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 Genre: Psychedelic

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Still experimenting with GB and no interface. this song is made up of some loops that I made, and a sample I found at:

they are a sample sharing community. the samples are to be used freely as long as you credit them. sample i used was of a man speaking spanish. it was called :

i'm thinking of throwing some vocals on this one, maybe just something simple at the tail end of the song (like Atlantis by Donovan). it's supposed to be a repetitive droning wash. not for everyone, but i am obsessed wih that type of thing. As I said, an experiment to see what I could do with some samples and loops, with played synths on top. no midi (i don't know how to use it).
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mini mac, m-audio 49e midi keyboard
garageband, eve soft synth, i made some of the samples and loops in audacity, and the piano is a software instrument from GB
dajama said 4479 days ago (March 20th, 2007)
I like it
I like it. It kind of reminds me of Susumu Yokota, who I'm a big fan of (although I know comparisons are hard). It caught my attention and held it. Adding a vocal could be cool, but I don't know that it needs it. Nice work.
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michael2 said 4479 days ago (March 20th, 2007)
i love susumo yokota, that is really high praise indeed. thank so much. i'm still learning so thanks.
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drakonis said 4479 days ago (March 20th, 2007)
Hey Jude...
So, you are obsessed with long droning washes... hmm, we'll have to talk later (rubs his hands together.) This is nice, has almost enough variation to keep the interest (I was waiting for some kind of lead, not necessarily vox, but something fresh and melodic to pop in from time to time). For some reason, the satisfying bassline kept making me want to start singing the ending of a very famous Beatles tune, it is very simple and catchy. Nice home-made loop work. Interesting photo, those aren't scopes or synths, so it looks like a HAM radio operator fixing his SSB descrambler :-)
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michael2 said 4479 days ago (March 21st, 2007)
thanks for listening
besides the beatles, you can also sing another classic rock hit: when I put down the piano I had to simplify the piano part as it was sounding like "sympathy for the devil."

and yes, i love the drones (can, neu, all kinds of psych, krautrock, and japanese electronic soundscape artists), but you can't deny a good pop hook. i actually had more of a melody in there, but dumped it in favor of repitition.
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bud said 4478 days ago (March 22nd, 2007)
I share your obsession - I actually
hear a little Atlantis in this piece. This is really good - seems like you're taking off fast with GB. Give a listen to SmokeyVW's - My Song - if you like washy evolution. Oh - and thanks for checking out Drift. BTW - I was listening to My Bloody Valentine this morning. Wait a second - is that what you meant by MBV loopfest? Far out - too weird if it's true.
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MJG said 4473 days ago (March 27th, 2007)
Good experimentation.....
I like the synths and concept. Exploring is all a part of the process. Glad I took a listen.
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michael2 said 4473 days ago (March 27th, 2007)
thanks for istening. experimentation is probably the most fun for me. since I'm not playing in a band any more, GB is almost like jamming (only with a computer). sometimes something cool happens, and other times it's awful. i know i've been in bands that needed an "undo" button (and some that needed a "delete" button).
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SmokeyVW said 4468 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
wow wee
i like this!

it's dreamlike, spacey, flowing, slo-mo, spacey, reminiscent, color-filled, spacey, moody, deja-vu-like, all the things i admire in a good psycho..., er, psychedelic tune.

very good. very, very good!

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Heightened said 4221 days ago (December 3rd, 2007)
Unbelievable! Loved it from the first note to the last!!! Should repost it at the top.
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lavalamp said 4153 days ago (February 10th, 2008)
Another great job. Nice loopy adventure you take us through. Cool vibe.
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said 4022 days ago (June 19th, 2008)
This is very good. I enjoyed listening. Well produced.

Peace Dee.
aRcTip said 2875 days ago (August 10th, 2011)
This is lovely!
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Psychedelic music is a musical genre inspired by or attempting to replicate the mind-altering experience of drugs such as cannabis, psilocybin, mescaline, and especially LSD. It is not rigorously defined, and is sometimes interpreted to include every

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