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Cigarette Man



 Genre: Acoustic
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old song, new recording. didn't bother to re-record for tripping up chords or lyrics, just want to get it out there.
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Cigarette Man, I want to kiss you
before I quit again
Mr. Insomnia, I stayed up all night
just to be with you
Jesus Christ, I was nice to you;
be nice to me too

I was yours to keep
if you dared
I was yours to keep

Whether you laugh or cry is not up to me, boy. Do what you need to do
Whether you live or die is out of my hands -
now I understand,

I don't know and I can't guess
I understand I love you no less

Cigarette Man, my clothes still smell like you
smell like last night's smoke
Cigarette Man...I breathe you in
I can't breathe you out...
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VicDiesel said 4649 days ago (January 27th, 2007)
I thought Austin was smoke free?
Maybe this is a farewell song? Cigarettes are not good for you...

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haribo said 4649 days ago (January 27th, 2007)
fab vocal :)
indeed touching and resonating vocal style!

thanks for sharing this emotional piece of work!
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moorlandt said 4648 days ago (January 27th, 2007)
I'm amazed...
...amazed about your very beautiful voice, and the feeling you put into your words with it. Also, the harmonies are a real delight to my ears. This is such a beautiful and heartfelt song.

But HELP... that sloppy guitar playing and recording... Such a pity. Please, try to find a solution for it, because this song and especially your voice are both way to good to be ruined by it. My advice: ask one of the many guitar gods here around on MJ to create you a solid soundbed and just redo the song. I hope you don't mind my honest critique... Please, this is soooo damned worth it!

- Walter
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Estella said 4648 days ago (January 27th, 2007)
Ha ha
well, yes, I agree absolutely about the guitar. I never have considered myself a good guitarist. I consider myself a person who loves to sing and music and does what she can to accompany herself with musical instruments without any training, so I don't mind or feel insulted by your honest critique. In fact, I'm flattered you'd think so highly of my voice and harmonies because those are pretty sloppy and simple, too. I think the one thing I have is a lot of passion. And I'm glad you enjoyed the song. I'd be thrilled if someone would honor me with their guitar stylings. I will certainly be thinking about that.

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moorlandt said 4648 days ago (January 27th, 2007)
put it in the forum!
Estella, why don't you put your request up in the forum? I'm sure you'll have a great guitarist on the hook in no time...

Logic takes you from a to b. Imagination takes you everywhere.
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echoroom said 4648 days ago (January 27th, 2007)
Not Quitting
Estellie - so many great things about this track ... firstly, although the production is a little rough, the main vocal sounds lovely ... up front and natural. The backing vox need a little something to make 'em sound more like .. backing vox (i.e. so they don't interfere with the main vocal). Lovely melodies all round, but the thing that really got me about this was the lyric.

The line 'Jesus Christ, I was nice to you' is so resonant, it's a real heart stopper. Frankly, I haven't got my head round the meaning of the lyric yet, but it had an immediate emotional (rather than rational or intellectual) impact on me.

Man, that's such a beautiful line.

Few more plays of this required, but , lovely work (again).

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Estella said 4648 days ago (January 27th, 2007)
Jesus Christ...
well, I'll tell you the rational meaning behind it if you like...the emotional one, I think you get.

Thank you for continuing to listen to me.

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blaky smith said 4648 days ago (January 27th, 2007)
I like this melody and lyrics, lean style, and I can hear passion of music in your voice.
Thanks to share...
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Estella said 4648 days ago (January 27th, 2007)
Thank you
I appreciate the compliment. I think your avatar is stunning, by the way. That little black bird so alive on that big guitar. reminds me of a poem I read once...

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apb said 4648 days ago (January 27th, 2007)
Honest ..
.. passionate, emotional - it's all there to hear. Excellent vocals, thoughtful, poetic and insightful lyrics - that's what I really like about your music. I agree with Walter that the backing (although adequate to get the song across) is pale in comparison to your vocals and at some points the time to 'get fingers in chord shape' dictates the timing for the vocals, which jarrs a bit.

