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Flying High

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Mysti asked me a while ago about writing a lullaby type tune for a project she was working on..anyway I eventually came up with this song. I wasn't too happy initially with my vocal bits, but after Mysti added her vocals it sounded a LOT better. So here is the latest DFN release!

Mystified: Vocals, ambience, kite
Stevel: Instruments, vocals

(song art: "Flying High" by Mystified)
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Go to sleep my baby
Go to sleep my one true love
Let your fears subside
In dreams that you can trust

And you'll be flying high
Up above the clouds
And you'll be flying high
With noone else around

Time to get some rest mylove
Time to close your tired eyes
Say goodbye to daylight now
and let the night cloak your sighs

Repeat chorus

Last chorus

We'll be flying high
Up above the clouds
We'll be flying high
With noone else around
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Uploaded: May 14, 2007 - 04:04:15 PM
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Fender strat, various vocal chords, drum loops
said 4416 days ago (May 14th, 2007)
Very nice
Well done guys and gals
Mystified said 4415 days ago (May 15th, 2007)
Thanks B!!

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echoroom said 4415 days ago (May 15th, 2007)
Moody gem
God, this is wonderful. The atmosphere you create here lovely, moody but sultry. Your two voices really compliment each other, and Mysti's harmonies kinda roll over you like a warm duvet - the high vocals on this are really lovely

Say good bye to daylight indeed - one of the best things I've heard from you guys, and that's saying something.

Really great work, guys.

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Mystified said 4415 days ago (May 15th, 2007)
Thanks Steve
...for such a lovely compliment :)

I feel very fortunate to be working with stevel on these songs. It's been a lot of fun to try some new things and evolve with the different Day For Night tunes.

Thanks for listening and taking the time to leave your comments here :)
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jiguma said 4415 days ago (May 15th, 2007)
O3 rules! Excellent big sound Steve - lovely vocals and the usual innovative Strat stuff. The bottom end seems a bit vague and boomy - might be the phones ..... but wait, I'll listen on my new Event monitors - :) - and see what happens. No, still rumbly - may I humbly suggest some fiddling with the compression on the bass band in multiband dynamics? The bass freqs may well sound better-defined in the .aif version.
Sorry, haven't said how much I like it yet - a lot! Steve you have a very original style, and pairing it with Mysti's is a stroke of genius.
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thetiler said 4415 days ago (May 15th, 2007)
Love that singing, both of yo!
Sounds like a terrific combination here.

Like that low sounding vocals as well.

This has a nice pop flair!

Terrific as usual backround-myst -sounds without questions.
Like that ending as well.

This has really very nice pop undertones and overtones:)

I love this type of vocal flavoring. It is something you two should be very proud of! Keep working more stuff together, keep giving us more gems like this. The guitar has a nice electrical texture. I always thought that the electrical guitar can really excel with this type of haunting chordal dangling, shimmering, sparkling to thrill the listeners pop cravings. But it becomes even a greater tool to have someone sing as well as Myst does.

Again, both of you, keep doing what you are doing. I think Mj can use more of this!

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stevel said 4414 days ago (May 16th, 2007)
Thanks Tiler!
Thanks for your kind words on this track, Mysti and myself really enjoy working together on these DFN songs..we seem to have produced quite a few since last October (I guess we are both quite prolific characters hehe)
Thanks for the support...good to get it from a musician we both admire a lot!
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drakonis said 4414 days ago (May 15th, 2007)
mostly smooth
I really love the song, gorgeous harmonies, wonderful singing... and the guitar playing is really good too... except... sometimes one of the guitars has the distortion turned way up, and it shows up off to the right side and almost sounds like low-level gritty white noise. This doesn't seem to go with the "light and airy feel" of the song at all, and it was rather distracting. Other than that, this floats gently on the wind of lovers' breath.
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stevel said 4414 days ago (May 16th, 2007)
Glad you enjoyed the song...I must admit I do like the distortion guitar bits, I guess I was trying to keep some grit in the mix and not let everything get too 'sweet' sounding. Of course this could just be my current prediliction for all things low fi and 'shoe gazer' sounding hehe..
Thanks for listening in!
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said 4413 days ago (May 17th, 2007)
I have got a couple of suggestions for a remix where I think you should actually emphasise that distortion.

Ill to you and Cat next time I see you on line

said 4414 days ago (May 16th, 2007)
Too beautiful...
...for words...

Be well!
Cori Ander said 4412 days ago (May 18th, 2007)
Nice and well functioning piece, though I feel the backing gitar is too far up front. The backing guitar is not bad, on the contrary, it is just that it takes too much space from the vocals. The impression is as if the guitar want to get in and take a vocal place (though I think from your description that productionwise the guitar was there first).

I love it when your voices come together. It is such a treat hearing you two sing together.
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thoddi said 4412 days ago (May 18th, 2007)
good song
The melody is very good. The vocals sounds fab. And especially 'cause the difference/contrast in how your voices sounds together enhances the feeling in both.

I think this tune would do good without the electronic sounding drum patterns. I'm not quite sold on he idea of bringing this simple drum pattern in with the great guitars and vocals...
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Peter Bauckham said 4412 days ago (May 18th, 2007)
Great atmospheric song
I really like this one. Your voices really are complementary on these DFN numbers (in the same sort of way that Leonard Cohen always has those fabulous contrasting female singers - not suggesting your singing is flat Steve - it's just a pitch thing)! The drum loops coupled with the great guitar sound are really effective. I'm listening through my computer speakers so I can't really judge the absolute 'fidelity' but production sounds pretty good overall. Well done to you both. Peter
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Day For Night said 4411 days ago (May 19th, 2007)
Thanks Peter
Glad you enjoyed it...don't worry about the LC comparison hehe..I LOVE Len (flat voice or no...he has the gift!)
Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment

'reflections in a silver screen'
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I. Spike said 4409 days ago (May 21st, 2007)
3 in 1!

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leapfrogunicorns said 4406 days ago (May 24th, 2007)
that's tagalog/filipino for GREAT! this is the first time ive listened to u guys and im an instant fan. steve, love ur voice. very Magnetic Fields or Leonard Cohen, but less melancholy... :P and i love the mystified ladies as well! mahalo for sharing this!
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bronco said 4392 days ago (June 7th, 2007)
Your voices really blend well on this one. I like the song, nice lyrics. The only little glitch for me is just a little too much reverb/echo on the guitar.
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