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Professor X

 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap
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Made the beat a very long while ago... just got to putting lyrics to it.
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Their eyes say it all, no words spoken
And both of them find it akward for a moment
But both of them closer to eachother then before
Face to face this aint in the repitoire

For either of them, but theyre caught in the moment
Consumed in it, cant beat it down like an opponent
Theyre instincts telling em to just pull away
But they just inch closer as the music plays

The beat coincides with their lips quivering
Hips slithering towards eachother like their delivering
A message of wanting yearning,
But they cant make the last move so they just keep burning

Eachother up, now they just cover up
Turn away from one another, too uncomfortable to buck
They gasp for air quick as their eyes leave
Then he turns back around and he says will you please

Like I know you want to
Like I know you want to
Love me like I know you want to
Cause I want you so bad that you know I got to

keep you in my life
only thing I love more is a beat and a mic

She looks at him, confused by her thoughts
Confused by the look in his eye that she watched
And the things that fell out his mouth like a tooth
All scared her cause she knew it was the truth

Her momma always told her that all boys lie
All boys do is break your heart so don’t try
But she had this feeling layin deep in her chest
Her heart beatin so hard you can see it from her vest

And he saw all the signs, the pulse, the flushed skin
So he quit all the lines and just spoke from within
Spoke the truth most boys in their youth
Cant do it, but he wanted this babe like ruth

So he took this chance just a bit romantic
His boys all around him laughed, cant stand it
To see him leave them for a chick so tantric
It needed to be said, so he just demanded

Where do we go from here
What do we say now
That hasn’t already been said or laid down
By the way her eyes melt and simply stay down
And his chest implodes when her song does play ow

It hurts but uh what doesn’t
He waits for an answer and he almost cant stomach
The silence, you could hear a pin fall
Or her mind go every way like a pinball

She wonders why shes even thinking of admitting it
Like he’ll just use her and treat her like an idiot
But his hand touches her side, so gently
She thinks to herself oh my bones wont let me

But then she looks back up to his face
Space slowly close and in comes an embrace
Her eyes wander to his, and her lips confess
Whispers in his ear, only one word, yes
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Mic, Keyboard
Garageband, iDrum
dreadmon said 4562 days ago (December 29th, 2006)
Diggin' it
You had me scared there, soldier - the opening is sort of lo-fi, but *boom*, you kick it in rather nicely. Good voice, lean rhymes ("he wanted this babe like ruth", gotta love it), this is better than most of the crap they play on the radio. Now, the "love" sample is pretty good - but it does get a little old by mid-tune, not so much because of what it is, but what it's doing, which is competing with your smoothness. Maybe to bring it in at some moments and then find something else to scratch in. Towards the end, some of the rhymes seem a little forced when you've been maintaining a smooth groove for most of the piece, but that's forgiveable with the overall quality of this track. Like I said, I was afraid - and then, I was quite pleased. Nice work - I'll keep my eye out for more of your stuff. Peace.
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Electric Lobster said 4561 days ago (December 29th, 2006)
Smooth beats - nice voice !
I like the flow and the lyrics a lot - I need to listen to more of your stuff.
Also agree with dreadmon's comment.

"... this is better than most of the crap they play on the radio."
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ktb said 4561 days ago (December 30th, 2006)
i enjoyed the intro. cool light beat with an almost orchestra feel at points. the vocal loop adds a lot of color to the track. great low key rhymes and a layed back feel.
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spitlogic said 4561 days ago (December 30th, 2006)
pretty nice
Your delivery reminds me of the mountain brothers. Nice jam prof.
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LightTronics said 4559 days ago (January 1st, 2007)
This Awsome! I have never heard your tracks before! This cool!
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Self Only Music said 4555 days ago (January 5th, 2007)
nice track.
Nice flow. I like what you were spittin'. I'm more into beats. I like the track. and I really like the mix. I can tell you know how to engineer and make a track sound like a real track.
check me out when you can.
stay up.
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Professor X said 4552 days ago (January 8th, 2007)
To tell you the truth, ive been going crazy trying to figure out how to engineer tracks to sound "like real tracks". Any help you could give me would be hugely appreciated.

Professor X
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Self Only Music said 4551 days ago (January 9th, 2007)
trust your ear
Don't go too crazy. "real tracks" Go to mastering engineers before you ever hear them. These guys are the ones who put the icing on the cake. I mean a Dre beat is a Dre beat and he has a great ear, but Bernie Grundman is the man who has been mastering that stuff since NWA.
The best thing to do is know your speakers or headphones you mix on. listen to something that has the kinda mix you are looking for. So when you start messing with eqs and fx you will have an idea if its sounding like pro. Just trust your ear. And remember, if you get a deal or get a track on someons album, its gonna go to some old fat white guy thats gonna make it sound like the bomb. Of course they can't mess with individual tracks in your mix, But they use a gang of gear to get stuff to sound the way it does when you buy the CD. you are deffinately mixing very well just to be 18.
If you are mixing in GB. Try using the multiband compressor on the master track. I believe it has three crossover points. This means you can compress the lows, mids and highs all with different levels of compression. Thats how you get the track to sound loud without distorting it our. i've never used it on any of my GB mixes, but I worked in a CD house and we had a mastering suite. i know that was the mastering guys secret wheapon. Of course that box costed $10,000 so I'm not sure what GBs will do, but it will help. Just try not to crunch the song. Bottom line is take your time turn knobs and make sure your ears can hear the smallest changes and you'll just get better with time.
Bu your stuff is deffinately In the top 90 percentile of hip hop cats on this site.
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DJ WERD said 4555 days ago (January 5th, 2007)
you have a great ear for music.
the way you sample the singing is well done.
the drums are nice.
great lyrics.
how old are you?
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Professor X said 4552 days ago (January 8th, 2007)
Im 18 years old

Professor X
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DJ WERD said 4551 days ago (January 9th, 2007)
do you have plans on getting a record deal?
from my opinion you have far more skills than alot of the stuff on the mtv.
what do plan on doing with your music?

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damiengh said 4554 days ago (January 6th, 2007)
Well put
Well put together. The music weaves with the lyrics nicely, keeping one interested in each line as picture unfolds.
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jreeder said 4554 days ago (January 6th, 2007)
This beat is bananas! I love it more and more every time I listen to it. Dope work.
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said 4522 days ago (February 7th, 2007)
Good song! Maybe a little on the melody but very good lyrics, good voice and good compression (joke). Dude ur 18, u gonna get there. U got the heart and the feel for it! Go for it!
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