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Seven Men

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Another from the Archives: This was not written about any specific war and is older than the current conflicts. It was originally recorded on an analog tape deck, just me and my acoustic guitar. As with the other archive pieces, mistakes, technical errors, and so on are all here in their uncensored glory. I never stopped tape when I recorded. Heck, I'd always assumed I'd be the only person who ever heard them. I didn't know that Garageband was in my future.
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Seven Men

Seven men from seven countries
Decided to have a war
One cried, one lied, one spied, one shied, one defied, two tied, none died.
Seven men from seven empty countries
Had to be friends, because there were no more.

Shades of night are falling
Sleepy children are calling
Festered wounds are appalling
Gardens of money are flavored by the mint.
Green is my favorite color.

Seven men from seven countries
Grew tired of preaching hate
The fight's not right, it seems trite and spite indicts the height of might.
Seven men from seven friendly countries
Didn't know that it was too late.


The sons of men from seven countries
Thought wars should never cease
They fought for naught, no thought for the lot, as taught they sought havoc
The sons of men from seven countries
Said, "I may die, but I won't rest in peace."


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tape deck, acoustic guitar and a mic
Slotogenic said 4514 days ago (February 4th, 2007)
A Topic That
unfortunately will always be relevant. This is a good song, technical issues aside. I like the tempo change in the refrain. Very thought provoking lyrics as well. Your voice accompanies the acoustic guitar very nicely. I think this is definitely worthy of a retake with better audio gear. Nice work!
Joanna said 4513 days ago (February 5th, 2007)
Thank you, Slotogenic!
It would be nice to have a clean recording, but I haven't played guitar in so long I'm way out of practice. I do thank you for your kind words. I agree that it is as unfortunately relevant today as it was when written -- more so, in fact. So sad.
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paddler said 4513 days ago (February 5th, 2007)
Kind of...
whacky in places lyrically and rythmically - i LIKE that.I also like the quality of the recording.too many are obsessed with producing polished sounds these days - one of my favourite tracks to listen to on CD in a field is 'China Pig' by Captain Beefheart - also 'walking the cow' by Daniel Johnston.Enjoyed it - thanks!
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Joanna said 4513 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
Thank you, Paddler!
There's a place for both kinds of recordings and it's great that you recognize the appeal of the imperfect track. Thank you so much for listening and commenting!
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Boris the Bull said 4510 days ago (February 8th, 2007)
thoughts from the bull...
you know me enough to know that this is the kind of music that draws me right in. this might be, in my opinion, the best piece you've ever put together. it's easy, raw, and it's inescapably you!

the slight hesitations on the guitar, the confident vocal, and the traditional style all come together to make a wonderful piece.

it's right on the pulse of the whole "folk thing," something that has eluded me for some time. Great work on this and good to hear your voice!
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stacey said 4119 days ago (March 5th, 2008)
Wow again
Wow, I really love your voice. I'm taking a break from work today, and getting back in ouch with all the talent on MacJams, because the radio is such a disappointment these days. I would rather listen to MacJam music, anyday! And this is one of the reasons why.

Good on ya!

Thanks for sharing!
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