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Be My Love

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This is the first track from my new album A BIT OF LIGHT. It is a tango I originally wrote in 2001 for a Spanish film shot in Bucharest. I re-arranged it for myself, giving the tango more of a rock feel. The excellent violin is played by Entcho Todorov.

Entcho was born in Bulgaria. He began playing violin at the age of four. He came to the United States in 1997. I invited him to my West Village (NYC) apartment in 2001 and there in my living room we recorded his violin. The intro and outro were actually for a different tune, but I added them to this one becuz I wanted to start the album with an organ/violin duet.

Entcho has won first prizes in the Bulgarian National Competition "Svetoslav Obretenov" and the Czech International "Kotzian" Competition. He's had solo performances with all major Bulgarian symphonies such as the Pazardjik Philharmonic, Schumen Philharmonic, and Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestras. He's been a member of the New Sofia Symphony Orchestra, New Bulgarian Opera Orchestra, Arkansas Symphony Orchestra as well as others. He performed on Broadway in "Fiddler on the Roof" (the title role), "Chita Rivera: The Dancer's Life" and the premiere recording of "THE IMMIGRANT."

Other tracks posted on MJ featuring Entcho:
I Have Dreamed In Another
Tango (The Dance)

This track was remastered and appears on my 2007 release, A Bit Of Light, available through CDBaby.
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To hold you.
Feel the flame in my hands.
Come fill up the darkest place.
Bring softness to these walls of stone.

Come be my love.
Tear the skin of your life off for me.
I want to hold your shining spirit to my breast.

Come love.
Be my love.
Let us burn out our lives in the fire of the night.

Make me a god.
Catch my blood in your hands.
Betray me once more in the shadows
then ask me to forgive.

Tie me to the bed
with your serpent and sweat.
Come entangle my fingers and tongue in your breathing.
Pour wine into my pores.
Come tell me I am yours.
Tell me. Tell me. Tell me.

There’s too much now between you and I.
Far too many lies.
Come tear away the skin off from our lives.

Come be my love.
Come burn off the masks we’ve owned.
To find what lies beneath.
...’neath a life lived without you.

Come love, be my love.
Let us turn all the lies into something like a prayer.
Come love, be my love.
Let us burn up our lives for a moment we could bear/bare.

©2001, 2007 Tobin James Mueller
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Violin: Entcho Todorov
Vocals and all other instruments: Tobin Mueller

Mcboy said 4434 days ago (September 1st, 2007)
music here.....can almost smell the rose in my partners mouth....as i spin her and draw her close to me......powerful images.......hot stuff!
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TobinMueller said 4431 days ago (September 4th, 2007)
Tug and toss of the tango
I enjoyed using the violence inherent in tango to inform the lyrics. Full of melodramatic imagery, passion and betrayal, the intertwining of edgy forgiveness and lust, desperation and momentum. Thanks for throwing in the roses too.
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steck said 4434 days ago (September 1st, 2007)
Entch Todorov
What a player.

My Bulgarian buddies will simply adore this one.

Thnx Tobin for the *sneaky peek* into your new album.



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TobinMueller said 4431 days ago (September 4th, 2007)
Please share this link with them. I recall when I first saw the Bulgarian Womens Chorus, live, and they astounded me, knocked me over with their power. Such a great musical heritage, the crossroads of so many styles.
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said 4434 days ago (September 1st, 2007)
Master Tobin, this is really deep intro composing, the vocal is nice ! Enjoyed this sir and congrats for your new CD ! Keep up the good work

