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"Durge To Surge"



 Genre: Experimental

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Sadness at the Iraq War entering its
5th year with no end in sight.
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M-Audio Studiophile DX4 Monitors
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Epileptic Gibbon said 4534 days ago (March 20th, 2007)
... given the subject matter. Very strong and moody material. I like, though perhaps it could be extended a little or could change into something else. Just a thought. Let's hope for improvement, even though there's no end in sight.
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Epileptic Gibbon said 4534 days ago (March 20th, 2007)
I meant improvement for the situation in Iraq, not improvement for the track.

"You never say please. You never say thank you."
"Please don't be an idiot. Thank you."
-- Bayliss and Pembleton
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dwwave said 4533 days ago (March 20th, 2007)
No problem

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dwwave said 4533 days ago (March 20th, 2007)
Thank You
Epileptic Gibbon,

Thank You for listening and posting and input on the song.
I appreciate it. I would be interested in ideas on
different arrangements or additions to the piece.
I originally named it "5 Years" then went with "Durge to Surge" but sort of kept it drone like as since the "Shock
and Awe" phase it's been like that (to me) with the war.
To many lives lost and so many wounded. I hope to for improvement but to me improvement would be a phased withdrawl
out of there. I give Tony Blair credit for beginning to
withdrawl troops. I have no answer to whats going on there,
or in Afganistan(which seems to be starting to boil again.)
Thanks again and look forward to working together this year.
Ironically the day I posted this is my 3rd year joining
Macjams, though my input has been gathering some dust lately.
Take Care!

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john said 4530 days ago (March 23rd, 2007)
I like it

I can honestly say that this is your best work to date. The guitar and erie background are right in sync. I especially liked the ending.

I agree with EG that there is room for this one to expand.

Nice job.

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dwwave said 4530 days ago (March 23rd, 2007)
Thanks for the + plug!, I think of all the parts I too like
the ending, it just seemed to come together right there (and
also as you and Ian suggest leaves room for more or expansion)
I am glad to be playing actual guitar parts and not using loops for guitar (though they have their place)but I think
out of shyness and feeling I was not playing well enough I was using guitar based loops as sort of a crutch after awhile.
I did use a synth loop where normally I would have used the
midi keyboard. Guess its good to mix things up. I really appreciate the "best work to date" comment, hopefully I will
practice more and get more frequent posts up. I liked using two different guitars and also different settings on the Line 6 PODXT (I really like those Pod's!) and I double tracked each guitar part also I did not write down the settings I used
nor save them as a favorite in the Pod, I should at least
keep a log of the settings I am using on the PODXT or what ever processer or GB settings I am using. I did put more time and effort editing and mixing. I did figure out the line noise/hiss from the last post "Through One I", it was
a cable, it looked fine but after changing the cable that
sound went away. Thanks for listening and your comments
I sincerly appreciate it. Take Care!

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bronco said 4530 days ago (March 24th, 2007)
Way To Go!
A very coherent musical piece with a lot of cool sounds working together to form a moody, comber reflection of our times! Guitar and keyboard are really working here. Love the synthesizer that comes in and gives it such an unlimited aura of a landscape that goes forever with no end!
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dwwave said 4527 days ago (March 26th, 2007)
Thank You for the Kind Words!
Thanks for the Review, I really apppreciate it, I spent more
time on this one and did not rush it along as I often do.
Spent time mixing and editing and working with sound levels.
I think the two guitars sounded right together, The Gibson Blueshawk has a Variatone which helps make subtle changes
I really dig the Schecter too, (especially that it was a free win off the net) I am looking at adding another electric
and it may be a Schecter, so many to pick from, Schecter
gives you alot for the dollar. Thanks for the + note on the keyboard part, I must have gone through 30 loops until I found that one then played around with it. Thanks again for listening!
Take Care my Friend!

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said 4525 days ago (March 28th, 2007)
you have a unique and fresh take...
...on what you do musicallly. This piece is very nice. I like the almost somber noodling feel, if that makes sense. A nice swirling in and out feel. Very nice tune, thanks!
dwwave said 4511 days ago (April 11th, 2007)
Thanks for listening and posting

Thanks for the kind words, I enjoy ambient music and it sort of ends up in most music I do wether intentional or non-intentional. It is somber in tone as I was in that sort of place mentally thinking about the continued war.
I am a noodler as I am self taught and don't really know
formal chords or scales.
Thanks again for listening!

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said 4423 days ago (July 8th, 2007)
This is a gem. It's like a transition track between two other songs. I'd like to hope that we're in a parallel transition in the real world.....
dwwave said 4416 days ago (July 16th, 2007)
Sonny Jim
Thanks for listening and commenting on "Durge to Surge"
I am behind on macjam's due to some personal issues but they
seem to be settling down and I hope to be more timeley with
responses to posts and posts on peoples songs
Thanks Again


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