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Winter Bells

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Winter bells ring, the wind blows, she cant dream, she cant sleep....and in all this time, this was only in her head...
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Verse 1

As she lays awake at night
Darkness begins to creep
She cannot sleep...
Noises play games with her mind
Paranoia, it screams..
You will not dream.


Winter bells ring for her
But she cant tell what half of it is worth.
When her eyes open wide
Then she can see who she's meant to be.
Shaddows lerk in the night
And with her light, she searches for her life.
Fearful steps into a place,
With the scent of her disgrace.
Winter bells.

Verse 2

Will she stop to take a breath?
Before the pain sets in
She does not win...
It's so cold there all alone
When will things start to change?
To turn a page....

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Boss Br1180
Sony Vegas 5.0
Epileptic Gibbon said 4230 days ago (December 15th, 2007)
I very much like this
But I wish I could hear the vocal more clearly. I do very much like the ethereal style of it but I wish the voice was given more space and an opportunity to stand out. A very interesting arrangement too. I might consider playing this on next year's Christmas edition of my music podcast, but I wonder if you'd do another version with the vocals a little higher in the mix?
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victorias_playground said 4229 days ago (December 16th, 2007)
I totally agree with the comments referring to my vocals. Unfortunately this track was recording a while ago @ my friends place...all the songs you here are recorded there and his setup isnt the best. However! My studio is currently being built so my sounds will be muchhhhhhh clearer...and a new RODE NT2A mic will add to the cleaness of vocals. I will try and search for the tracks and see if I can change it but I might just have to overlay another vocal track. Time will tell. Thanks to all comments and advice:)

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Epileptic Gibbon said 4229 days ago (December 16th, 2007)
Well if you do a new version...
... then it's going on next year's podcast Christmas show for sure. I look forward to it. :-)
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Feter said 4230 days ago (December 15th, 2007)
Winter Bells
hmmm neo psychodelic groove in a very impressive
breath .the early floydian music appeared alot on
your themes .its so wonderfull to see you are having
your own take .great work welldone my friend !
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victorias_playground said 4229 days ago (December 16th, 2007)
Hi there:)

Thanks for the comment! The floydish feel comes from my friend...these tracks are combined with him as you know but I have lots more tracks in the closet...all in time you'll hear what JUST Victoria is about;)

Thanks again

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drakonis said 4230 days ago (December 15th, 2007)
OK... my take...
First, this is a great piece, it has a LOT of potential, Victoria. There are many parts of this that are really good, the lyrics, singing, effects, orchestration all give a very chilling feeling. So you are on to something here.

But the actual production needs some work... as you said, this is the part you are still learning about. So here are my suggestions, which might help make this the super "cool" song it wants to be.

-I think the effects on the voice are great, but they are on the "main" vocal track, which makes it harder to hear what you are saying... you can create a second copy of the vocal track, keep the main track in the middle and with almost no "flanging" effects on it... then on the copy, move it off to one side (or make it pan back and forth slowly) and lower its volume a little, and flange the heck out of it. That way there's still a strong center voice that can be understood.

-In many places you are doubling the singing part with a single piano note, at the same pitch. This makes it harder to hear your singing. I would suggest using either a different instrument (glockenspiel/bells maybe?), and/or shifting the notes an octave or two up (or down) so they don't overlap the singing.

-Your orchestration is starting to get better, I like the strings that come in here and there. Maybe add a little more of them as harmony and to build the volume/suspense, then let them fade again.

Those are my thoughts. Good stuff, hope this helps!
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victorias_playground said 4229 days ago (December 16th, 2007)
Thanking you!
Hey Drak,

Thanks a lot for the advice. I'm pretty confident on producing actually but I have another person to combine with so sometimes it's not always the way I would like it to sound. Like I said in the other comment, my home studio is currently being built so you will all be able to hear more of my personal stuff and see how good I can really be:p JK! That's my ego coming out;) hehe Cant wait to share all my own stuff with you guys...

thanks again for ur comments, advice and time!!
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lengold said 4227 days ago (December 18th, 2007)
This is
one of the most original things I've heard here and I am very, very impressed. I actually like the production, having to really listen for the vocals I think adds to the way I am drawn into this. Love it. Downloaded.

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lavalamp said 4190 days ago (January 24th, 2008)
I actually think......
the vocals fit for this song. This is not main stream, more like an art piece and I appreciate it. Sets a mood.
Again really good job. Wished I lived in NZ. It's NZ, right?

You're brilliant!
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victorias_playground said 4111 days ago (April 12th, 2008)
Hey Dave:)
Not NZ...Melbourne Australia. So glad you enjoy my music...and have many news ones on the way:)

All the best wishes 2 u and thanks for taking the time to venture into Victoria's Playground:)

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