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Vanishing (music by Domdino)



 Genre: Ballad

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This is the sequel to UWantYourSexyBack. NOT! Haha! This song is my atonement for that song :-)

Domdino posted an incredibly heart-rending instrumental (http://www.macjams.com/song/27950) last week that I think truly deserved more attention. It is one of those gems that you accidentally come across while surfing Macjams. In his song description, he requested for someone to lay some lyrics and vocals on it. It was too beautiful to resist. I sat down last night and finished it in one sitting. I couldn't let go...

This song is about dying and leaving a loved one behind, an event that is painfully familiar in my line of work. It is overly sentimental, but I did not expect that I would be wiping some tears after finishing the song. This song really moved me.
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music by Domdino (Dominic F.P. Smith);
lyrics and vocals by Leon

When I look upon the horizon
I see the sun rising out there
I see the day breaks out
And I see hope come out of there
And I feel my pain fade away...

When I watch the sun cast its rays upon
The whole world brightens up
Drive away the dark clouds of my fears
When the world wakes up to a brand new day
I pray that time will show us the way...

[Chorus 1]
And when the birds come out
and spreads their wings
and fly away...
Your world comes close to you
When the eagle soars,
When the lion roars
You're not afraid
Come what may (come what may)

When we're threatened with a mighty storm
Love is all that matters
We need the strength to overcome
We shared the hope of you and me
I know that time will build our dream someday
I wish that you and I will always be there
And we will both carry the dream...

[Chorus 2]
Oh, but sometimes
Our hopes are like castles built on sand
Our hands raise out toward the sky
But the clouds they come between
And your fingertips can't touch the stars

And my one desire
Is to walk through life with you
To never be alone
Face to face, hand in hand

But I know we live on borrowed time
I feel the life in your hands... drifting away
So please hold on... please hold on... please hang on...

[Chorus 3]
And I know things will end
But my love will always be there
And my love is always true.
And it breaks my heart
When we are torn apart
But my love still burns in my heart
And I know, and I know...
you'll always be there.

When I look at the sunset
I see the fading rays of our lives
You're no longer here
But I feel your warm hand in my heart
You're gone so soon
But not forever
So wait for me
We'll see each other again
In another world...

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mint01 said 4653 days ago (January 18th, 2007)
At first...
...I was curios: How could you say your own song made you cry? Having listened to it I understood. This is top notch! Great strings! Thank you so much for sharing.
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Leon said 4652 days ago (January 18th, 2007)
Mint, thanks!
Thanks for giving it a listen. I was a little emotional when I made this song, and it was almost midnight and it was snowing and I was depressed after finishing it, and I just lost a thousand bucks in the casino.... Ha-ha..just kidding on the last one! Everyone has a song that means much to him, and this one has a message that does it for me for a lot of personal reasons.

Thanks for your encouraging remarks. Pass me the Kleenex, pls. :-)

The lion roars, the eagle soars.
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BranDaMan said 4653 days ago (January 18th, 2007)
I was completely floored by this. Such passion and emotion both musically, lyrically and vocally. Leon you are amazingly talented. I was quite impressed with the melody especially with the great foundation Domdino supplied. Great collab!
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Leon said 4652 days ago (January 18th, 2007)
Thanks, Brandon!
This is right up your alley, bud! I know you love ballads and so do I. I tried some fast paced dance songs last week which was an exciting change, but here I am again back on love songs, a real hopeless romantic. ha-ha! Lots of really good musicians here at Macjams to collaborate with. This is a very satisfying collaboration, as much as I had with your beautiful songs! Thanks for being appreciative of my musical efforts. The admiration is certainly mutual. :-)

