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 Genre: Experimental

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Just trying something a little bit different.
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Uploaded: Jan 10, 2007 - 02:59:30 AM
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M-Audio Keystation 49e
haribo said 4667 days ago (January 10th, 2007)
geometry and music..
geometry and music.. which sounds a very far subjects from each other..
but you tied them together.. this song sounds full of sides and angles!
thank you for sharing such elaborated tune. it sounds refreshing & reminiscent of arcade games.
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SecaMode said 4664 days ago (January 13th, 2007)
Thanks, Haribo. I'm glad you liked it and I'm especially glad it reminded you of arcade games! That is a real compliment for me. :)
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moorlandt said 4666 days ago (January 10th, 2007)
out of the square
Sergio, this is very creative work! Conceptual as well as musical, I admire your courage to dive into the pool of semi-experimantal rhytms, sounds and melodies (and counter-melodies). Very tastefully arranged, and for sure 'out of the squere' :-) Well done.

- Walter
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SecaMode said 4664 days ago (January 13th, 2007)
out of the square!
Yes, sometimes I try to think outside the box. I don't usually go too far from it, and most of the time I end up jumping back in. Anyway, I really liked the end result with this one and I'm grateful you took the time to listen and leave comments!
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Slotogenic said 4665 days ago (January 11th, 2007)
Cool Sounds
You did a good job of taking some old school sounds and making them sound fresh and contemporary. I really like the melodies you created here.
I think the songs should've ended where it slowes down and craps out. I thought that was really interesting and it just dosn't need the main melody to come back in.
SecaMode said 4664 days ago (January 13th, 2007)
Crapping out
Eric, thanks for listening and commenting. You're probably right about where I should've ended the song. That I had to bring back in some semblance of order is a testament to my OCD tendencies! I really love old synth sounds, and I think I'm finally starting to get comfortable with them. Again, thanks for your kind and thoughtful comment.
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MissChaos said 4665 days ago (January 11th, 2007)
digital, fo' sho'
So this is a great soundtrack for this streaming video I'm watching right now about the Honda humanoid robot -- really surreal how your music is right in sync with the video! Nice experimental tune! Still very melodic which makes it appealing to those who aren't so into the digital sounds. I like the dissonance in this that's quite unexpected. It's not your typical predictable melody -- and for that, big kudos. Way to bit crush! :-)
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SecaMode said 4664 days ago (January 13th, 2007)
Bitcrush forever!
Thanks, MissChaos, it means a lot coming from you! I think I've seen the Honda commercial you're talking about, I'm going to youtube it now.
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MissChaos said 4664 days ago (January 13th, 2007)
It was a foreign video demonstrating "Asimo" - the human-like robot developed by Honda. Find it... it'll blow you away!

. . : : From near to far, from here to there, funny things are everywhere : : . . — Dr. Suess
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drakonis said 4665 days ago (January 12th, 2007)
2, 4, 6, 7, can we make it to 11?
This hits the sweet spot of my counting disorder. Very very intriguing 7-beat melody, sounds almost JS-Bach-ish, with a Moogy dark new-age twist. There's something quirky and tasty about this. Nice choice of synths and lead-ups. Definitely faved for heptagonal aural pleasure!
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SecaMode said 4664 days ago (January 13th, 2007)
Drak, you have no idea what a compliment you've given me in mentioning Bach! Everynow and then, when I get writer's block, I find that working in a less common meter sparks new ideas and new ways of hearing things. I'm glad you liked it. Thank you so much for stopping by!
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onesweetworld said 4664 days ago (January 13th, 2007)
You have great instincts to what listeners want to hear. I'm not skilled enough of a musician to comment on what's right and wrong. You just get my praises and that...you deserve :-)
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_nderscore said 4663 days ago (January 14th, 2007)
128.571 degrees..
great structure, great sounds-that should be enough, but there is something 'else' at work here.. pulls you in, has a nice flavor & a bit of teeth-grinding angst. excellent bass/beat track. love it
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ballbreaker2x2 said 4662 days ago (January 14th, 2007)
muy bien !!!
This song really says something. I like the bassline. And after listening to your song my mind keeps on singing the melody itself !!!
I hope I could make songs like yours someday !!!
hasta otra amigo !!!
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said 4661 days ago (January 15th, 2007)
very cool
Nice arrangement cool ryhtm and breaks I am glad you dont think inside the box I am a circle kind of person myself but the circle gets a little restrictive so I go for a polygon and everything seems right agian. Excellent tune my friend keep it comin!!!!
alfalpha said 4659 days ago (January 18th, 2007)
music & angles....
...Sergio... Xenakis (an architect & great composer) utilised mathematics, angles & other such things as a basis for his compositions...
I'm REALLY looking forward to having a collab with you!
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paxeden said 4655 days ago (January 21st, 2007)
i failed math
but if they told me it could do this i would have found a tutor.
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GeorgeLikesMusic said 4507 days ago (June 19th, 2007)
This is really cool!
It has a nice progression and some cool tones for GB. I like the Nintendo sounding part. Bitcrusher? Cool title too
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Marcello Canali said 4502 days ago (June 24th, 2007)
Nice one dude. I really like the middle level synths sounds. I would pump a little more the bass to push more the song. But that what I would do. You did this and it sounds really great!
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