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 Genre: Ambient

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album: Rising From The Ashes
track 1: 9:08 My Song
track 2: 3:05 MacPherson Strut
track 3: 5:55 They're Nocturnal
track 4: 4:25 I Know You're Here
track 5: 5:59 5 of 12
track 6: 3:40 Lighter Than Air
track 7: 5:07 Stairway
track 8: 5:50 I Want
track 9: 5:04 Voices
track 10: 5:15 Move To Trash
track 11: 4:21 Good To The Next Drop
track 12: 5:48 We'll Get To Phoenix Someday Soon
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Song Description

Little voices in your head.
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Uploaded: Feb 17, 2007 - 01:46:24 AM
Last Updated: Sep 22, 2011 - 08:37:34 AM Last Played: Jun 09, 2019 - 10:40:49 AM
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Vic Holman said 4539 days ago (February 17th, 2007)
little voices
sure did get crowded in my head with those little voices.. liked the slow build. very cool. now how do i get them out? real nice
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SmokeyVW said 4538 days ago (February 17th, 2007)
hmmm... maybe i need to change that description a little.

thanks for the listen and comment!

and, i find that holding your head sideways and shaking works for me.

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Parichayaka said 4538 days ago (February 17th, 2007)
LITTLE voices?!
The drums are amazingly raw and powerful. How did you create the rhythm track? The buildup also is very well done. A bit "loud" for me, no space to breathe - but that's exactly what the title is about, except for I'd say those are not just little voices, more like an uncontrollable wave of mental-thought-noise! Uncompromisingly effective (if that means anything!). Amazing - the amount of different musical and sound ideas you come up with. You never know what to expect from your posts. Always interesting and always worth a listen!
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SmokeyVW said 4538 days ago (February 17th, 2007)
i definitely have to change the description!

the raw, loud, 'no space' effect comes from tweaking the multiband compressor AU. Announcer was good enough to share some tips on its proper use, and now i find i can't stay away from it. a new toy!

i also used several "noisy" sources which builds up lots of grungy clutter in the high end. the raspy bass keyboard, drum loops, and the chanting crowd loop played twice over itself. the guitar is actually a harpsichord played through an amp sim and guitar effects.

i used two TUMi loops: RockBeat3 on the beat, and RockBeat5 played a 1/4 note ahead of the beat.

once i had a nice pile of loops going, i mixed it with a smooth escalating build-up definitely the goal. i almost considered posting this as a Political genre. perhaps it depicts being within a huge anti-war rally? perhaps it's the daily barrage of voices with all imaginable agendas? perhaps it's insanity slowly crawling into our psyches? na, it's just a loud song.

thanks for the encouraging compliment - this one was fun to do too!

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SmokeyVW said 4538 days ago (February 17th, 2007)
i forgot:

also, i mixed in two other GB drum loops.

i faded in Straight Up Beat 01 to build up the drive on the bass and snare leading to the ending.

and Upbeat Funk Drums 03 (with the bass drum removed) for the occasional fills and even more snare drive at the end.

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announcer said 4538 days ago (February 18th, 2007)
Punishment ... good punishment
Smoke ... you really punished your computer with this one. Must have had that CPU in overdrive with what seems like hundreds of tracks. builidng, building, building. Just when I think there cannot be any additional layers ,,, here comes something more.

Great mix and great sounds.
It's on my fav list>
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SmokeyVW said 4538 days ago (February 18th, 2007)
glad you liked the multilayering!

i think i need to wean myself off the multiband comp for a while now...


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bud said 4538 days ago (February 18th, 2007)
A man after my own heart -
too much is never enough. I usually have to make myself stop before I kill again - but here you let it go to a point of grandeur. well done brutha in chaos.
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SmokeyVW said 4535 days ago (February 20th, 2007)
what i find strange is that there is actually less in this song than it appears.

i was partially after an old memory of listening to "She's So Heavy" - towards the end when it just keeps repeating over and over, if you're in the proper state of mind, you can begin to hear things behind the cymbals and the distorted guitars. later i never could decide if there really was anything there, but the idea of using noise to create audio mirages stuck with me.

somehow during making this song i remembered that mirage idea and intentionally made a really noisy mix to try to recreate that effect. after i was done with the mix, i put on my "just listening" ears, and i was disappointed in how messy it all sounded - that was my intent but it seemed like i had gone too far.

but after a few more listens, the old sonic pattern matchers started recognizing the chanting crowd loop. and after a while, it sounded more coherent again. very strange.

now i can't listen to this song and hear the chaos any more. very very strange.

thanks for listening

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Ed Hannifin said 4536 days ago (February 19th, 2007)
Just a more intense version...
...of every day... what my minister's wife calls 'brain radio'...

A lot less chaos and more music than I expected from the comments...

All those voices... just on the edge of making sense...

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SmokeyVW said 4535 days ago (February 20th, 2007)
hmmm, brain radio, an interesting concept!

thanks Ed

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ktb said 4534 days ago (February 22nd, 2007)
what i'm talkin about
i think i said this before but you are the master of the polyrythymic builds. The voices and their sustained effort to dominate the groove,
Its really trippy and cool. I love it
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SmokeyVW said 4534 days ago (February 22nd, 2007)
i wound up listening to this again due to seeing your comment. and the "chaos" is back again.

yeah, trippy, that's the ticket! :-)

thanks for listening, glad you liked it!
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bud said 2478 days ago (October 8th, 2012)
I think you achieved your goal here
definitely combining to creating ghost effects and abstractions that may or may not be there.
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