightful, and the introduction of the flute is right on...Bravo
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