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Less Then Expected

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Sometimes things aren't what they seem.
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Uploaded: Aug 25, 2006 - 01:09:09 PM
Last Updated: Aug 25, 2006 - 04:18:21 PM Last Played: Mar 04, 2019 - 06:54:35 PM
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G5 Duel Core, Fender Strat, Vox ToneLab, M-Box, Ibanez bass
GB2,Drums on Demand, Ozone 3
said 4651 days ago (August 25th, 2006)
rock and roll
I hear very cool lyrics, just in my head, very cool love the guitar
perceptualvortex said 4651 days ago (August 25th, 2006)
John, this is some sweet guitar playing. I love those bending and sliding tones, and you always really sound like you're talking through your playing. The low end of this mix could be cranked way up; the bass and kick drum were kind of buried and I think they could add a lot of power to the groove if they were louder. Excellent jam, it's nice to hear a new one from you!
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ziti said 4651 days ago (August 25th, 2006)
i agree about
the low end....and i agree with peevee...nice track, nice git playin. For
a total beck-freak, you don't sound like you are imitating him, which is
very good. The dynamics are very effective, and the composition is
really guitaristic.

Nice job with this, as always.

deep bow
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Electric Lobster said 4651 days ago (August 25th, 2006)
Great guitar !
I like it - but give some other instruments a little chance !-)
Some drum solo will make the come back of guitar even better -
maybe ..)
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Vic Holman said 4651 days ago (August 25th, 2006)
good job on the mix of all the gtrs. they all kept there space nicely. at the
beginning you had your lead off to the left, since it was the main focal
point being more on center would of given a even stronger presence.
great job!

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FEEL said 4651 days ago (August 25th, 2006)
Nice Guitar playing
Almost sounded like a change in tempo at the beginning... Very well
executed. Bunches of feel to this tune. I would love to add some bass to
this. Thanks for sharing...

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AquilA said 4651 days ago (August 26th, 2006)
Less Is More
Really nice playing here. Nice touch and technique. Excellent dynamic
between the subtle and intense parts. Great tone and effects on the
guitars. If there is a bass in here, I can't hear it. I'd take Texas up on his
offer. Some bass and a more balanced mix would take this one out of the
park. Downloading now, bass or not.
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said 4650 days ago (August 26th, 2006)
Love this groove. I'd actually like to remix this if you'd let me!

said 4650 days ago (August 26th, 2006)
Just as I expected!
Power and pathos! Your leads were stellar and almost made me drool! I
sure wish I could play leads like this! My speakers smoked...and i swear i
detected just the faintest hint of incense...Very well done, man!

Take care!

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Einarus said 4648 days ago (August 28th, 2006)
Up the low!
I agree with the previous commentators - boost the bass and you've got
yourself a killer track!
Your playing is always very expressive - but unfortunately, I don't really
speak "guitar" :)
Highly enjoyable, though.

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DOCTORBIZARRE said 4645 days ago (August 31st, 2006)
Nice tones on them geetars man! Really nice expression! Jammin guitar! I would turn the bass on on this! Needs a little more bottom end and maybe beef that bass drum up! Great playing though! Slide away!
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j2morrow said 4506 days ago (January 17th, 2007)
Man, this rattles the dust off the walls! Awesome guitar work. This has a great feel to it all the way through.
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said 4451 days ago (March 13th, 2007)
Finger Snappin Good
Has a "Clapton" feel to it. I like it.

Like everyone said, "boost the bass".
said 3920 days ago (August 26th, 2008)
Less Then expected
Another brilliant song. I love this stuff :)

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