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Paper Cranes (Bipolar Mix)


The Orbiting

 Genre: Electropop

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We originally posted this song in July, but weren't happy with the mix. After lots of helpful suggestions from you guys and many hours from Matt revamping the instruments and massaging f/x and EQ, we present this, hopefully, better version of Paper Cranes. This is probably my personal favorite of all of our songs together and definitely the most personal, so I hope you guys enjoy it.

Thanks so much for all the helpful feedback and we're still always looking for constructive criticism, so please fire away.
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Water rushing over stone,
surface splits,
runs in rivulets,
breaks the banks,
charges after me.
Today I drown.

Floating free (floating free).

Earth wind and fire,
they all conspire,
to tear me down
and leave me burning.

Paper cranes for nuclear war,
take the pills,
forget what crying's for.
Wind's so cold,
but blows a broken pinwheel.

Earth wind and fire,
they all conspire,
to tear me down
and leave me burning.

Drinking salt for days,
the woman told me to.
Drinking salt for days, now,
the woman told me to.
You'll get better soon,
no matter what it does to you
You'll get better soon,
no matter what it does to you.

Wash away the dirt,
the stains around my eyes.
I am made of air and water.
Stone keeps me alive.


Earth wind and fire,
they all conspire,
to tear me down
and leave me burning.


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Matt works in a room with lead walls that no x-ray can penetrate. It's like the Wonka factory. No hardware goes in, no hardware goes out.

At Lisa's house it's all about the Rode Nt-1a
Logic Studio
Pie said 4336 days ago (November 4th, 2007)
Cool Stuff
This is some great stuff. I'd have added a thumping funky bass line. If there is a bass lin line in there (I think there might be one) it's too quiet.
It also needs an uplifiting vocal middle eight to add some variety. But don't let my comments detract form the cool stuff already here.

Be cool,

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The Orbiting said 4336 days ago (November 4th, 2007)
Mr. Pie
Ah, the bass...

You're right, there is a bassline and it's a thumpy, funky one, too. We've gone through tons of mixes with this and maybe this mix is one where the bassline isn't so apparent; because Matt and I are so familiar with the bassline and where it comes in (around 1:22) we're just not as sensitive to it not being super-clear, so I appreciate you pointing out that it needs to come up.

If you swing back by and wanted to go into a little more detail about the middle eight, I'd be grateful. I thought we had about a minute long breakdown in the middle of the song that would have contributed in the variety-adding department, but I think you're thinking along the lines of something different, so I'd love to hear more.

Really though, I'm just internally high-fiving Matt that we got past you with a "cool" :-)
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lengold said 4336 days ago (November 4th, 2007)
I would
love to be able to leave some constructive criticism - but this is just too good.

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The Orbiting said 4336 days ago (November 4th, 2007)
Thanks, you're a sweetheart.
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kristyjo said 4336 days ago (November 4th, 2007)
Paper Cranes -
Complex mix, lots of things to listen to, but it's all cohesive and fits together quite perfectly. I have to be honest, I don't know what you're singing about, but you sure deliver it well! I love your voice, and all of the ways you use it.
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The Orbiting said 4336 days ago (November 4th, 2007)
Whatchoo Talking about Willis?
Thanks for the kind words, Kristy. It's actually probably a good thing that you can't tell what I'm singing about, because I'd probably look up and find everyone else sitting on the other side of macjams if people knew, so that's good. :-p
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said 4336 days ago (November 4th, 2007)
This has a Jesus Jones feel the perverse album. I like the changes. I think there is alot of compression I could be wrong. Im not one to give good advise. Im still figuring all this stuff out. You guys have a real great song here. More bass but then again Im a bass freak! Enjoyed this version!!!
Macaudion said 4336 days ago (November 4th, 2007)
I'm so tickled - This is so good it made my belly rumble w/ butterflies - you know - like the ones that come along while something's happening and it's better than what you think you can handle - that kind of goodness that might even be more private - that kind of goodness that might be considered sinful - that kind of goodness that you've been warned so much about that you just have to try it - that kind of goodness that's almost too good to share - you tend to hide it - you look over your shoulder while ingesting it - you wonder if it's okay to tell somebody you had it - it's unlawful - it's too sexy - has an edgy dark side - but it's sweet as hell - I took two copies - You really should charge for this - you guys done good - I know I'm going to hell...

But I like it!

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The Orbiting said 4335 days ago (November 5th, 2007)
I just love you. Not the least of which because you've brought to mind the image of a butterfly rumble, so now I'm picturing butterflies with DA's and leather jackets ready for some agro.

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cchaplin said 4336 days ago (November 5th, 2007)
I love it !
What a clever use of the mix as special effects !

The song builds up into a structured sense of confusion, and dizziness, swirling down to its inevitable watery end. - Very Ophelian !

Just maybe a little more bass to emphasize that sense of ominous pounding.

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dolby said 4336 days ago (November 5th, 2007)
Really like this - pro quality. Great sounds all the way through and some really nice vocals & harmonies. It's complex and dark and brooding and hits all the right buttons. I wasn't thinking it needed more bass at all until I read the other comments - but then I'm on headphones - sounds pretty well balanced to me. I am wondering whether the main vocal could be a bit brighter though...hmmm...maybe not...I dunno -

It's good, whatever -
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Epileptic Gibbon said 4336 days ago (November 5th, 2007)
Great stuff
The problem with deciding on a mix is that no mix will suit everyone on every speaker and in every context. This sounds great to me on my naff PC speaker at work so it probably sounds even better still on decent speakers. No complaints from me about the content either, though I wonder if it's pop enough to be electropop. But again, you can't please everyone with semantics about genres and I'm not sure what else I'd call it. Bottom line is that it sounds great. Can I play it on my podcast music show sometime?

