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A Thoughtful Gift



 Genre: Experimental

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This is another hard to describe song. Picture Japan jamming with KMFDM. I played the melody on the Stylophone, which is a wierd early electronic instrument; basically a piece of metal that you rub another piece of metal on and it creates this buzzy sound. theres a picture of it on my artisi page. the wife found it at a thrift store, and bought it for me.

songs starts out mellow and kind of Asian sounding, before the industrial disco drums come in. mix is probably in need of a makeover, but it's the general idea.
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zoom 8 track (drum machine is built into it), stylophone, roland JX3P synth. dod digital delay, midiverb, fender tele used as a bass, intel mac mini
said 4495 days ago (April 30th, 2007)
RIght up(or) down my alley. Very cool You are on a roll. Gonna need a folder just for your music for my Ipod cool beans!
michael2 said 4495 days ago (April 30th, 2007)
i thought
this was something that you of allpeople would appreciate.
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cjdaley said 4494 days ago (May 2nd, 2007)
thoughtful gift
I really like the stylophone and all your sounds.Is the rythm before the drum machine kick in played on guitar strings or something ? DLed as usual.
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michael2 said 4493 days ago (May 2nd, 2007)
the rhythm
at the beginning is tapping on the guitar strings while a flanger is on. i'm not all that familiar with how to make drum tracks, so i make do with what I can. originally i started the song with the ending beat, but decided it was stupid that way. thanks for listening.
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racerat said 4493 days ago (May 2nd, 2007)
Love the tap tapping beat in the first 1/3. Opens up into this cool groove and layers add on. I hear whales. Kinda happy, and sad simultaneously. Plus the album art is inspired! Good job with the whistle recording.....
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michael2 said 4493 days ago (May 2nd, 2007)
for listening. it does sort of sound like whales there for a second. i'm glad you liked.
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rainfice said 4483 days ago (May 12th, 2007)
I meant to mention that in my comment, but I got sidetracked daydreaming ab out someday using my own stylophone, which is currently out of commission.
But yeah, this captures defferent elements of emotion within it's simple stucture.
It has a vibe to it like...saying goodbye to a lifelong friend, or remembering something from a long time ago that helped shape who you've become, but the memory has a ghost, and it's hard to make out, but it feels good so you run with it anyway.

I just woke up, and I was having the strangest dream. I think it's got me feeling all sentimental.

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said 4491 days ago (May 4th, 2007)
I wish
I still had my stylophone(s)
rainfice said 4483 days ago (May 12th, 2007)
This is totally impressive, even for you. I love all the harmonies, the tempo, the whistle; everything. this would be a good segue between songs with different grooves, right in the middle of a cd.
Very good work my friend.
I definately have to find somewhere to buy some batteries for my stylophone.
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michael2 said 4483 days ago (May 13th, 2007)
thanks man
i'm glad you like this one. this is yet another one of those little sketches that i thought would only ever be heard by me. you need to hook up the sytlophone; we can get a stylophone orchestra happening. that would be sick.
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said 4471 days ago (May 24th, 2007)
Love it.
Yes. Nice thrift store find. I'd love to mess with this one. Wanna upload the GB file?
said 4462 days ago (June 2nd, 2007)
I can dig this fuzzy Hypno-tastic soundscape. Lots of sound that holds together. A delicate plucky melody keeps it going through the end. jules verne-ish undersea soundtrack, melody like bubbles and the stlylophone like the hum of the ornate Victorian wood-and-leather submersible...

great work
Heightened said 4250 days ago (December 31st, 2007)
What? One fan?
Now I know the world has gone mad.
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K.I.S.KISMET said 2918 days ago (August 24th, 2011)
cool, and creative. a thoughtful gift indeed. i love thrift stores, but rarely find anything as cool as a stylophone.
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