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The Flick of a Wing



 Genre: Film Scoring
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This is one of two parts of a cartoon-based film about aliens visiting Earth to collect samples of fauna and, whilst they do this a butterfly flies into their ship undetected. The aliens take off, the butterfly lays eggs and dies but when the ship reaches its destination and the doors open, the butterflies have hatched out of the eggs and they escape into the air of the new world.

The butterfly enters the ship at around 55 seconds, the new butterflies exit the ship around 2 minutes 44, where there are three cello phrases, to mark the butterflies in their new world.

Part two is what happens next.
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Usual Mac and other stuff.
Morning Light said 4568 days ago (February 17th, 2007)
Perfect Musical Narration.......
Of a beautiful idea and imagination.........Thankyou for sharing this story.......I Love how it describes the beauty of this delicate creature.....and the new life that is found. Excellent. :)* Morning Light
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Reinholt56 said 4568 days ago (February 18th, 2007)
I appreciate your kind words...
I thought that the music needed a story and the details came to me in a flash.

The music itself had been lying around on my hard disk for some weeks. I'd forgotten about it. Sometimes I produce up to half a dozen pieces/mixes in any one music session and put them to one side as 'potential uploads'. This was one of them.

The cello-effect was a soft synth called 'Cellofan' from a company/person called Softkeys. A search of the Internet will bring up links to KVR and other music sites. I downloaded it from one of these. If anyone has problems finding it, let me know and I will look into it some more.


Remember that joy is contagious, so infect someone.....
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legato said 4566 days ago (February 20th, 2007)
I like the imagery this piece creates
Thanks, for sharing this one. I too love to create music with layers of textures and flowing pads. It always adds to the mystery of music. The story of the butterflies being transported to another realm is quite intriguing. I can almost see them adapting themselves through a metamorphic process to create a new species of life that the aliens deify them. Can't wait for part 2 of the story.

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Reinholt56 said 4566 days ago (February 20th, 2007)
The story is....
The story is one that can go many if not infinite ways. I could add many colours and ideas with musical phrases and textures using different electronic effects or synthesis. I am currently playing with the second part, along with my other musical ideas, such as 'Veil', 'Light' and the DanceHall stuff.

One of my current problems is that I'm easily led down other paths by listening to so many soft synths and experimenting with each setting. Somtimes I spend a whole evening with one instrument, playing, tweeking, playing, recording, and all I finish up with are musical phrases that go somewhere but not quite where I originally intended and I then have another potential project on my list.

Ah well. Something may be finished at some stage this year.

Thanks for stopping by.


Remember that joy is contagious, so infect someone.....
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ktb said 4558 days ago (February 28th, 2007)
Paul, great tune and a delightful story. How'd you arrive at those metallic, underwater ambient pads? they are totally cool. Well done
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Reinholt56 said 4558 days ago (February 28th, 2007)
Almost random choice.....
I arrived at the sounds through more or less random choice.

To explain this I have to say that I have been downloading VST/VSTi plugins as though they've been vanishing beyond recovery. I have finished up with probably 600 or more plugins, each of which I enable and test, some with a few presets and some with multiple banks of 128, so after many, many, many, many preset/plugin sound checks I started recording snippits of tunes, Ambient sequences, with the view to putting phrases together later.

I finished with loads of sound bytes that I didn't catalogue with the corresponding plugin/preset, so I have almost no idea which plugin I used, let alone the preset for that plugin!!

All I can say is that I searched, in Google, for 'free VST/VSTi plugins' and was astounded at the number that can be downloaded for free. Imagine a child let loose on their own in a toyshop!! I later searched for Ambient plugins or something similar, and found many.

I'll check the plugins I have with respect to Ambience and I'll put a web link in either my own details or the MJ forums. It may be a short while before I can complete this.

Thanks for listening and commenting.


Remember that joy is contagious, so infect someone.....
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