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A Break From It All

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Well, I don't know what to say about this. I hadn't planned on writing this, it just sorta wrote itself.

While procrastinating today (I should be studying for my exams...) I wrote the little piano line in the chorus and it just sorta built up around that. Anyway, I hope you like it!

The picture was taken from my front yard a couple of weeks ago. I just can't resist a sunset...

©2007 Einar Sverrir Tryggvason
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cjhoose said 4323 days ago (December 12th, 2007)
are indeed irresistible. :)

Piano is exquisite.

The drums come in perfect. Surprised me they were there, not because they're out of place, but because they bring to the song a warmth that's unexpected.

I wonder how this would sound *with* lyrics though? It tells such a story already...
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dajama said 4323 days ago (December 12th, 2007)
Beautiful piece
The melody is very nice - sweet and irresistible. The keyboards in the background work well, although I'm not sure that they're even needed. The percussion and bassline add something special too. Very cool. Cinematic, indeed. Nice work. Peace.

P.S. Great picture, too btw. Be happy you can't resist a sunset. It's when they don't stop you in your tracks that you should start to worry!
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perceptualvortex said 4323 days ago (December 12th, 2007)
That's a great picture--awesome that that's the view from your front yard. Wait a minute, you get sun up there this time of year?? :) This song is really amazing and has a distinctive Einarus sound. I especially like the piano. But then, you know how to embellish it with great backing music and rhythm section. You really should be writing cinematic soundtracks.
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caroline said 4323 days ago (December 13th, 2007)
so pretty - the piano and the photograph - well done you xoxoxo
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apb said 4323 days ago (December 13th, 2007)
This is ..

.. just beautiful. You couldn't get more cinematic in my book: absolutely perfect for the happy ending of a big budget romantic comedy, as the happy couple wander orf into afore-pictured sunset.

Superb piano, arrangement and mix...fine happy and reflective mood you have captured here... now get back to
studying you ;o) .. good luck with the last exam.
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drakonis said 4323 days ago (December 13th, 2007)
Very Einar
Your characteristic style, upbeat, luscious chords, fun little tune-lets, well-placed strings and bass... sort of like a perfect sunset. I have to admit that the drums seemed slightly loop-ish to me, possibly needing to be a little lower in the mix and needing a little more variation... their repetitiveness detracted a little from the mix I think.
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Reinholt56 said 4323 days ago (December 13th, 2007)
First class....
I don't know how I managed to add myself to the fan list twice, but hey, if it happens it happens.

I'm glad that this piece wrote itself. It has a feel good aura to it and we all need some of that from time to time.

Take care.

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jefferson987 said 4323 days ago (December 13th, 2007)
Very Nice
This piece put me into a good mood. Thanks for sharing!
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davisamerica said 4323 days ago (December 13th, 2007)
right then e
this one had me smiling so played twice and downloaded! great production for a wonderful tune! Wow and Wow..thanks for posting this one!
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Scott Carmichael said 4322 days ago (December 13th, 2007)
Long Time!
beautiful work Ein.... I can certainly hear you doing this for a living... you have such a firm grasp of all the aspects of this art/craft...

a wonderful composition and performance
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gail60 said 4322 days ago (December 14th, 2007)
I always try to leave positive input on people's songs
whenever I comment. I am certainly not a real critic and honestly, when I hear some of them, there may be many things that I do not like. I just surpass that part and focus only on the positive things about the song so I will not offend anyone. Many disagree but ph well....
I only tell you this so I can say, this is absolutely beautiful in every single note! I love this piece. You are very, very talented and there is not one thing I would change about this song. This is just
Absolutely, Positively, Wonderful!!!
Thank you for sharing it with us!
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lengold said 4321 days ago (December 14th, 2007)
And again, gorgeous.