Best wishes,
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The Orbiting said 4336 days ago (November 5th, 2007)
We'd be honored for you to podcast any of our music, Eppy. Thank you!
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said 4336 days ago (November 5th, 2007)
nice n energetic
This track has been nicely produced, with respect to the vocals a bit too busy for my taste. BUT, I am a minimalist (and apparently getting stuck at that ;-)). Good track, damn. Drumming is excellent, vocals have nuff room and are lushes, a shitload of fx and little tweaks. It could also be the compression you used, I dunno. Still, I stand in awe.
Ciao, Jb

perceptualvortex said 4335 days ago (November 5th, 2007)
The complex mix makes me think Delirium. I love the layers of sound and singing and beats, all supercool!
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davisamerica said 4335 days ago (November 5th, 2007)
yeah the bass..
but was listening on headphones and sounded fine there. naw wouldn't sit on the other side of room if i knew what the words all meant...probably sitting next to u guys going how did you do all that..???? very nice!
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SecaMode said 4334 days ago (November 7th, 2007)
I haven't heard the original, but I think I might just go over to it after this. I really like the sound of this, nice sounds and beats. Great vocals (obviously). Cheers!
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Doadars Uncle said 4333 days ago (November 7th, 2007)
This is WIDE in many ways! It will take a bit of time for me to process the lyrics. But wow! Earthy/dirty...interesting. Health and disease... The tune does justice to how I read the lyrics.

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Rebsie said 4333 days ago (November 7th, 2007)
Beautifully intense
A very dynamic song, and an original mix of sounds which roll and billow around the vocal. You've managed to sing it in a way that's emotionally intense and coolly detached at the same time, which is a powerful combination and not easy to do. Fabulous lyrics too.

I've seen the Ophelia painting "in the flesh" so to speak ... it's frighteningly powerful. Her eyes look so real. It was a good choice to go with this song.

Looking forward to the Catatonic Schizophrenic Mix. ;)
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psexnyc said 4333 days ago (November 7th, 2007)
What A Sonic Eargasm!!
Yup!! I am having multiple Eargasms listening to this piece. I don't even know how to critique this song without bringing criticism to myself. As I listen to this song a second time, I realize that there is so much more I need to learn about my software, its sounds and my ability to make music out of it all....I wanna make Eargasms!!

I'm downloading Paper Cranes and will now make myself a fan of The Orbiting. Uh-oh, hear comes another Eargasm!!
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said 4333 days ago (November 7th, 2007)
I agree with pie
Complete this with an interlude... 180. Raise those vox a bit. The music needs a dynamic of "less" in places Breaks, Surprize. Completeness. Bring on the emotional embrace. Fine beginnings. You need your middle eight!

Feature your "Pipes" in their a bsoluteness.

Harmonies, bombastic harmonies.

its way to short

Verse chorus middle coda finito... Ye too hve to resolve.

Did I mention surprize?
slumbering said 4332 days ago (November 8th, 2007)
This is so poetic
I like the way the lyrics and the music fit together. It's very powerful.
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jiguma said 4332 days ago (November 9th, 2007)
First, a great sounding musical bed (although I concur with Pie regarding the bassline), with some lovely little percussive thingies happening.

Lisa, this is a really good vocal from you - you are just so amazing on this kind of track. There's a little metallic sound on your voice in places which I'm not overly crazy about (mainly because it detracts from your beautiful singing).

I expect there'll be a second version of this - looking forward to it. The lack of bass is really an issue - but then I would say that wouldn't I!
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Ed Hannifin said 4331 days ago (November 9th, 2007)
'And mermaid like they bore her up...
...which time she posted mixes of old tunes...'

I love the vocal on this, and the pulse... I suppose I could go for the more-whomp-in-the-bassline vote, though I wouldn't have thought to say so on my own...

Mostly, and blessedly, I stop thinking analytically and just drift away in the listen, lose my way in the song, and I'm thinking that's a good thing...

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The Orbiting said 4331 days ago (November 9th, 2007)
You know...
I think that's definitely how Shakespeare would say it these days, Ed and he'd chuck in a hey nonny nonny or two for good measure.

Thanks for the lack of analysis and saying that you can just enjoy the song. It's wonderful to hear that. It's good to get feedback about the bassline and I actually agree that it needs to become more prominent, but it's a joy to hear that you like getting lost in the listen. We appreciate that a lot.

Don't get too lost though, there's a new one just around the corner...

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said 4330 days ago (November 10th, 2007)
I can't hear much of a bottom end on this at all (almost to the point where itseems there is no bass) and there seems to be a lot of frequency clashes in the mid and top frequencies on my system.

I agree with other comments re the vocals - they somehow get lost in the mix in the midst of all those high frequencies

Love the arrangement...very trancey song - as was mentioned by a previous comment, a very complex mix of elements and I can see (hear) the struggle involved in trying to balance everything

Diviner said 4313 days ago (November 28th, 2007)
Very good, better then commerical tracks of the same genre. The music is brilliant and the lyrics are very good and very well sung. A great complete track.
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Doug Somers said 4312 days ago (November 28th, 2007)
Not much to add
to the other comments other than to say this is the first I've heard of your work - this is a really great piece, lots interesting that's going on, cool vocals and lyrics. Love it!
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