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Real World (apb vs iVor mix)



 Genre: Pop (mainstream)

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I wrote this melody when I was 15 - inspired by love lost and Cindy Sherman's photography (which a show on TV was about at the time). I gave it a fresh lick of (grease)paint and iVor got carried away.

It has a funny thing .. most songs have key changes that go up .. this one goes down. (?)

The cover art is by Cindy Sherman.
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Your not happy with the real world,
So you make one of your own,
Think your free from all around you,
Your reality your home,
'Cos it's better than the real one,
Where they keep trying to do you in,
You keep searching for an answer,
Trying to be someone else ..

That your not,
And it's a bad way,
It's the wrong way.
Believe me,
There has got to be an easier way,
You'll try someday.

So you put on some make-up,
Try to hide that face within,
But those eyes deceive you,
Your disguise is wearing thin,
Like a pic by Cindy Sherman,
You'll soon be hangin' off the wall,
You keep searching for an answer,
Trying to be someone else ...

An' if your honest with yourself,
You will see that you are only lying, only lying
An' if I'm honest with myself,
You will see that I am only lying,
only lying.
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Intel Mac Mini (iVor), 2GB RAM.
MOTU Traveler Firewire audio,
Rode NT1-A Mic (+ popshield),
Yamaha APX-8A acoustic guitar (recorded with mic),
Gibson Les Paul Studio (EMG-ZW pickups)
GB v3,
Drums on Demand.
Cameron said 4610 days ago (February 5th, 2007)
This song had a "wired" feeling at the beginning but then settled down into just a fast groove! ;-)

Good vocals and accompaniment mix; very well-balanced and nicely put-together. There was a cool synth sound in my right earphone which I wish were a little more prominent; it was a nice spice.

I liked the instrumental section towards the end, but wish it had occured between the verses instead of ending with it.
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apb said 4610 days ago (February 5th, 2007)
Thanks Cam for stopping by ..
.. it's defintely a bit wired .. too much caffeine and
nicotine gum I think ;o) The 'ending' is in fact a section
that should lead to another verse (so it is supposed to be between verses).. but I decided to cut this short for now
and move on (as I don't have anything more to say lyrics wise more than anything else - I just changed one line from the
15 year old text .. I'm amazed I can remember it)- I'll
come back to it later. I'll need to figure out which sound
that your hearing (and liked) more on one side .. some things auto-pan and should be even but I could well have messed up - I'd swear I hear the odd iChat woosh in there
too .. lol.

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haribo said 4609 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
oh remix ! :)
this is so american school band :):) the hippest, coolest one filled with youthful, adolescent spirits! compared to original, this would be one of those 'improved' version as in tv series - when episode carries on for a long time, to do a renewal of the original piece, in a more 'modern' sense.
i like both versions very much. i liked the organ ending.. wish it were slightly expanded but it sounds a perfect format to end briefly cause it's a powerful tune!
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apb said 4609 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
Thanks Hún
.. I did listen to a fair bit of American rock/metal music
at the time I wrote this, so I suspect that element is still
there. I glad you thought this was an improvement in some respects to the earlier version you heard too - even if
it gave it some of that glossy TV remake effect lol - but
I hear what you mean and I was trying to work on 'modernising'
this. What is now the ending isn't the ending .. lol . that
end section should be a bit longer and gradually build up with
new things being added and then snap back into the verse,
but I just didn't have any more lyrics - so I opted to do
this instead. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.
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said 4609 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
i enjoyed this. lots of great energy.
apb said 4609 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
Thanks Dave ..
.. really fine photos you got on your page. (those with low bandwidth internet may have a bit of trouble though - it took me a while to get to scroll down to give your post a listen, you have to wait for all of them to load or it keeps hopping back up- thought you might want to know that too.
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said 4608 days ago (February 7th, 2007)
thanks for the heads up. ill see what I can do to remedy the situation.

caroline said 4609 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
you beat iVor at his own game!
another great tune dafty - being pedantic pays off - one day i might even get the knack of it myself!! thank you for making these things and sharing them - big loves - me and kazoo ;) xoxo
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apb said 4609 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
iVor ..
.. his boiler went up to 54 degrees C just with the
notion that I might have won ;o) .. well at least he did
find his Built-in/out audio devices again ..and his fan
stopped going all the time ... letting off steam I suspect.