The lion roars, the eagle soars.
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TobinMueller said 4653 days ago (January 18th, 2007)
One more go
Your vocals are really nice, and the internal life you are able to externalize is thrilling, especially when your voices soars higher. Very nice adding melody to this progression. But the stiff drum track really distracts, in my ears, and the recurring cymbal hits are more than bothersome. I love the string hits, the french horn swells, your vocal crescendos, and especially the piano; but that drum track distracts throughout. Plus, there are times your voice borders on yelling, becomes pitchy, and seems to get lost in its own crowd. I think if this track were done over, with new percussion, perhaps a combination of power ballad hard rock drums and true orchestra percussion, and you sang just a tad more controlled (in the crowded spots), it would be brilliant.
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Leon said 4652 days ago (January 18th, 2007)
Tobin, thanks for passing by and giving those pointers. I had a hard time adjusting the volume of the vocal tracks towards the end as there was indeed some clipping when they are overlain (something to do with wave amplitudes adding up) and the voices come out louder than I intended. Sometime soon, I will re-do some of those parts where it come off as "yelling" and see if I can do something about the clipping and aim for better vocal modulation. I did the composition and vocals all on one sitting last night. I guess that's what happens when you don't take a break and re-listen to the finished product and figure out those little flaws.

As regards the instrumentals, Domdino (a newcomer here at Macjams) did all the musical tracks and I think he did a really awesome instrumental background. I haven't read yet about his music credentials but I'm sure he's reading and considering these pointers from you.

Thanks again! Always value your opinion.

The lion roars, the eagle soars.
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Leon said 4652 days ago (January 18th, 2007)
I take it back. (blush) .. Domdino is not a newcomer, as I mistakenly presumed... I just looked back at his songlist site and he had quite a number of posts here since 2004. Haven't seen him here before that's why I just presumed he is new here, but he is very, very talented I think. Gotta go back and listen to more of his songs. Really, what a musical goldmine here at Macjams!

The lion roars, the eagle soars.
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Alannah said 4652 days ago (January 18th, 2007)
Wow Leon and Domdino in one song ....
... it was only a matter of time ... I know that Dom's music has always had plenty of fabulous swells and dips which is perfect for Leon's vocal stylings. I agree with Tobin .. there were a few parts where the volume needed a little tweak. I think there were parts where the vocals were BOLD and the music was BOLD in the same place and they were both fighting for space ... still a dynamite combination you two make !
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Leon said 4651 days ago (January 19th, 2007)
Miss A!
I was not aware that you had teamed with Dominic in the past. Your collab, which I went back to listen to, sounded great, quit a refreshing sound, but I missed it when it was released. Dom seems to have a wide range of styles/genres and he has a catalog of music that is worth-exploring for vocal possibilities. Thanks for your thoughtful observations on this song!

The lion roars, the eagle soars.
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domdino said 4652 days ago (January 19th, 2007)
Well this came out of nowhere! Got a message from Leon saying he liked the song and bang a few hours later he's done this!

Very emotional you have a beautiful voice, Leon. This is by no means how i had imagined it sounding but really liked it none the less and would like to rearrange the music to compliment the vocals :)

I must confess, Tobin, I am rather lazy when it comes to drums, despite my awareness that they can be the most important part of a song. I am in absolute agreement that i need to redo them.

Thanks a lot for doing this Leon; macjams is such an awesome place
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Leon said 4651 days ago (January 19th, 2007)
Hi, Dom,
Inspiration occurs only occasionally and it does not wait. It is like an irresistable force. It keeps you going, and you milk that rare opportunity of inspired energy to the last drop. That's how I felt writing and singing this song. I couldn't stop until it was done.

The lion roars, the eagle soars.
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jiguma said 4650 days ago (January 21st, 2007)
You ..........
..... still have that amazing voice then Leon!!?? :) This is really not the sort of music I would normally listen to (you probably know that already), but I admire your talent and that this is a good song in the genre. Incredible harmonies and you sing with such emotion and such accuracy.
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Leon said 4650 days ago (January 21st, 2007)
Thanks, Neil...
You are too generous in praising my voice, but here at Macjams it is humbling to be just in the presence of great musicians, you included!

This isn't my usual genre either and too sweet and romantic I think, but it was a great piece for me to get back to my choirboy roots, I guess. Let's just say it's my act of repentance (or therapy?) for singing about sex in my last song, He-he!

Thanks for listening!

