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Everybody Loves A Comic Song (Pom! Pom!)

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Original comic song in old-fashioned music-hall style
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Uncle Fred was out one night
Singing to the kittens in the broad moonlight
His wife said 'What do you think you're at?
Singing to the kittens is the job of the cat'.
Fred said, 'That cat's got to go:
She only sings them opera and oratorio -
I thought it could do no wrong
To let the kittens hear me sing a comic song":

[Chorus]: Everybody loves a comic song
If it's easy they can sing along
It doesn't even matter if the words go wrong
'Cos everybody loves a comic song - Pom! Pom!

Uncle Fred's wife's name is Flo
She doesn't like his singing and she told him so.
She said 'Your singing's dreadful, Fred -
If you really want to sing you'll have to do it in the shed'.
Fred said 'That seems rather hard
If a man can't sing in his own back yard'
Flo said 'You sing just like King Kong,
And the neighbours do not want to hear your comic song...'


Comic songs were once the rage
People sang them in the pub and on the stage
But nowadays they're almost dead
The only people singing them is me and Fred.
Kids today want pop and rock
But Fred and me consider that's a lot of... rubbish
But if you'd like to sing along
then please join in the chorus of my comic song

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drakonis said 4645 days ago (September 29th, 2006)
ROFL, I mean... WOOFL!
Now that was just plain silly! Just what I needed this morning, thanks!
Really nice simple orchestration, and nice work on little bits, like the
trombone slide, adds a lot of realism and smirky whimsy. This
reminds me of the great turn-of-the-century Operettacistissimos, uh,
who were they... oh yes, Gilbert, Fred, and Sullivan.

So, I don't see vox credited here, and that's NOT a soundfont... was
that you singing? Nice voice. For the ending, if it were me, I'd have
not used the breaking glass sound, I'd crinkle up some newspaper,
then have a "swat" and a doggie yelp instead, but then the SPCSA
(Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Synthesized Animals) would likely
visit me.

I have a couple of Macjammer friends who simply *must* hear this
(Caro2ine and Andronis)... I'm off to alert them! Thanks for the smile!
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rfwilmut said 4645 days ago (September 29th, 2006)
Vocalist credit
I own up to being the vocalist, though the slight Cockney accent is assumed. No dogs (real or virtual) were harmed in the making of this song.
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caroline said 4645 days ago (September 29th, 2006)
cor blimey!!!
i'd climb endless apples and pairs to listen to this funny little song!! pom pom - i love it!! thank you ...
caro2ine - the dogs just joined in!!! rofl indeed!!!

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caroline said 4645 days ago (September 29th, 2006)
never post when knackered!!
pears!!! oranges!! bananas!! and gorn!!

the falling leaves drift by the window... the autumn leaves of red and gold...
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thetiler said 4627 days ago (October 17th, 2006)
Very upbeat and I agree about the comic song. I love tunes that have
humor and fun and that is what this song is.

Very well done! Thanks for posting this gem!
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