Knack, pffft? This coming from the master of kazoo multi-tracking!

Thanks again for the pre-listens, and a comment too -
yer a darlin' ;o)

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said 4609 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
were you in EMF?
You remember them IM sure ? Anyhoo your lead vox had me thinking of them very much muchly. Im with Cam on this one... pretty much down to a T. Its over too damn quick as well!!

Man that last verse is a killer! Lurved it! ... And the synth bit I think Cam was reffing is in my left ear.. a sort wheeeesh, wheeesh.. it only hits twice right near the end of the song.. hes right its a nice spice :)

Good on ya all over for this one Daftly:)

apb said 4609 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
.. yes I am justified and ancient and have a friend who
used to drive an ice-cream van but .. sadly, I wasn't in
EMF lol. Thanks for the comparison on the vocals - my
vocal style tends to vary a fair bit from song to song ..
I have no one style :o( but on the bright side, you identified the bit! The "wheeeesh, wheeesh" bit ! Yes, I actually now
know exactly where you mean (why didn't he say?) lol ...
I did that by taking the midi part of the organ keys and copied it, then played it with the "Radio effects" instrument .. and that was what came out ..which I liked. I didn't think about it being in the left .. as it's panned centre .. weird. You know me .. it's all a bit squashed in to short intense *ahem* orgasms.. I mean bursts .. I only went over 6mins once and everyone said "too long" hahaha
.. typical ;o) Thanks for stopping in and for your kind words - oh, I haven't forgotten about trying to create some unique guitar sound selection for your "Deeper inside" track, just a matter of time.
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apb said 4609 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
wait ..
that was the KLF .. I'm "Unbelievable"!!
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said 4608 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
I was sooo going to razz you about that (privately of course :) ... in fact it was so funny I thought you were doing it on purpose!! I was hoping for a punchline at the end of the reffing rap but was doubled with mirth over it being a real mistake:P

Anyhoo..you know me, Im longwinded at the best of times. Seriously! Deeper was a struggle to bring in under 5 .

No worries on the Deeper tracks, though I am totally excited to see what you come up with... Im already feeling like I will be inspired to immediately take what you do and build off that for something approaching a final. It'll be mahhhvelous Im sure dahhling!

...(see?? you ARE Unbelieveable!)...

Feel good, its why you wanted to be a human in the first place.
said 4609 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
those old goodies are the best when revived and remade with our infinite wisdom and knowledge of our maturity.

So what happened on this one?

Just kidding!

. :-|

It is high energy, an enjoyable listen!

. - Harold
apb said 4609 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
.. priceless comment Harold, thanks .. it might have
gone better if I had accumulated some wisdom and maturity since then .. but, I'm not sure I have... back off to
Never never land, the lost boys are .. well .. lost .. again.

I don't think I will go in for so much synths in future ..to be honest, but it was fun to dabble and learn what I can do with them. Thanks for stopping in and making me laugh, you
jolly trooper ;o)
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said 4609 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
you just got 10 - bombed for bein' such a fine sport! You gotta love it man!
VicDiesel said 4609 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
Excellent song writing
and very creative arranging with the combination of guitars and synths. I just wonder if the vocals are a bit too far up front. They seem to blend better in the acoustic intermezzo. But on the whole this shows great talent.

