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The Silly Things I Didn't Do Today



 Genre: Children's Music

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I actually recorded this song a couple years ago using my old mic rig. Not sure why I never posted it. I think it's because the lyrics are based on an unpublished children's book I wrote and I didn't want to wreck the copyright. Well, I think that ship has sailed and I liked the way the song turned out so I added some harmonies in the chorus and here it is. Didn't re-record it because I liked the spirited performance of the original, despite a technical flaw or two (the old rig didn't have a proper pop screen, for example).

The artwork is by Patrick Barrett, a talented artist who did a couple of fantastic sample drawings for me when I was trying to sell the idea. I regret that I never tried hard enough to sell it. At this point in my life, I'm focusing on other areas. But at least you get to admire his wonderful work!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and play it for your kids!
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There are silly things I didn't do today.
Not once. Never. Nope. Not even. No way.

Today I didn't (not even for luck)
Try to brush my teeth with a big yellow duck.
I never asked a fish to fly my kite
or wore inch worms to increase my height.
Not once did I try to play the flute
as I bungie-jumped down the laundry chute.
Or dress myself as a very old man
and hang from a tree like an orangutan.

I didn't surf on a big arrow - or try on a steel sombrero
or live in a wheelbarrow - or ride a bucking sparrow.
These are silly things I didn't do today.
Not once. Never. Nope. Not even. No way.

I didn't ride my bike on a telephone wire
while juggling a tree and a red rubber tire.
I never went to a canyon to hear an echo
and ended up battling a superhero gecko.
I didn't scoop up a mountain with a small teaspoon
then throw it so high that it bounced off the moon.
Nor did I eat a giant hockey stick
removing splinters with a gold toothpick.

I didn't ride a spider - or make the river wider
or lasso a glider - or invent spinach cider.
These are silly things I didn't do today.
Not once. Never. Nope. Not even. No way.

I didn't go to the movies dressed like Jimminy Cricket
just to get half price on a matinee ticket.
I never took my red wagon out to the prairie
so I could read poems to a six foot canary.
Not once did I slow dance with a zebra
who couldn't make decisions 'cause he was a libra.
I never ate lunch at the edge of a crater
then left without giving a tip to my waiter.

I didn't powder my toes - or paint my nose
or freeze my clothes - or grow a polka-dot rose.
These are silly things I didn't do today.
Not once. Never. Nope. Not even. No way.

I didn't put a bathing suit on a frog
and pose him like a model in a catalogue.
Not once did I slide across an icy lake
jiggling a cow for a cold milkshake.
Never did I try to be a movie director
by saying "Action!" in front of a projector.
I didn't sing opera while I was biking
wearing horns on my head like a Minnesota Viking.

I never kissed a goose - or played cards with a moose
or washed my face with juice - or slept in a caboose.
These are silly things I didn't do today.
Not once. Never. Nope. Not even. No way.

But I would love to know (oh, please, please say!)
What silly things didn't you do today?

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shure sm58 mic
Stun Nutz said 4389 days ago (September 8th, 2007)
Jam packed surreal silliness!
What a great song, Joanna... I would love to read a book like this to my kids! Happy to see a new post from you tonight... even though it is an older song. Hope all is well!
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said 4389 days ago (September 8th, 2007)
In full agreement...
with Stun Nutz. This has legs. A children's book with illustrations and a CD of this song. A winner!

You got me smiling. I needed that.

sloparts said 4389 days ago (September 8th, 2007)
Absolutely delightful Joanna
I couldn't resist tapping my foot as I listened to this song. What a great song for kids to learn and sing for a school program. I can just see a bunch of 3rd or 4th graders behind the curtain on stage at the school auditorium, with all their parents sitting out in the audience.
As the lights go down and the curtain opens, their teacher gives them the cue, and off they go into "The Silly Things I Didn't Do Today". What a fun song for kids and parents alike. You really need to get this published and put into the schools catalog of songs for young kid.

Technically, you recording was very good. And I think you were right about the delivery on the lead vocal. Your harmonies are excellent as was the piano.

Bravo Joanna.

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caroline said 4389 days ago (September 9th, 2007)
you didn't?!!! for shame!!!
now i have done ALL that and before lunch too!!! joanna - it is a joy to hear something new from you esp with the wonderful witty lyrics that you do soooo well - thank you xoxoxox and now i'm orf to ride that bucking sparrow again!! LMAO
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drakonis said 4388 days ago (September 9th, 2007)
but wait...
you may not have DONE them, but you THOUGHT of them... all of them! Rhyming Zebra with Libra... sigh, you are the mistress of vocabulation! Theodore Geisel has a bit of competition, but since he's passed an (RIP), I'm sure he's not too worried. You are a delight, thanks for the smirk!
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kristyjo said 4388 days ago (September 9th, 2007)
The possibilities are endless -
and you got through quite a few of them. You sing with lots of energy and a sense of fun, and I love that the last line is a question!
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thatcomposerguy said 4372 days ago (September 26th, 2007)
I'm stuck at college right now with nothing to do and this song made my day. Lyrically amazing :P. Thanks for sharing!

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daphna said 4236 days ago (February 8th, 2008)
so much fun!
Joanna I love this fun song - you are such a great lyric writer. What a delightful piece for children of all ages (emphasis on the word "all")! It sure would be a favourite on a children's album. Thanks for sharing it here.
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Joanna said 1002 days ago (December 17th, 2016)
Play it for the kids
Maybe someone new has joined Macjams and needs a song to play for their kids. It could happen.
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