I'm willing to help as best I can, as time permits- certainly I recon I could provide a tighter similar minimalist acoustic guitar backing (to redo the vocals over), that would be a start .. and you have already acumulated a fair collection of very talented, skillful admirers that
I'm sure could also assist - I also think the vocals could be recorded/mixed a bit better to let you shine.

Just checking:
Verses: C, Am Chorus: F, G, C, Am (and an Am with a B thrown in and G at one point)?? but perhaps you have a much bigger complete backing in mind? Just send me a note.
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Estella said 4648 days ago (January 27th, 2007)
Thank you very much!
Sounds good. I sent you a note.

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j2morrow said 4618 days ago (February 26th, 2007)
great vocals and terrific lyrics. But I agree with Moorlandt about the guitar here. I see you've posted a collaboration. I'm off to hear it; I'm sure it'll be terrific.
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Boris the Bull said 4591 days ago (March 25th, 2007)
Thoughts from the bull...
this is just simple and lovely. it's the kind of song only a former smoker can truly appreciate, i think. perhaps i need to write a song called Mr. Nicorette Gum Man? hehe...

i'm not sure I agree with the "sloppy guitar playing and recording" all the way. while I understand the motivation behind that viewpoint, i must say that i'm a sucker for a demo or a raw track. it's the pure, uncensored honesty in this kind of track that communicates the emotion and/or intent of the song. it's not something rewritten or laced over with effects. Sure, that could come later, but this is the real thing. and for me, until that refined version is there, this is wonderful!

thanks estellie!!

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Estella said 4591 days ago (March 25th, 2007)
that is too sweet! Thank you for loving the same things I do - raw emotion, first take kinda magic. I must say I get a big kick out of recording things "proper" and learning those skills and getting that more finished product, but these rough sketches are priceless. I think you'd like Shape Changer and Big a lot. Take care...I'm gonna keep listening to you, 'cause I like your Mantis song a lot.

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bronco said 4566 days ago (April 19th, 2007)
Very Nice
I think the best parts of this song are the lyrics and your harmonies. I have listened to all of your songs and you are growing in confidence and recording ability. Keep it up. Really nice song!
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Estella said 4566 days ago (April 19th, 2007)
thanks. very encouraging words from you. I'm glad you listened to all of them (and just a little embarrassed, hee hee).

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o0o said 4363 days ago (November 8th, 2007)
is the best drive one can have...
I am so the same Estellie...me too have a passion for singing and creating music only to guide my innerthoughts to the outside world.

I love this song and thinks it is a huge shame I can't donwload it, for I would want to have it and spread it no matter the production...

kind regards,

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E-Frame Wrecker said 4262 days ago (February 17th, 2008)
Some nice elements here
I enjoyed the song. Thanks for sharing it. I noticed a second one on your list, so I'm off to check that one also also. I agree, you have a pretty voice. Some of those harmonies really sounded nice!
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said 4258 days ago (February 21st, 2008)
Good song
Good melody and lyrics.... And when you sing in more parts, it sounds amazing... Great to hear such music... Peaceful.... Thanks for sharing...
said 3974 days ago (December 1st, 2008)
simple magic
a great track! Careful not to over think or over engineer your work. It is very dramatic as it stands. If you are concerned about the time of your guitar playing, just practice with a metronome and it will steady out. I think the imperfections in the production are a part of the charm.

dolby said 3968 days ago (December 8th, 2008)
..sometimes you gotta go back and check out the old songs - on the back of the new version I had to check this out and I love the innocence of your playing on this. I actually think your vocal is better than the new version - but I love 'em both! Great song/melody and performance -

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stacey said 3963 days ago (December 12th, 2008)
Hi again
Just listened to this acoustic version. Yes lady this is a fantastic song. Run with it. make it a huge hit, and EVERYONE will want to cover it! You have a great talent.
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Estella said 3963 days ago (December 12th, 2008)
Thanks. Too kind. I need to record a better acoustic version of this, as this one is a mess, but the heart is there, and I do love this song like a baby.

After the CD is released, I'd love to hear how you would cover it!

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Dj French Toast said 3899 days ago (February 14th, 2009)
I like your
song writing alot. Got a little humor and realness in this one . Why your not a professional singer is beyond me ...well maybe you are :) I dont know ya :) This is a great tune Estel

Toast(AKA Benny)
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