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Feter said 4320 days ago (December 16th, 2007)
A Break From It All
YES you should be studying for your exam BUT
a real good break will do it and look what a charmin
piano piece you brought us here .what a wonderful
song thnx for sharin it !
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kristyjo said 4319 days ago (December 16th, 2007)
Man, you have such a sense of timing on this! Those drums came in just perfectly - made me smile! Everything else was also great. I am so glad you decided to take 'a break from it all' and write this great piece to share with us here.

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Cameron said 4319 days ago (December 16th, 2007)
The Credits are Rolling
Right away, this piece reminded me of music that accompanies the closing credits on a film. Mellow, yet energizing, as people are leaving their seats or sticking around to find out where the film was made.

This recording has a full, rich sound. Very expansive. The treatment of strings is supportive, not intrusive.

However, sometimes the strings seem a little relentless in their sustain, on the verge of being thick. But the overall effect is pleasant.

The piano is prominent in the mix as it should be.

Excellent pacing from the beginning, building up the textures as the piece progresses. I particularly like the way the texture suddenly thins out towards the end of the piece, pauses, then suddenly blooms again.

Very nice!

There is definitely potential here. I would suggest perhaps adding another melodic theme and vary the chord progressions, which would round out this composition more.

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Estella said 4319 days ago (December 17th, 2007)
study break
I wish I could write brilliant music while procrastinating my studies! I have to resort to little diddys and alphabetizing my bookshelf :p

Anyway, gorgeous composition. I think it deserves a better drum sound, though. Your timing and building in the piece is perfect, but in my humble opinion, the sound of the drums could be warmer and add depth to your sweet melody. Something to consider when you're through with exams...

I also think the lower note that adds counterpoint to the first melody could be developed a little more as a counter melody, as someone might have already said.

You really are writing amazing music. You are immensely talented. I'm lucky to be able to listen.
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John Stebbe said 4317 days ago (December 18th, 2007)
Beautifully done. The piano shimmers and shines like the sunset in the picture. The mood is cheerful and forward-looking.

The piano sound itself is very good. Is it software or the real thing?

The warmth of the string pad is very nice.

The drum part really does add a good deal of contrast, and works well in the arrangement.

Nice work here, E.

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Mcboy said 4317 days ago (December 19th, 2007)
some of the most gorgeous notes i'v heard in a while.....bravo my friend.....played with much feeling....awesome string arrangement....i hear your musical maturity creeping in.....beautiful work!!!!
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Cori Ander said 4316 days ago (December 20th, 2007)
Very nice
Beautiful creation!
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Ed Hannifin said 4313 days ago (December 22nd, 2007)
Nice front yard, Einarus...
This sounds really nice, too... I think procrastinating about other duties is a great creative driving force...

Good to hear something from you...

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ktb said 4306 days ago (December 29th, 2007)
like the picture. I envy you for your view (and talent :-). Your sense of melody picture perfect. Wonderful use of orchestration. The break part was my favorite.
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VicDiesel said 4305 days ago (December 30th, 2007)
Very colourful
Ok, this piece is really based on the piano, and it's appropriately mixed. I like how you keep adding to the piano texture.

Now, you also work with the other instrument to gradually build the intensity, and there I have a couple of remarks. The segment where you add the bass but not yet the drums doesn't work for me. Somehow that bass without drums sounds to me like the drums is missing. Then you add some sparse drums, which sounds mixed too low. The drums that come in after that are good, though maybe I'd play them halftime to get a bigger feel.

But overall this is good stuff. Nice work on the piano and the basic setup of the whole composition.
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Heightened said 4287 days ago (January 17th, 2008)
This just keeps getting better!
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magnatone said 4256 days ago (February 18th, 2008)
This is wonderful
I love your piano and the build to higher and higher places. I'm off to listen to more of you - thanks!
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said 4186 days ago (April 28th, 2008)
Such a wonderful piece Einar. Very calm and very peaceful. The piano is gorgeous and the background strings are just incredible. A true masterpiece is this!

Take Care
- Yeman A. Al-Rawi
pipperz said 4009 days ago (October 21st, 2008)
I can't wait till I hear your stuff in movies =)This was gorgeous *downloads*
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