Take Care
Yeman Auf Al-Rawi
said 4434 days ago (September 1st, 2007)
recombinant love
That's a new ligature -- progressive folk fusion. Very cool. The violin is absolutely stunning. The whole song is alive. You know I have a weakness for harmonium. This has world stage electricity and cohesiveness.
paul f. page said 4434 days ago (September 1st, 2007)
A really...
...new sound to my ears. I'm going to have to listen to this many times to "get" the layers of your composition. The production of this number is awesome, Tobin. There's no question about that. ... You keep opening my eyes to new possibilities. Great to hear a real violin... And congratulations on "yet another unique album. You keep exploring new territory and we are all better for it.
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TobinMueller said 3809 days ago (May 18th, 2009)
exploring new territory
Thanks. Yes, I am kind of a restless soul that has so many styles I enjoy as well as styles I want to investigate and understand, my curiosity leads me down new paths every year. Thanks for your open ears.
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Moviz said 4433 days ago (September 1st, 2007)
I love Tango....
So dramatic and intense. Love love love the violin (what a great violinist) and then the suprise (to me) combination of the other instruments when they came in. The vocals sound to have just right amount of drama, wonderful stuff, M
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twonicus said 4433 days ago (September 2nd, 2007)
love it
i'd totally forgotten about this one. it's so much fun to listen to, makes me wanna dance all sexy-like!
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twonicus said 4433 days ago (September 2nd, 2007)
wouldn't normally double post, but i just gotta say, your hair looks awesome in the picture.
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dolby said 4433 days ago (September 2nd, 2007)
Very professional - as you'd expect. This is a high level of composition and recording quality. Good luck with the album - it deserves to be a hit:-))

Great vox mix btw - and the violin, well, goes without saying really - quality.

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thetiler said 4433 days ago (September 2nd, 2007)
Terrific !
Incredible ton with that violin. Love the cultural feel of this. Very interesting vocal harmonization. The sorrowful ending is really appropriate as well. Yes, that ending really fits in like a glove.

Way to go!
Tobin has the midas touch, everything you do seems top notch!

This piece really shows off your musical diversification.
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Z293 said 4433 days ago (September 2nd, 2007)
Good Luck
With the new album. If this track is any indication it sounds like a powerful disc.
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Ed Hannifin said 4432 days ago (September 3rd, 2007)
Okay, FIRST of all...
...who even knew that MacJams had a 'tango' genre? Or that anyone would use it?

It's probably just something I have to get past, but everytime I hear this sort of music I see Gomez and Morticia dancing in that restaurant...where her heels set fire to the floor...

AFTER that, I get to imagine what would have happened if Tobin Mueller was buddies with Stefan Grappelli... Tobin-And-The-Hot-Club-Of-France...



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Norman Goodman said 4432 days ago (September 3rd, 2007)
When I first saw this was a tango I was curious as to how you were going to approach this.... obviously with true artistry and imagination!
Melody and instrumentation are perfect.
Violin and organ are true standouts..... interesting contrast in sounds
Very powerful song.... well done!
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Einarus said 4432 days ago (September 3rd, 2007)
I love the violin. It sounds truly amazing.
I'm also extremely fond of the way you use rhythmic heavy chords with the more sparse parts between. It really creates a cool sense of dynamics.
Also very nice vocals and excellent production.

It sounds like you really know what you're doing :)


-Einar S.
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TobinMueller said 3556 days ago (January 26th, 2010)
I like your phrase "rhythmic heavy chords". This is a full fisted song, the heaviness is part of the pull-push/want-disappointment/expectation-regret thing that makes up an intense relationship, a tango (which has so much implied violence to it). The heaviness is borrowed from hard rock, for sure, and placed into a pop tango setting. Thanks for commenting on that.
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ziti said 4431 days ago (September 3rd, 2007)
jeez tobin, get a ROOM somewhere!
this is the horniest song I have ever heard! you dog.

very very awesome

deepest bows, you animal

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TobinMueller said 4431 days ago (September 4th, 2007)
Sex and pain
Thanks for noticing the sexiness of the lyrics. Lots of pain in there, too, and not just sexy pain but the pain of a relationship that rips and tears in all the destructive ways of a love-hate entanglement. This song is about a couple that is locked to each other in obsession, not innocently nourishing love. That's why I wanted to use the tango style. I loved your "get a room" line. Thanks.
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lengold said 4430 days ago (September 5th, 2007)
raw emotion and beautiful playing.

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said 4429 days ago (September 6th, 2007)
Good grief!
Man Tobin...you pull out all the stops here! Entcho's violin playing herein reminds me of Boiled In Lead's violinist. The tango rhythm---rocked as it is---is poweful and hot. Your vocal delivery is inspiring. The arrangement is beautiful and complex. I stand in awe with jaw to the floor. Bravo! Encore!

Be well bro!

"Not My Place":http://www.macjams.com/song/35115
guitapick said 4429 days ago (September 6th, 2007)
The violin...
...such a beautiful instrument played so masterfully couldn't help but draw me in immediately.

