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Mother Mary (Say Goodbye)



 Genre: Indie Rock

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Questioning life, faith and religion. Trying to break away from the demons of my past - even if those demons are in fact angels.
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This is the last time I’ll say your name
Here’s my confession: I feel no pain

If I don't genuflect, would you still pray for me?
Goodbye, Mary.

Watched my world fall from the skies
I want to believe, I want to see
But there're all these tears in my eyes

You make me wonder, is anything for real
‘Cause it only seems so when I’m crying

I’ll run away, run away
Say goodbye to Mother Mary’s grace
Run away
Say goodbye to Mother Mary’s face

Don’t speak a word, just bear the thorns
If I look down, I’m sure to fall
On Sunday morning, I listen for your hymn

I’ll say a prayer, but I won’t believe
She’ll never hear it, no she can’t receive
So run away

I’ve crossed myself too many times
(There’s no salvation in the sky)
My soul wants to fly
(There is no mercy in a lie)
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AudioTechnica ATA4040 condenser mic
BlueTube Preamp
M-Audio MobilePRE USB Interface
Many guitars!
M-Audio MIDI controller
GarageBand 2.0
Spark XL (mastering)
musichead said 4349 days ago (June 25th, 2007)
besides the song catching my ear,,I saw the mastering softwear Sprakle.
Im going to look into the software.
But the SONG!!! Really nice writing!! Vocals are good.
Id like to know more about the guitras and keys and bass used!!
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MarcSupsic said 4349 days ago (June 25th, 2007)
musichead, thanks for the compliments, this song is really close to me. It was recorded twice, once about a year ago, then suddenly GarageBand decided to corrupt the file and the whole song became irreversibly flanged. So, I had to go back to square one and re-record. Happily, the second version was much better.
I'm not at home right now, but I can list what I remember using on this recording:
-An alvarez nylon string classical guitar that I bought (gulp) about fifteen years ago (god I'm getting old)
-A full-size acoustic by Tacoma guitars, about seven years old (Tacoma was a new brand out back then).
-A Yamaha half-size acoustic (Kid's guitar I think)
-Fender Squire Bass
-I played all the keys through my M-Audio Midi Controller. The sound patches are all stock GarageBand stuff
-Drums are sequenced in GarageBand using stock sounds, with a little reverb to fatten them up
-Vocals went through a BlueTube Preamp, a little $99 unit that warms thing up a bit
That's about it, plus a lot of time recording tracks. I think there are about fourteen on this song.
Thanks for your interest, I'm glad you like it!

Marc Supsic
Musician, Artist, Student
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Moviz said 4349 days ago (June 25th, 2007)
nice song and a great sound. I think you also have a great voice which was complimented by the nicely balanced backing, M
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Vic Holman said 4348 days ago (June 26th, 2007)
not a thing out of place
this is a great song. everything from the vocals and playing to the mixing.

You did a great job on wrangling with the 14 tracks, everything came through nicely!
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MarcSupsic said 4348 days ago (June 26th, 2007)
Much Appreciated!
I'm very flattered that you took the time to listen to all three of my tracks so far, thanks so much. This one was a nightmare, I spent about a week on the forums trying to figure out what had happened to my file. I had been toiling with it for weeks and suddenly, out of nowhere it just had this huge phase-shifty sound. It was ruined, and I was devastated when I had to go back to square one and start all over. In the end, it was worth it, the second one is much nicer.

Vic, I listened to "Real World," You deserve a lot of credit for putting together such a stack of sounds in a really palatable manner. It's not easy to orchestrate all those different voices, I know! Your guitar harmonies are spot-on, in perfect tune. Adds a Brian May flavor. Your lyrics and voice remind me of Nick Lowe or George Harrison.

Good stuff, thanks for your feedback.

Marc Supsic
Musician, Artist, Student
Check out my latest song called Feel Me
said 4348 days ago (June 26th, 2007)
Good chops
Your singing on this shines. This could go pro great song!
ktb said 4336 days ago (July 8th, 2007)
very polished and well done. I like your voice. Its got a wonderful soulful quality to it. Excellent production chops what with all the backing voices and strings.
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MarcSupsic said 4270 days ago (September 12th, 2007)
Latest News
Hey all, sorry for such a long delay between visits. I've been busy polishing up these recordings for the final release.

I'm happy to say "The Universe Is Burning," is finished and will be ready for retail by November. Itunes, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic and Groupie Tunes are a few of the online stores it ill be featured at.

There is also a possibility "Mother Mary," will be featured on an Indie compilation album. I'm figuring that out now and will post if/when it happens.

I am in the process of rebuilding the website. It is almost done, and I urge you to visit often to see the the new stuff when it happens.

If you are perhaps interested in shoeing some further support for my music, consider sposoring a "part," of my to-be professionally recorded album at www.sellaband.com/marcsupsic.

Stay posted, and as always thanks for your support.
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Name: Marc Supsic
Location: Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
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I loved music as a child. I took violin lessons for a few years, until my parents divorced when I was thirteen. I then sold my bicycle to buy a guitar, 'cause I wanted to rock. I formed a band and recorded in quite a few studios. We tried for years t... [see more]

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