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Tell Me - by *Catch*



 Genre: Pop (mainstream)

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"Catch" existed late 80's to early 90's with a number of personnel changes.

Kudos to Steve Campbell for writing and singing (on) this and many other tracks before he left.

The style and sounds of this recording were very popular at that time. Having not listened to this for over 10 years it seems remarkably OK even now, but I could (or could not) be biased being involved. Up to listeners to decide aka semantic web 2.0 !

I stand to be corrected but I think this recording was about a year before APB took over on guitars.

APB was most loyal to us but sadly left due to work commitments that meant that it was impossible for him to remain involved. Changed times mind you these days thanks to the internet and but of course, MacJam's....

Yah !! New Dawn...
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V 1

I'm leaving on the night train the night train to my hometown,
It's lonely here in the jungle and I am living without you.
I'm not staying any longer - I'm coming home.

It's crazy here among the hard people, hard city
Everbody needs someone but I am living without you,
Take in everything flying on the wing (woah)

CH 1

Tell me, that it's not easy
Tell me, that it's not hard
Tell me, not everything is all that you see tonight.

V 2

I don't like it I keep getting, hot under the collar,
To my hometown I am heading so I won't be living without you.
Running from the light knowing that I'm right (woah)

CH 2

Tell me, that it's not easy
Tell me, that it's not hard
Tell me, not everything is all that you see tonight.

Yeah - tonight


Sentimental love chasing would not be a problem,
But I'm hard as a back street boxer
that can't stand living without you.
Shadow dancing's great when you've got to wait (woah)

CH 3

Tell me, that it's not easy
Tell me, that it's not hard
Tell me, not everything is all that you see tonight.


(c) Steve Campbell ~ 1991

Confirmed artists:-

Steve Campbell - song/lyrics/vocals/backing vocals,

Iain McDougall - drums/percussion,

Graham Steel - keyboards/samples/additional backing vocals,

(To be confirmed at the moment are those on bass and guitars)

Was it Sting and Andy Summers? I think not.

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Irn Bru, lorne sausage, tea, coffee, loads of crisps and more Irn Bru
apb said 4444 days ago (August 19th, 2007)

I remember this - wow, does this take me back .. quite correct in your carbon dating here ;o) .. I recall this was a song I had to learn for my audition, back when Steve was the lead singer... at least up to my audition. So it's not me on guitar, wasn't it Steve himself? I don't know of any bass player prior to Mr. K myself... sounds like Mr.K to me.

It remains an excellent, very well crafted pop song, fantastic recording, great performances all round .. a very "Wet wet wet" sound to my ears. Great voice Steve had, nice little "It Bites"-ish 80s pop solo too.

Pity no download, but I can understand that. :o)
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steck said 4444 days ago (August 19th, 2007)
Permission granted
Now that I have some input, I have upgraded this to download format. Thnx. (To Steve and Jess Campbell:- trust your trust - this is simply 1 song)

*Hazy days* as to where and when this was recorded I have to say, but it *smells* like a BeeB jobby.

Stuart Brady (bass) and his brother (who's name escapes me) played guit before APB came along.

Kudos to the Mr Magic *Knowles Bowls* who holds the answers to not only BBC Scotland, but the whole universe - not.


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MikeNY said 4444 days ago (August 19th, 2007)
I miss this kind of Pop
Wish I had known of your group back when it existed but thanks for the opportunity to download such great music and hear it like it's brand-new!
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steck said 4442 days ago (August 21st, 2007)
Thnx Mike.

I've worked with many drummers over the years but Ian who played on many tracks like this, by a mile was the best. Was a great friend too.

He held this one together like superglue. It's quite a simple composition by a sound singer/writer captured very well by our bass player/producer.

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bonnieprincejohnny said 4442 days ago (August 21st, 2007)
Futuresound of the "past"
Is that Marty Pellow's Da singing ? This wee tune is Phat. Be lucky.
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steck said 4442 days ago (August 21st, 2007)
Cheers BPJ

err, Steve was certainly influenced by Monsieur Pellow and also Monsieur (Pat) Kane so it is of no surprise that this has been picked up on.
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dolby said 4442 days ago (August 21st, 2007)
Is there a wee bit of...
,,,Roddy Frame in here as well? There's deffo some ABC in the cool 80's funk. Brings back a whole host of memories - mostly bad ones as I was locked in my gloomy indie phase at the time!

Actually sounds pretty good to be fair - did you ever make any money?

Thanks for bringing to MacJams
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steck said 4442 days ago (August 21st, 2007)
Oh yeah - I forgot about Roddy Frame. He's from East Kilbride, just up the road. ABC - Steck blush !!

Money? We made a small amount, enough to cover standard outlays but we never managed to get anything released back then.


Kudos to those at SIMIG & Creative Commons for enabling a plethora of individuals/groups to share their work in this way.

Changed times indeed.

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timothy devine said 4441 days ago (August 22nd, 2007)
Cool find
Nice changes and well played
great vocal and what wonderful sound.
I love this

The vocal harmonies and arrangement just are outstanding.

Great song writing.
PS I love your name
Graham Steel
sounds like a stage name

rocking tune
I love the Guitar solo...

Ambrosia comes to mind

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thetiler said 4439 days ago (August 24th, 2007)
Singing and what a lovely pop-rock type tune.

Really seems to me very well crafted in every way!

Great pop vocal style here. One of the very best tunes of this style of heard here or for that mater anywhere on the internet!

Wow! WAy to Go!
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Hickling_Stan said 3236 days ago (December 9th, 2010)
Others have said it but this brings back lots of great memories of late 80's pop from Scotland...Hue and Cry, Aztec camera etc. Working my way through your tracks this afternoon waiting for a Blue Nile influence or maybe a Big Country of Belle and sebastian!!
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