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 Genre: Experimental
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This is one of my tracks that is part of a concept album call 'Mechanisms of the Soul'.

It's all about musically describing the Soul in all it's colours.

There will be other tracks from this album and another concept album, called 'Mechanisms of the Heart' and will be more normal, sweet music.

This track tries to describe the 'Scaffolding of the Soul' and its dynamic nature.

Even the tracks I upload may not be the version used on the albums. They are just 'maps along the Way'.

The track consists of backing, a concert grand piano and tubular bells, the latter two being changed from normal sounds to harsher sounds. Amost primitive, to try and denote age and time.
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Uploaded: Oct 10, 2007 - 11:15:30 AM
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Doug Somers said 4366 days ago (October 10th, 2007)
This is an interesting piece.
I'm on my 3rd listen through, and it grows with each hearing. The image I get with this one is like a roller coaster ride through a very large dark space punctuated by huge glowing spindly star-shaped structures, each in a different hue. Some are large, some small, but the ride goes through, around and over an endless path between these forms. There is almost an incessant intensity to keep moving forward, or being pulled forward, that I feel with this piece. It does capture a large number of emotions that show up as the colours and different changes in momentum as the ride weaves this way and that, but to me they mainly seem a bit dark or mysterious - I don't feel much in the way of joy. That said, there are parts that in contrast to the rest of the piece have a more carefree quality to them.

Thanks for creatively stretching our musical horizons Paul!

Be well,
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Reinholt56 said 4365 days ago (October 11th, 2007)
Hi Doug...
One of my pet subjects is meaning and understanding, and what it would take to 'get something across to someone else' with respect to language. It's almost impossibly hard because there are levels of meaning and interpretation with respect to words, sentences, context, understanding, each adding to the actual meaning without any part being the whole of the meaning (to every type of audience).

Music and/or pictures could be used as a supplement to language, and my excursions into this field are experiments along these lines. For instance: How do you describe the concept 'soul' in music? This and other tunes will attempt to give meaning to an unproven concept, that a good number of people don't even think exists.

'Journeys of the Mind in Time' for ancient concepts. (All you need is imagination and a little of your time).

Understanding is personal so there's no true meaning, just what you make of it.

Doug, your comments are always a pleasure to read as they evoke as much from my tunes as I try to put into them. Maybe more.

Thank you for taking time to leave your thoughts. They certainly stimulate me.

I look forward to many more.

Take care.

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Doug Somers said 4365 days ago (October 11th, 2007)
Not to get too philosophical....
but I think that the only way to 'get across' anything the artist has in mind is to have the experience be shared in a multi-sensory fashion to the greatest degree possible. Words are insufficient on their own, sounds or collections of sounds are open to individual interpretation as to what they sound like, and pictures provide either a concrete or abstract visual idea, depending on the degree of representation. However, all together (and if you could somehow export smells, tastes and feelings) you could have a more complete expression to convey meaning. In addition, the more common history the artist and viewer/listener share, the better the conveyance of an idea or concept.

That all said, what I find particularly interesting is how we humans all have to relate to art as to what it 'sounds like' or 'feels like' or 'looks like' to us .... as opposed to seeing and feeling and hearing it for just what it is at the moment we encounter it. Paying close attention shows how the art provides its own wordless meaning that can bypass conceptualisation and unlock its essence on its own terms. I think that good art awakens that recognition in us before categorisation and comparison, concept and other forms of downstream processing we habitually do. There may be no words for the impact we sense on meeting the art, but that doesn't mean that there was no impact. Quite the opposite - there is always the knowing of the impact before the categorisation into words.

Off the soap box now. And thank you again for sharing your work!
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Reinholt56 said 4365 days ago (October 12th, 2007)
Thoughtul stuff Doug.......
This is thought provoking stuff, and just up my street.

Thanks for you insights. I agree.

This is as interesting to me as music!!! Bring your soapbox here anytime. We could always start a forum post for like-minded souls.

Take care.

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gail60 said 4366 days ago (October 10th, 2007)
I love what you do
You are so talented Paul and I always enjoy listening to what you have baked up for the day's special! This one has a lot of energy and suspense. Kept me on my toes wanting to know what the next step taken is. Very creative as always. Thanks for sharing! Keep it up!
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Reinholt56 said 4365 days ago (October 11th, 2007)
Thanks Gail......
The main reason that I upload so much varied stuff is that I set myself a goal for 2007. I wanted to learn as much about electronic music and production so that I could allow listeners a better experience. The music side is coming along nicely but the production side is lagging behind a little.

Next year I expect to upload 'real' music, as my dad describes it. Music made with 'proper' instruments, such as the Miroslav Orchestra and Choir package, and other more realistic sounds. The music is mostly written already, and just needs converting to notes on manuscript or to a MIDI editor, for playing and arranging. Some of the classical music I have goes back to the early 70's and I need to externalize it all so I can fill my head with other stuff, for 2009.

Thanks for listening to my many mixes. I appreciate your time and thoughtful comments.

Take care.

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michael2 said 4365 days ago (October 11th, 2007)
great track
i don't think you are lagging in the production area at all. love this one, it's going in the car.
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Reinholt56 said 4364 days ago (October 12th, 2007)
Hi Michael......
The production stuff I know is basic. I use a free reverb plugin that has almost 100 presets, so that gets me out of (or into) a lot of trouble!!

I use a free compressor plugin that seems to help and my last piece of free plugin stuff is a stereo 'widener'.

They all save me from my greatest mistakes without much technical expertise at all, just 'ooohh, that sounds OK'....SAVE. All I really have to do is make sure I save each changed mix with a different name, so I have an audio audit trail back to my original idea, hence the thousands of mix files I have lying around on something like 1500 Mbytes of storage (plus all my CD/DVD backups).

Thanks for the encouragement though, it's always welcome.

More stuff on the way......I'm going to take some of my tracks off of here and put up new stuff. I've already started removing the real crap, from when I first joined.

I'm also going to put other mixes up onto at least two other web sites, NOT including icomposition 'cus I don't get on with that site, so when I upload new stuff to other sites I'll put the URL's on my description/info page.

Take care.

Check out my latest song called The Ups and Downs of Life
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