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Olives and Honey (Jim Bouchard mix)



 Genre: Showtunes

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Here is the Jim Bouchard-produced version of "Olives and Honey," originally written and performed by me as a LIOLI entry. But it was closer to my heart as a love song for my fiancé, so I am overwhelmed with happiness that Jim took so much time and care to produce and remix my demo into something I don't even know if I can take credit for anymore.

Jim played the ukulele to replace the original MIDI harpsichord, added some bass and other instruments, replaced the drums, and mixed it into submission.

Thank you to everyone who wrote such nice comments on the first version. I hope you enjoy this version as well. And enormous thanks, of course, to Jim Bouchard and his generosity with his musical magic.
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Olives and honey
Whoever thought to put them side by side?
That’s taste bud homicide
An hors d’oeuvre horror plain to see
Who could want to have this for their tea?

Olives and honey
It’s not a combo most would care to eat
Not a popular treat
Maligned and much misunderstood
Not the worst thing ever — but not good.

What stupid jerk
Thought this could work?
A mix so volatile
Every taste is wholly vile

But some folks, ya know
Don’t go with the flow
As they say, “de gustibus”
And that means hope for all of us…

Olives and honey
Not everyone’s idea of an idea
As in, “that’s an idea!”
Not everybody’s cup of tea
But that’s what you like
And that’s made all the difference to me
That just means the world to me.
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24" Intel iMac, Snowball mic, Jim's ukulele
GarageBand 3 and whatever tricks Jim has up his talented sleeves.
drakonis said 4459 days ago (April 9th, 2007)
fun and sentimental
and definitely up a notch or 3... this sounds "richer"... I really like the Uke (although its beat and the vocals seemed slightly off the beat at the very intro?), but after that it was fine... overall this was super... gorgeous little clarinet bit, strong bass, vocals were crisp and clear, harmonies were quite enjoyable. Honey-sweet picture too... I liked Olive it!
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said 4459 days ago (April 9th, 2007)
Joyful and...
uplifting song for those who dare to fall in love and get all confused and happy and stuck on someone for life...

FEEL said 4459 days ago (April 9th, 2007)
Really like the beatles
vibe to the song. You have a very nice voice to compliment it too. Thanks for sharing.
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guitapick said 4459 days ago (April 9th, 2007)
The little clarinet (?)...
...in the background, there, is a very cool touch.

Loved this tune the first time. Love it now, too.

You're both very talented and serve the muse with deftness, feeling, and a cool sense of humor...
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jamorama said 4459 days ago (April 9th, 2007)
What a great little song
And your lyrics are so simple, and great!
For me your writing "voice" reminds me of Tom Lehrer a little. You're very talented.
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said 4458 days ago (April 9th, 2007)
Always a fun listen! I think I realy like your musical writing style because I dont think I could right the way you do! ten thumbs up!!!!!!!
michael2 said 4458 days ago (April 9th, 2007)
sweet song
i love this tin pan alley sweetness. really great job on everyones part. i can't vote yet, but here's my 9 out of 10 stars:

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said 4458 days ago (April 9th, 2007)
From your first version...
...a delightful homage to your romance. He must have been "knocked down with a feather" when he heard this!

Your voice conveys a bit of every positive emotion. I recall you "fretting" over your microphone that evening in MJ chat.

Jim has done a fabulous job at transforming your idea into a complete song.

Kudos to both of you.
dreadmon said 4458 days ago (April 9th, 2007)
Quirk is AWESOME!
What a cool little tune - this is so unique, teasing aural glimpses of artists I've known and loved, but unlike anything I've heard before, lyrically, musically, unsensibly - what a treat! I didn't hear the previous version, but that just set up a nice debut for me to listen here. Jim's uke is sweetly sprung throughout an arrangement that would do Randy Newman proud. What a joyous find at the end of a long Monday - this put a smile on my face. Cheers!
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XpresoAdct said 4458 days ago (April 9th, 2007)
I still choke up when I hear it
This piece meant so much to me. I find myself still holding my breath while I listen. It seems like I can never listen to it too many times.
Magritte really out did herself and I will never forget coming home and being presented with a CD and thinking, "What a strange title."

She just means the world to me.
(there I go, choked up again... dang it)

said 4458 days ago (April 10th, 2007)
: ) : ) : )
I LOVE THIS !!! The Ukele is GREAT so is Your singing !!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou : )

said 4458 days ago (April 10th, 2007)
i need to listen to this about 20 more times with the cans on....so much to absorb. really fun song.
Aureliano said 4457 days ago (April 11th, 2007)
I like
show tunes,commercial songs and TV sit-com music, yhis is a good sounding song with a good picture, it brings to mind the Fraiser and Married with children themes. good collab with you 2.
Einarus said 4457 days ago (April 11th, 2007)
Short & Sweet
Not to mention fun!

I haven't heard the original version, but this is a really nice little track you have here.

The lyrics are really clever and you deliver them perfectly.
The ukulele sounds great and - well - actually, the whole ensemble sounds great.

A short & sweet new favorite!

-Einar S.
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Mystified said 4457 days ago (April 11th, 2007)
Awww :)
A beautiful reworking of this song!

Such a sweet and endearing tune... :)
'Happy Music!'

Thanks, you guys!

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said 4456 days ago (April 12th, 2007)
A great take...
...on the old adage "opposites attract." Very nice sentiments expressed herein. Diane and I have been happily married for 35 years yet we are so utterly different. So I can identiy with this gentle expression of wonder
and bewilderment. Nice vocal. Very cool.

Be well!
pengui said 4456 days ago (April 12th, 2007)
an idea
This song would be a hit in France. It sounds like a lot of things I hear in French movies. Nice, cute, yet a little sexy. I like the Ukulele a lot.
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***itiswotitis*** said 4453 days ago (April 14th, 2007)
sweet song.
nice little ditty sweetly sung
I love the ukelele
very nice all round!
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spitlogic said 4452 days ago (April 16th, 2007)
Love those lyrics
The guitar (?) during the song really brings it out. I really like the tempo and the lyrics in this song are well written. Very nice.
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Leon said 4452 days ago (April 16th, 2007)
Quite a refreshing treat.. simple and heartfelt... singing frm the heart and devoid of complexity.
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Doadars Uncle said 4437 days ago (May 1st, 2007)
Sweet and Savory!
I really like the light feel.

Very unique.

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1rwhite1 said 4396 days ago (June 11th, 2007)
Different but Good
Magritte, I like this version, too, but I'm not quite as struck with the "this is simple and sweet" sense as much as with the original version. But Jim has certainly added an interesting flair to this, and perhaps that has made it sound a bit more full. I'm sticking with the original, though. Sorry. :)
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rtcooper said 4395 days ago (June 12th, 2007)
Once again JB (Jim) proves what Mies van der Rohe once said: "God is in the Details".

Fine Song.
Brilliant ReMix.

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said 4061 days ago (May 11th, 2008)
Wonderful. Fine vocals and fine music work. I'll be listening to the original as soon as I can. Wonderful!

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