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apb said 4609 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
Thanks alot Victor
.. yup, I agree the main vocals are still too loud (argh).. I say still as when I was mixing this last I was so focused on
the synths .. I just noticed at the end the vocals where
way loud (I used to have a piano accompanying the vocal
melody but opted to take that out later) .. anyway, I
remember noticing and taking the vocals down like 2db before this mix ..so to me it sounded alot quieter but in hindsight listening now I agree I need to bring them down more and to the same as the break bit is a good reference. Thanks for that and the very kind compliments too.
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said 4608 days ago (February 6th, 2007)
nice changes
the begginig is chaotic then it settles in this nice grove. I realy like the end I wish it would go on but I understand you cut it short. Cant wait to hear it finished what a great piece!
apb said 4608 days ago (February 7th, 2007)
Thanks Ego
For sure I need to work on that ..be snappy at the start
but still build up tot he first 'chorus' .. perhaps
if I drop out everything except vocals after the first
'stab' for the "your not happy .. " line .. then bring
in some of the other instruments along with the sustained
guitar chord?? and on each interation build in more instruments along with guitar? might make the start less
frantic .. also the very start could be a bit longer too.
Sometimes it's good to through out what you have .. then
take away things in the mix, than to add. Thanks for your
helpful comment.
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said 4608 days ago (February 7th, 2007)
: ) 15 ? ! : ) : )
You wrote this when you were FIFTEEN???????????!!!!!!!!!!!! That's really something.. GREAT TEXT (or is it Lyrics?my English suffers abit;) THANKYOU : ) GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
apb said 4608 days ago (February 7th, 2007)
Tack så mycket Lena
Yes, it is true (~1985)- the original melody, structure and lyrics ('text' på Svenska). I just changed one line of the lyrics because I now thought of something better and recorded this new version afresh on & off from Dec last year.
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Leon said 4608 days ago (February 7th, 2007)
Cool cool cool!
I'm not sure if it's just my souns system, but the vocals comes off a little loud in the beginning. But then everything settles down to a nice level in the mix after a few seconds. This song is delicious pop-rock and I am unabashedly a pop-rock-hip-hop alternative contemporary fan. The part where it softens down (honest with yourself...lying..lying part) is for me the best part.. something sweet and emotional in its tone and melody... really gives me a good feeling... but I was hoping you'd go back to the first few verses and not end it right there. This is really good, and there are very few pop songs that I say that to. A little rough in the edges in some parts of the the mix but won't take anything away from the fact that this is quite a great listen. Thumbs up, dude!
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apb said 4607 days ago (February 8th, 2007)
Thanks Leon
.. lots of good suggestions - I will leave it for a bit
and come back to making it 'full length' (see above).

Yup, those vocals are definitely over-cooked at the
start ..lol. Easy enough to fix :o)
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j2morrow said 4607 days ago (February 7th, 2007)
This song came at me like a linebacker (sorry, American football reference). Lots of energy here. Like the softer bridge that breaks it up for a moment, then back at full tilt. Cool lyrics. Nice production. My one suggestion would be to work on an ending that doesn't fade off. Fading doesn't seem to fit the feel of the song. But that's a very minor point. Enjoyed this a lot. Kudos.
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apb said 4607 days ago (February 8th, 2007)
.. thanks JT .. it does pack a fair thump at the beginning
(and some thought my other stuff was 'in yer face' .. see
what I was writing when I was younger)

it's really not supposed to end like that .. it's a cop-out
- since I had no more lyrics .. that end section should
be longer, additional sounds/instruments being added at
each iteration until it goes 'boomph' .. and I've sacked the quarterback again .. hahahah :o)
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FEEL said 4605 days ago (February 10th, 2007)
Progressively Complex
Amazing you came up with something this complex at the age of 15. At that age my music was quite a bit elementary. I'm impressed. Thanks for bringing current the past. Really enjoyed this.

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apb said 4604 days ago (February 11th, 2007)
Thanks John
.. I think the complexity is in the synths and synth arrangement, which was something I wanted to try out as an addition to this song: it was just the main singing melody, guitar parts, arrangement and lyrics (bar one line) that was
done when I was 15. It was played in rehearsal with the same crew that did "Spacehopper" in around '93, but nothing new
got added to it really then. I'm thinking next of doing the song I last was working on before I put it all aside for
a while, we'll see.
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BAMPOT said 4566 days ago (March 21st, 2007)
Very clever stuff,keeps you listening.
That's good thing!
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apb said 4565 days ago (March 22nd, 2007)
Cheers Colin
.. not very representative of my stuff this one, glad you enjoyed it all the same.

I'm a Scot abroad too .. cool login name .. oh, and btw
something tells me you might have an earthing problem in
your studio ;o)
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davisamerica said 4300 days ago (December 12th, 2007)
right then
someone said edgy...cutting cool
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Heightened said 4263 days ago (January 18th, 2008)
Although clowns scare
me, I really like the song. What more I came impressed that you wrote it at 15!
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