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Dream in Cerulean Blue



 Genre: Ambient

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This were supposed to be the title "song" of my album Dreams in Cerulean Blue. It includes me reciting an old poem of mine about a soul going rather unaware through life but still able to get a kick out of it for any small reason, like the sun coming out... Now, the quality of the sound is rather crappy and so it didn't make it to the final round. Would need a lot of rerecording and remixing for that I'm afraid.

Artwork is an oil painting by yours truly.
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Som en fågel (Swedish original as in recording)

Jag är en själ
lite vilsen kanske
som svävar genom livet
utan att märka mycket
när jag stöter emot jorden
eller slukas av ett moln

Inga stora teorier har jag
om Livet och dess mening
Jag flyter bara fram på havet
och grubblar inte över Undret
Att skeppet flyter
på de gröna vågorna

Att leva verkar vara nog för mig
Det liksom räcker med en känsla
så lyfter jag... en fågel
som inte bryr sig om att det regnar
men är lycklig bara solen bryter fram
och när vindarna leker i fjädrar och hår

Henrik Dunér, around 1984

Like a bird (English translation för MJ)

I am a soul
maybe a little lost
hovering through life
without noticing much
when I hit the ground
or is devoured by a cloud

I have no great theories
about Life and it’s meaning
I’m just floating along on the sea
not pondering the Wonder
That the ship stays afloat
on the green ocean waves

Just to be alive is good
A feeling is enough for me
I take off – a bird
that doesn’t mind when it rains
but is happy when the sun's coming out
and when the wind is playing in feathers and hair.
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Garageband 2-3
Roxylee said 4687 days ago (November 18th, 2006)
Even though I can't speak the language
the feelings come through to me. Ahhh... the simplicity of just being... We often get all caught up in chores, bills, opinions, etc. and forget to enjoy the moment we are in. Why do we complicate everything? Anyway, your poem made me stop and think. "Just to be alive is good."
Thank you for sharing this with us, Henrik. :-)
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Henke said 4687 days ago (November 18th, 2006)
Thanks Roxylee
for listening and for your kind comment. I think you summerize pretty well what this is about.

Just now I was thinking that it may also have some bearing on this music business and other creative activities. Sometimes we may strive for technical excellence while loosing some of the feeling in the finished product. In my painting e.g. I've found that as I grew more aware of technique and theory the result was more dull as was the journey there (i.e. the actual painting of a picture). In music I have a long way to become technically skilled so I still have some fun making music. As for others, actually that is part why I love this place. I find more fresh emotion in some of the not so perfect productions, they are more interesting. When there is a "perfect" song that I might as well hear on the radio I loose interest. Crazy perhaps, but there it is...
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drakonis said 4687 days ago (November 18th, 2006)
very nice
I liked the sweet bubbly arpeggios and sparkly synths & vibes you chose. Very nice flowing "travelling" music, perfect for the theme of the poem. Your speaking voice was good, although... I might make a suggestion... this poem deals with the enjoyment of beauty around us without needing to worry much about how it all works (a sentiment I agree with). But your voice sounds rather serious here. I would think you might add some more brightness and "wonder" in your voice as you speak. But that is pretty minor... overall it is very nice to listen to. Thank you for the English translation, and for the pretty painting... you are quite multi-talented!
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Henke said 4687 days ago (November 18th, 2006)
Well thank you Drakonis!
I am flattered you liked this! I don't think I rate it one my best even if it did improve a little by the last minute remixing yesterday... You are probably right about the voice tone. Somehow I have always heard it read out in my head something similar to this. All the better to get critique like this to wake me up to further possibilities! So thanks again for finding my new song so fast and for your kind and detailed comment!
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Estella said 4651 days ago (December 24th, 2006)
I thought the arpeggios gave the song an urgency, which I'm not entirely sure matches the simple wonderment of the poem. I think the arpeggios help me visualize the flight of the bird, but again, it is a frantic-sounding flight. Is this intended? I'm going to go back and read the poem again.

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Henke said 4039 days ago (August 27th, 2008)
Sorry, I seem to have missed your comment here... Your point is probably quite relevant. Maybe the poem should be about a helicopter instead (hovering)?! ;-) Again, maybe the "urgency" comes from the external world that the bird does not notice all that much. I'm not sure.

Thanks for taking time to comment. Much appreciated!

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said 4687 days ago (November 18th, 2006)
Even in a langauge I cant understand. I enjoyed the song. Oh from one artist to another very nice painting
Henke said 4686 days ago (November 19th, 2006)
thank you for listening and commenting! Glad you liked this little piece. You painted your profile pic of course?! I like it! I can see you can call yourself an artist, I hardly could do that, but it is fun to have a go once in awhile! I have also listened to some of your music, very creative and interesting (if not perhaps my everyday cup of tea...)
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said 4177 days ago (April 11th, 2008)
Very enjoyable

very good soundscape nice sounding voice. love your art
I love art very nicely painted. :)
Peace Dee

Henke said 4039 days ago (August 27th, 2008)
Thank you Dee!
Glad you liked music AND artwork. I've got that painting on the wall in my room at work nowadays.


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said 4040 days ago (August 27th, 2008)
The poem is fantastic. It's a rare moment when we can experience that feeling. It happens, but not often enough. I think the words could be spoken more slowly, and the music could be more drawn out, to give the feeling of a bird soaring lazily on the breeze. Great concept for a musical piece. Maybe you are planning more like it? You write very well.
Henke said 4039 days ago (August 27th, 2008)
Thank you Roca
for another great comment! I'm really happy you liked the poem (in Swedish or English, or both?)! I wrote it as a teenager but I'm afraid I still haven't got that many theories about life and its meaning etc. True though that it is not quite as common that I take off, like the bird, with happiness over small things. Maybe when I get nice comments like yours..!

If I'm bad at drums, just don't talk to me about recording my own voice! I don't like it AT ALL! I did this in one or just a couple of takes. And in that respect I think it is quite OK, even if a professional certainly could have done a lot more with it.

Actually there IS one more with spoken word in it: Song of my beloved. I like the music in that, but again, my voice... Listen at your own risk ;)

Be well and stay well!

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