The lion roars, the eagle soars.
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digitalnirvana9 said 4650 days ago (January 21st, 2007)
Close to Greatness
Hi Leon:
Good to talk with you again...Boy this song sure fits your voice and both of you did a great job..I'd try and make the ending such that the words are more easily heard, it sounds a bit jumbled in that area...and it might just be me, but I think the song would be even more powerful to sing a final chorus after the spoken part...As a final emotional crecendo....This song has allot of potential IMHO.....Bravo to you both, digitalnirvana9/Norman
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Leon said 4650 days ago (January 21st, 2007)
Thanks, Norm!
Haven't spoken with you in a while! :-) Good to know we're still both around, haha! I totally agree with you (as well as Tobin and Alannah) on the final chorus. I was aiming for a polyphonic harmony but it was hard to achieve it with the dramatic instrumental swell in the background. I have actually re-worked that part already with just three instead of five voices and it came out with more distinct lyrics that are audbily more distinct. Not only were the voices better modulated but also more separate and distinguishable and in unison. I will post that final version in my own website later. As for your suggestion of a grand finale chorus after the spoken part, sounds like an awesome idea, but I imagine the song might become a little too extended with that addition.

Thanks for the recommendation, Norm! Really good to hear from you again! Any songs you have in the making, too?

The lion roars, the eagle soars.
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echoroom said 4650 days ago (January 21st, 2007)
Well ... we get nothing for months, and now three in as many weeks. The music to this is really beautiful - Domdino has written a classic melody (though i agree with Tobin about the drums and cymbols).

The words and vocals are pure Leon - uplifting, and celebrating the light, even in the darkest moments. This really works your voice and shows off its power.This sounds almost operatic.

Not a dry eye in the house.


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Leon said 4650 days ago (January 21st, 2007)
Thanks for passing by, my friend!

Sorry for bombarding your ears recently with my all-over-the-map kind of music. Ha-ha! You must be wondering what my real music is like, and will the real Leon please stand up!!! After singing about shagging last week, here I am piercing your poor eardrums with my saccharine operatic orchestral ballads. It was an experiment, Steve, but it was one way to get back to my vocal basics, and Domdino's music was too grand to resist.

This song by the way, I dedicated it to a woman I know who recently lost a very loving and exuberant teenager son, who drowned in a boat accident. A promising life at the prime of his youth, cut short tragically... and his death left a big void in her life. Upon her husband's request, I gave her a CD. She and her husband cried a river listening to it and thanked me so much for the message of inspiration. Just by that alone, I think this song has fuliflled its purpose.

The lion roars, the eagle soars.
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macfreddy said 4647 days ago (January 24th, 2007)
souns like the end sequel of a really sad movie!
Great sound, voice and production, which I could...

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drakonis said 4633 days ago (February 7th, 2007)
I'm a sucker for heart-wrenchers, so I had to go check this out. Very well done... in fact, I sort of expected that if a couple of emotional power-houses like Domdino and Leon got together, this would be the result. The only nit picks I have is that a couple of words were distractingly mispronounced, and the line "I feel your warm hand in my heart" sounds slightly strange if taken literally (yuck)... (maybe "But my heart still feels your touch" or something, or maybe it is fine) but those are very minor. Overall, this is definitely a great song, Domdino has all the right orchestral builds leading to the choruses, and your singing and harmonies are very strong but touching... and I could tell that this was a very personal emotional performance for you, I could feel it between the lines, and especially the spoken part at the end... chillingly beautiful.
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mtriviso said 4546 days ago (May 5th, 2007)
When My Time Comes
When it is mt turn, I hope they write songs like this about me. What a pleasing and tender way to see off the departed.
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psexnyc said 4393 days ago (October 4th, 2007)
Wait a minute....
You mean this was originally an instrumental song you heard while surfing around Macjams and liked it so much that you had to put some words to it and sing it? And then you sang all that, like that in a matter of hours??

You are simply awesome!! And so is this song, the music, the singing and those forever crashing symbols...Simply Awesome!!
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Carrie71 said 3207 days ago (January 3rd, 2011)
OMG these lyrics and your voice are incredible! Great song.
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