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Beat the Devil

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Looking through old song files again and found this one. It's not polished, the vocal was recorded as is (I probably meant to go back and fix the mistakes) and doesn't follow the lyrics exactly. The song is a thinly veiled diatribe about Bush -- yes, I tend to get political at times -- but if that bothers you pretend it's about something else. There are no specifics in the song, so it's up to you.

I was also experimenting with percussion at the time this was recorded so you'll hear clacking sticks that were my not-so-rhythmic attempt at it. What's the fun if we can't experiment? Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song.
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Watch out child, that's no man
It's the devil in a three piece suit
Telling us he's praying, protecting, assaying
Saying things that do not compute

Talking like we're children
Pretending he's not spreading lies
Pick up your backbone, get on your cell phone
It's time for you to mobilize

Stay on your feet
Don't ever retreat
Doncha know you gotta beat
The Devil at his game

Keeping you afraid, child
Showing you the crazy man
He's lying, spying, terrifying
Hoping you're a lazy man

Stop all this believing
Stand up and get in the fight
Devil loses power every hour
If you shine too bright a light

Stay on your feet
Don't ever retreat
Doncha know you gotta beat
The Devil at his game

He masquerades as 'just folks'
Pretends to be a good ole boy
But he's always spinning, sinning, grinning
Looking for laws to destroy

Without a second thought
He'll declare war on a nation
Intimidating and annihilating
And then he'll start his vacation

Stay on your feet
Don't ever retreat
Doncha know you gotta beat
The Devil at his game
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Shure SM58, some sticks
Moviz said 4330 days ago (September 10th, 2007)
Hi Joanna
I'm doing a return call here and glad I have. You have a great quality to your voice, which reminds me of a girl I used to sing with as a duo years ago. She too had that nice deep quality and could sing most styles well, but nice souly ballads were her forte' and I'd love to hear you do something like that. I like this one though with your 'natural' feeling for rhythm, regards M
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sloparts said 4330 days ago (September 10th, 2007)
Stay on your feet
would be a more appropriate title for this one, since it's the hook in the chorus.

Love the way you sing Joanna. It's pretty obvious this is an early take, but the song has a lot of potential. The lyrics as written are good, and the melody line and feel of the song would make a great blues rock song.

I like what you've started to do here. I'd really like to see you finish this one. Could be a killer song with the right background tracks, and with you polishing up the vocal and adding some harmony.

Nice piece of work.

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iG.STUDiO said 4326 days ago (September 14th, 2007)
No more croonin' :)
Surprized (pleasantly, though), but even more amazed with you ability to explore this corner of the woods - you delivered this just as well as you do it with the "classic" piano bar style, kudos, great vocal.
The background might be enhanced, right now it lags a bit behind---dynamics wise, it just can't keep up with the evolving energy of your voice towards the end of the song...
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Stun Nutz said 4318 days ago (September 22nd, 2007)
Great voice and lyrics... so much energy! Here is a case where the music is very weak in comparison to you voice. You really need a much fuller sound to back you up!! ha ha! Man, if I had time, I would take a crack at it. Maybe someday! (I still need to finish Join the Club...and I intend to!).
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caroline said 4209 days ago (January 9th, 2008)
joanna gets down and dirty!! fab!!! sorry it took me so long to find this - thank you xoxox
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