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Light of Heaven



 Genre: Alternative Rock

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Little song we put together the other night, kinda drifts between Rock, Reggae, rag-timish, psychedelic euphoria, hope you enjoy!
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Ran down the mountain side,
West down the hill (2x)
Deep down there, full of rocks they say,body buried on that layer of grey
Came on down the mt. side,
Oh little fear, he did hide,
Way on back through hills so far away
Carried that pail on down home as she told him do,"Boy you better listen for that song,"
As he gathered water round , & took it up the bank, Father looked at him, and said real frank, he said,"Boy oh boy, you do what your told, ya never get light and ya never grow old, but until that day you won't know, just where to go, Until that day, God rest his soul."
Oh boy did just what is told, oh, every afternoon, so his soul wouldn't be sold,
Took that water,ran it up quick, to edge of the house, with the pile of bricks.
Dad said son, "Now ya did done good, now go play ahead, like an old schoolboy should.
"Way on down the mountainside, the sunset turns to gold, He said,"Way on down the mountainside, well the sunset turns to gold"
"See the light of heaven shine down, as we gather round for souls," Many a year's you wonder, about that faded Brooke, does she have your heart & soul my friend? Did ya take the time to look?
As the water gather's round your head, just to see how tall you are,
Well ya took a trip down the mountainside, hey there, there you are,
Headed out west with a bottle of whiskey and a brandy,gripped on tight, she said her final prayers and went to bed, without a single word of blight,
As the sun did rise this morning,well the soul it was washed clean, but as the man ran off to work that day, he couldn't believe what he had seen,
Well the light came down from Heaven, where the souls were glowin' round, Well the light did shine upon that face, until broken,lonely,old frown,now,
Now he lost that soul and witness, cause he couldn't take'em down, so the Man upstairs went and won again, "I don't want hear you fuck around," He said, " I'll take that body, mind, & soul, and I'll wash it down the line," With a passive voice inside him, well, he didn't want leave any of that behind..........
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MJG- Vocals/lead guitar
JR- Drums
JK-Rythm guitar
From cousin John's 4-track, too my sony CD burner, on to Mac, converted, here we are....
said 4591 days ago (December 21st, 2006)
very nice love the live sound
you guys need a bass but besides that you guys are tight and good, the drums kick I like the lyrics, Cool story, good job
MJG said 4591 days ago (December 21st, 2006)
Thanks ego
you've raised ours(ego's), muchas gracias. We were just talkin today about how we need a bass, someone just to drive these mofo's home! Thanks though, much apprietiated-MJG
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MattGranz said 4572 days ago (January 9th, 2007)
Bassss Basssss
Yeah, once this song has a bass it will be complete. Good live performance. The guitar work is great and.... may I have your drummer?
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MJG said 4572 days ago (January 10th, 2007)
Thanks MattGranz.....
Do you know any bass player's around the Northern Chicago area that might have an ear for our type of songs? We definitly are looking. Thanks for the props, first time ever playin' this tune. Yeah, my cousin John Rossate plays the drums, he is one of kind.-MJG
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pengui said 4524 days ago (February 26th, 2007)
Needs work
I don't think this song is that bad, but the production just kills it. Need better sound quality even for low fi. But I'd like to hear this song remade on a better level. The bridge is really nice.
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MJG said 4519 days ago (March 3rd, 2007)
Thanks P.
Yeah, this was a 1st shot improv. captured Live, see about a studio version, thanks for listening and your comments.-M.Golda
Check out my latest song called The Edge of Reason(w/vocals)
said 4513 days ago (March 10th, 2007)
This is amazing.......
You got some REAL GOOD STUFF Goin here Man . . . . .
That's for SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW WHAT A STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE LENGTH IS THE BEST : ) : ) : )JUST PUT MORE WORK INTO IT & YOU SHOULD HAVE CDS OUT THERE IN MY OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!! too heavy bass & Your voice could be alot better I'm sure its just a TECHNIQ thing though. GOOD with the solo & kinda little killer-guitar in there... I'm Honoured !!: ) What a Nice title & photo looks like The Northern hemispheres light we get up here at times in Winter(live in Sweden) THANKYOU You could check A guy here called paddler he has some REALLY GREAT stories on his songs - not to mention his Music . . ! Thanx Again
said 4513 days ago (March 10th, 2007)
: )
What a great endpart Your're really getting into it there LOL "I don't wanna hear You fuck around" ......lol what a great voice & feeling !
Thanx again
MJG said 4507 days ago (March 16th, 2007)
Thanks again ZOI!!
Pure imrov on this one, glad you enjoyed, love to clean it up and even things out, thanks for your comments and apprietiate the lift!

Bluesy,Phycedelic,improv., Live,raw-energy feel...
Check out my latest song called The Edge of Reason(w/vocals)
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