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Everlasting Care

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Nail in the Eye Productions are brewers of beer, chefs of questionable skill, creators of digital media, a rock band, software developers, and who knows what else.

Some of it is total garbage. Some of it is pretty cool stuff. We do it for fun.

Nail in the Eye Productions is a multi-faceted group dedicated to endeavors into areas that we aren't good enough at to make a career out of.

"Here's to trying out all things impractical and half-baked ideas. Have fun!"

Look for the Nail in the Eye seal on music, beer, visual art and software everywhere. And if you actually see it, we'll be more surprised than anyone else.

Christopher "The Nail" Guse
David "The Eye" Epley

Don't worry, we have day jobs.
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Everlasting Care
©1992 Christopher Guse for Nail in the Eye Productions

Ashen wonder in your straight stare
Vague figures dance in your eyes and hair
Reminding me of why I am and who you are
Forever close either near or far

So I ask
Why contemplate?
So much love and so much faith
A Faberge nightmare
Laced in the gold and silver string
of everlasting care

Natures beast at last for me
For your heart I hold the key
Cut from pain and despair
Smithed from everlasting care

Ink the word and save a page
Record it all from a darker age
Of youth wasted from time
Youth taken from new kind
Of everlasting care
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Uploaded: Jul 14, 2004 - 11:21:43 PM
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Powerbook, guitar, microphone, other boxes with knobs and lights.
Cubase SX, GarageBand, Reason, Absynth
TobinMueller said 5577 days ago (July 15th, 2004)
Nice introduction
I really like your description of yourself, your intro to your
creative pursuits. Made me laugh. This is a cool song
with thoughtful production. Excellent balance and
compositional construction. Reminds me of a Scottish
rock tune from 1974. When something would happen to
me when I was a kid, Dad would say, "Better than a poke
in the eye with a sharp stick." And so is your music.
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said 5576 days ago (July 16th, 2004)
I like it, ok.
Great, top quality production values. Except the snare,
which is too soft in the opening and closing sections.

The guitar solo goes places that certainly aren't where I
want to go. There's some weird note choices there.

Nice groove and atmosphere, but I like melodies that have
more changes.
CandyandPolice said 5576 days ago (July 16th, 2004)
pretty good
thats a pretty good song.i liked it because it sounds like a song that should be on the radio.I liked the intro and outro.very well put together song
drakonis said 5468 days ago (November 1st, 2004)
Nice Pink Floydish guitar, interesting Tom Petty-like
vocals, sweet brooding harmonies.. my only critique is
that some of the lyrics were hard to discern, so posting
the lyrics here would have helped. The voice level was
good and clear, maybe better enunciation in a few places?
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NailInTheEye said 5154 days ago (September 11th, 2005)
Thanks folks!
Thanks for all the comments, folks. I appreciate them and
take them to heart.

This song is sooooo old and so different from the original
recording. It was very simple, with only a couple of
acoustic instruments and no drums or percussion. When I
came across it again a couple of years ago it didn't
resonate with me anymore. It was from a time before I
had a wife, kids, house or career. But I've always liked
playing it, and found that if I replaced the word 'hate' in
the lyric with the word 'faith' it changed from a bitter
unconditional love song to a positive unconditional love
song (albeit with a twinge of lost youth...).

So if your still embroiled in the bitter angst of youth, just
replace 'faith' with 'hate' and you're all set!

It made sense then to rework it and even add my wife and
children's voices to it.

Enough. I personally actually like this song - which I can't
say for a lot of what I do. It's great fun to lay into the solo
- and yes the solo is as it should be. I have yet to figure
out what the weird note choices are [see Troy's
comments], but will keep looking. :-)

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b0rn2w0rsh1p said 2329 days ago (June 6th, 2013)
Really like...
the guitar arpeggio - but it's all good....
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Nail in the Eye Productions are brewers of beer, chefs of questionable skill, creators of digital media, a rock band, software developers, and who knows what else. Some of it is total garbage. Some of it is pretty cool stuff. We do it for fun. ... [see more]

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