Sensual tune...she's got a rose clutched in her teeth as I pull her breast close to me...oh no...don't get me started.

Masterful, Tobin. Cool dissonances. 10s on this one. Glad it's on your CD.
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Scott Carmichael said 4428 days ago (September 6th, 2007)
I will comment later.... I think I'll go see if my wife is busy right now....
real sexuality should never be looked at as"obscene"... it is sacred...

that comes across in spades here
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jiguma said 4428 days ago (September 6th, 2007)
My favourite ..
.. track off the CD Tobin. Wonderful instrumentation and really exceptional production and performance. Really enjoy all the variations throughout the tune, and Entcho's violin is sublime. Must listen to more tango ;)
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Del said 4428 days ago (September 7th, 2007)
Too much now
Powerful lyrics drawing heavily from biblical influences make for an epic largeness. I get the feeling this is a song of desperation. When you sing/wail "Love... There%u2019s too much now between you and I. Far too many lies..." I feel as if you are clutching at straws, that love has already slipped, that you're trying to regain what too many lies and betrayals and space has clouded. The sad violin, acting like a parentheses around the song, speaks to me of loneliness and loss. Yet power. Again, your music is like another story line. What great playing. Nice organ too.
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Feter said 4428 days ago (September 7th, 2007)
Be My Love
ye jus Huge powerfull work !! ..Incridable
how you drive this dance into a story and
emotions .. perfect !!
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moorlandt said 4427 days ago (September 8th, 2007)
fusion delight
When the song started off, I was immediately thinking of the great soundtrack by John Williams of the Spielberg classic 'Schindler's List' (of course it's the violin!). But then suddenly pops up that surprising tango groove. Brilliant... And it turns the song into something completely different. I had a very 'Goran Bregovic' feeling with it, and I can lively imagine the images that go with the music. A touch of Balkan folk, mixed with a latin tango rhythm and an almost gothic drum beat, while the arrangement and vocalising (I smell Bowie...) is pure prog rock.
- walt
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TobinMueller said 4426 days ago (September 9th, 2007)
Balkan folk
Yes, Entcho is a masterful folk violinist, with styles from that entire area. Check out his violin on I Have Dreamed In Another. On that one, he has a Hebrew-Hungarian flare too. Thanks for the great comments.
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DWL said 4407 days ago (September 28th, 2007)
Awesome violin work
and beautifully arranged and performed.

The number of changes and the delivery does betray the cinematic origins of the song for me but it's none the worse for that.

Excellent work.


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Aaron David said 4304 days ago (January 8th, 2008)
Props to the violinist
Very good stuff... Entcho seems to know what he's doing... (and you do too, of course :). Thanks for pointing me to it :).
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said 4157 days ago (June 4th, 2008)
After listening again, please let me say this is one of the best songs ever posted here. GORGEOUS vocals, an amazing huge music work and a great violin line. This is a true masterpiece... KUDOS... Great work!

Take Care
- Yeman A. Al-Rawi
TobinMueller said 3924 days ago (January 23rd, 2009)
Listening again
Thanks for listening again. Its nice to know work doesn't get completely lost in the unending flow of new material. I appreciate your interest a great deal.
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billykirsch said 3547 days ago (February 3rd, 2010)
Be my love
Beautiful intro. The mood of the song is very cool and dramatic. I wish more tango lyrics were as sensual and bittersweet as this one.

Again, the timbre of the bandoneon is the only thing that sounds artificial to me here. Hard thing to emulate though. There must be a good one somewhere... The organ sounds really good in a tango... surprising.

Great vocals. I'm being redundant here: your singing improves each time I listen to one of your songs. Your head voice is a revelation: you should use it more. That sssssss around 3:00 is damn cool.

The drums blend very well with the rest of the instruments. Hard thing to do in tango.

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TobinMueller said 3547 days ago (February 4th, 2010)
Tango specialist
All these comments are well appreciated, knowing that the tango is something that is so natural and deeply seeded in your hearing. And I'm glad you mentioned how difficult it is to add certain instruments into a tango and not have them sound out of place. And, yes, I dig that ssss sound, too; something that just sort of happened when I was adding backing vocals. Glad you noticed, and liked.
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