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We Are The Ones

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Emily Rohm's latest forum post (just seeing her photo again) reminded me that Earth Day had come and gone with, sadly, little fanfare. There was a time (when she was an early teen and I was a theatre director) that April was our busiest time, touring the show "To Save the Planet" across the northern USA and southern Canada. I think the show was performed 360 times in over 9 countries.

I wrote WE ARE THE ONES for the 1993 United Nations’ Global Youth Forum. It was adopted by that organization and by CAPE (Children’s Alliance for the Protection of the Environment) as their official theme song. I think both groups have been disbanded, as has most of the environmental movement. (Remember when "ecology" was a central word in our language?) I later added the song as a curtain call to our flagship show, To Save the Planet (I posted the opening song from that show years ago, when Emily first joined MJ.) I post this one now, smiling in happy remembrance and gratitude.

In 1994 our troupe was inducted into the UN's GLOBAL 500 Roll of Honor. The photo you see is from that tour, when Emily was (oops, maybe I shouldn't say).

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In this time of trouble, how do we endure?
Waiting, waiting for a tomorrow.
Who will find a cure?

All round the world they're wondering who'll save the earth,
Help shape a rebirth?
Who'll plant the seed? Who'll take the lead?
Mend the land? Help tend the garden?

We are the ones to take the future in our hands.
We are the ones to make it happen.
We are the ones to step ahead and take a stand.
We are the ones, we are the ones.

Save the tress and save the beaches.
Save the land and save the seas.
Save the day and that teaches.
Set tomorrow free.


We are the ones to heal this magic wonderland.
We are the ones, we are the children.
We are the ones to make our dreams come true.
We are the ones, yes, me and you.

Save the whale and save the cheetah,
Nightengale and manatee.
We can't fail with all they teach us.
Set tomorrow free.

We are the ones that will join from many lands.
We are the ones with the future in our hands.
We are the ones that will take a stand.
Yes, we are many hands, we are the ones.

[chorus 2]

Waiting, waiting for a tomorrow....

©1992, 2003 Tobin James Mueller
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Jim Bouchard said 4558 days ago (April 24th, 2007)
I am amazed, once again...
You just continue to astound, with the breadth of your musical activity. This is really quite nice and not surprising that it was adopted as the theme song. It's a great message song, catchy and eminently singable, with a great message! Amazing!
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mbehar said 4558 days ago (April 24th, 2007)
very sweet
lovely song and beautiful message. lovely angel voices too!
and excellent production...full sound spectrum
well done
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Emily Rohm said 4558 days ago (April 24th, 2007)
Blast from the Past!!
Wow, this brings back memories, Tobin! If this was recorded in 1994, I must have been 15 years old! I was actually just humming this song the other day, trying to remember the words. Thanks for posting this!
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Emily Rohm said 4558 days ago (April 24th, 2007)
Perfect score
Yeah, that was me who gave it all 10s. I am biased and not ashamed! Ha. This song is perfect for a belated Earth Day. Now it will be in my head all day...

I don't have a clever signature.
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perceptualvortex said 4558 days ago (April 24th, 2007)
Sweet melodies, and really nice singing... and of course, the songwriting and message are excellent.
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guitapick said 4557 days ago (April 25th, 2007)
Quite a history, Tobin...
...I played my guitar at my high school for the first Earth Day celebration. You're right: doesn't have the fanfare it deserves anymore.

Wonderful tune. Must be some kind of rush for Emily to hear and see the picture.

Wonderful production...great message...
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jiguma said 4556 days ago (April 25th, 2007)
Emily and Tobin
This is certainly timely (at any time really) historically (with Emily making a brief return appearance here at MJ this week) and lyrically (well, the planet is somewhat illish). You sure do have some musical history behind you Tobin. I'm not really an anthem kind of guy, but this shows a musicality and heart sadly missing in many (most) anthems which I've forced myself to endure because of the message.
What I mean to say is "I like this song!".

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thetiler said 4556 days ago (April 25th, 2007)
Wow -
Words can't describe what a powerful duo Emily and Tobin are.

This is truly one of the best tunes I've heard here.Emily - Wow!

Wow for this whole tune! What a class music person your are Toibin.

Thanks sooo miuch for being such a great part of MJ!.

So Glad I heard this GEM!
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Scott Carmichael said 4556 days ago (April 26th, 2007)
well first off
Tobin.. you cheated... Emily's voice is beautiful, and anything is going to sound good if we can get her to sing it :)... seriously... Emily you're a wonderful singer... This somehow has your signiture Tobin... I can hear you in it... not just your voice... this walks the line between hopeful vision and serious warning... and puts the onus on us.. instead of pointing the finger "YOU"... I find this approach much more effective... I'm not suprised that they adopted this song... you're such a good writer on so many levels... I know you have an aversion to show tunes, but this smacks of stage production to me... the only songs that have ever left me speachless and in tears happened in those settings...

I enjoyed the counter rythem in the bass line... and as usual your producing skills shine... Listening to "Can't Complain" changed some of my approach... I'm trying to leave each ellement sounding natural on it's own, instead of carving out an EQ position...

One question.. what reverb did you use on Emily's voice... that's not the stock verb that comes with some software!!!
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digitalnirvana9 said 4555 days ago (April 26th, 2007)
Now thats Educational!
Every school in the coutry should teach their students this song as they go off to work in the school garden and study earth sciences.....Thank you Tobin for all you're splendid work on behalf of the environment. Now, to make the sentiments expressed a reality!.....
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digitalnirvana9 said 4555 days ago (April 27th, 2007)
Some pitiful soul bombed this Song
Would you be brave enough to say why?......I bet not.....digitalnirvana9
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dreadmon said 4555 days ago (April 27th, 2007)
Beautiful tune
Always a surprise around every corner with you, Tobin - this tune is so well-written that it succeeds in sounding huge with such a modest arrangement. That's not only economical composition, but inspiring as well. This sounds like it would be right at home on the soundtrack for "Illuminations: Reflections Of Earth" at Epcot. Definitely a download - thanks for sharing this!
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Leon said 4554 days ago (April 28th, 2007)
Save the world
A perfect song for a anti-global warming and eco-conservation campaign. A wonderful message sung by angelic, innocent voices.
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paul f. page said 4551 days ago (May 1st, 2007)
We are the ones...
...who benefit from your wonderful writing!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this number: the production is so clear; the voices are on pitch!; the arrangement is understated and allows the text and the singers to take the stage; and your skill in crafting an artful melody is evident at every turn. Glad I had the opportunity to listen in and that you shared this with the rest of us. You are a most-talented man, Mr. Mueller. I learn something everytime I hear your work.
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said 4548 days ago (May 4th, 2007)
Nice going Tobin. This song should be sung in schools and churches all across the "free" world. The True, the Good and the Beautiful abide herein...

Be well friend!
amie said 3577 days ago (December 29th, 2009)
We Are The Ones
Thank you for sharing this beautiful song!
You are the best!
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