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Delay Loop



 Genre: Ambient

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This was a loop I did with a digital delay guitar pedal. The loop was a random noise that I used to make a rhythm. I just kept adding crap to it, and stopped when I got bored of it. It's basically a tribute to Tangerine Dream.

This was another 4 track improvisation that I bounced to digital. I had already mixed this one so I dumped the whole track into GB and EQed it. If I get a favorable reaction, I'll add it to my "remix this" list.
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Tascam 4 track, Roland SH-101 synth, Casio CZ-1 synth, Boss Digital Delay Pedal, E-Bow, Fender Telecaster
spitlogic said 4472 days ago (March 27th, 2007)
Seemed like a robot in a womb. The birth of a mechanical species. I would have liked to here a little more of a change in this, however this would work well as good meditating music.
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michael2 said 4472 days ago (March 27th, 2007)
you are right
absolutely correct, I was thinking that I may take it and edit it into a longer piece. but at the same time, I like the simplicity and repitition of it. I'm torn. I think that I want to take all of these little sketches that I have and put them together in one hour long soundtrack for a non-existant film. Thanks for giving it a listen.
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scratch_harris said 4472 days ago (March 27th, 2007)
As Thaddeus Golas once said...
"Space is to Energy as Energy is to Mass" Love the depth, great feel, a nice calm stretch of open space....... Top stuff!
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michael2 said 4472 days ago (March 27th, 2007)
nice of you to listen. i've been getting more into instrumental stuff the last couple of years. some of it is that i'm not tormented the way I use to be, so i don't need to work out my demons lyrically anymore. then there is also the fact that non-vocal/linear songs are more interesting to me most of the time. i love pop, but feel like i have pretty much heard it all. soundscapes were always interesting to me, but i have only begun experimenting with them recently.
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dreadmon said 4471 days ago (March 28th, 2007)
To be honest - I wasn't liking the first loop sample and I almost went running, but very glad I hung out. This is a nicely done piece - nice positioning in time and space. The wheals and whistles happening subliminally at the edges of the musicspace like twisted characters out of a Ralph Bakshi movie, they're great - virtual whalecalls to Tron. You really up the ante' with the different layers, but it never becomes overbearing - you just shift the tonal field a little. Would love to hear some big bass presence really lay out the foundation somewhere in this hypnotic mix. Ending is a little unexpected, given the relative consistency of the pulse out of the gate - but taken with all things, that is the art of chaos, is it not? Great job. To get me thinkin' this early on a Wednesday.
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michael2 said 4471 days ago (March 28th, 2007)
i really didn't like the first loop much either to be honest. the only reason I used it was because this was supposed to be an experiment in the random. i find it interesting to impose limits on what i can use in a song (and how i can use it). in this case, the assignment was to make a song with whatever loop occurred when i slapped my hand down on the guitar strings.

i'm glad you listened. one of the ways I have been finding new music on macjams is following up with those that have left comments. now i wish i just had more time to explore and collaborate; unfortunately, time is like gold to me at this point. if i were rich, i would: start a foundation for worthy causes, work at my current job part time (and for free), make lots of music, play with my kid, and travel (with a laptop featuring GB of course). I love the idea of sitting on a beach somewhere re-mixing a song i've been leisurely working on. maybe the next song i write will be a soundtrack for that mental image.
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Girk said 4471 days ago (March 28th, 2007)
Nice to see the E-Bow being used. I use one myself but found I needed to apply gaffer tape to the underside to raise the action from the strings.
I like the very rested nature of your composition: I love early Tangerine Dream anyhow (Poland is a seminal album) and use my guitar also through a Doepfer A100 analogue synth: The scope of modulation becomes just obscene! I also retofitted a GR20 (Roland) guitar synth to my Strat: It works very well overall and is any easy way through MIDI to control GB software synths.
Very bold and leftfield. May I say how very much I enjoyed your composition. Kind regards from the UK, and I'd love to hear a remix as the introduction melody line is strong (I like diminished and augmented modes) and would form a great platform for a good (forgive my turn of phrase) kick-ass rhythm. However, I certainly wouldn't trade the piece easily for a bpm: It's strong enough (and bold enough) to stand on its own strong legs. Girk
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michael2 said 4471 days ago (March 28th, 2007)
it's funny, i was listening to this in my car, and as the song was fading out, another car came by that was playing some grime really loud. the beat sounded great against my track and I thought how i needed to find someone to do something hip hop to it. i'm glad you listened.
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Girk said 4470 days ago (March 29th, 2007)
Having listened...
...to this now about a dozen times, I have to say that it is so bold that it must simply stand it alone as a composition. I know how you feel about sticking rhythm on: It's something that we just feel we should do to complete a piece but it can totally change the feel of the original intention and if I'd done this, I'd adopt a take or leave it approach. Music doesn't have to hop to be hip! I'd like to rate it a 10 for originality, but I can't as my account is not deemed established enough to provide you with one. So here you go... TEN! Girk
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dajama said 4468 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
Very cool
This filled the space between my speakers, and rolled around my head while I listened to it. Very nice sound, and lacking nothing, I would say. I'm a big fan of ambient music that grabs your attention in a subtle, almost crafty way. I found myself freezing in space, hands poised over the keyboard as I listened to this. Downloaded. Nice.
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michael2 said 4468 days ago (March 31st, 2007)
i'm so glad you liked it. it took as long to record as it does to listen to.
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Heightened said 4232 days ago (November 22nd, 2007)
Delay Loop
Your talent extends beyond a multitude of genres - son of a b#&*h!
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