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Make Them Talk



 Genre: Rock

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A song that is a response to the tragedies committed in the prison at Guantanamo Bay....

Even in a time of war we shouldn't allow ourselves, members of a free society, to become criminals, nor should the powers that be.....even in a time of war.....we believe that we as a species are better than that.....we believe that we should/could/can be more....

for all the believers in civil liberties for all humans


Kevin Reeves - vocals
Ian Baird - drums, bass, guitars, loops, organ,
backing vox
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drums, bass, guitar, micro korg, Big D 50 Watt Tube Guitar Amp, 4x12 w/ V30's
reason 3.0, pro-tools, waveburner
davisamerica said 4214 days ago (January 3rd, 2008)
right then folks
love the insurrection! great tune, great message...very cool
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Feter said 4214 days ago (January 3rd, 2008)
Make Them Talk
Woo ..folks that hot rockin groove ..what a tight
set is this ? .the singin is just powerful .I love
it my friend you are COOL !! thnx for sharin !!
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echoroom said 4214 days ago (January 3rd, 2008)
Great big slab of rock - great vocal and (marshall) stacks of energy. Great catchy chorus and rage spits outta the speakers - ace.
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dolby said 4214 days ago (January 3rd, 2008)
Ooh yes...
...now this is more like it!

Love everything about it, from the rockin guitars to te very excellent vocals (and b.vox) the mental soloing and....not least....the sentiment and well crafted but 'to the point' lyrics.

More please =
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Godchaser said 4213 days ago (January 3rd, 2008)
Well done tune.
Very well done all the way around.The only beef I have about the song is in the discription:)
The idea that 'civil liberties' trumps getting information outta' some fool that seeks to kill and destroy as many innocent lives as possible is fair game in my book.
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freefalleffect said 4213 days ago (January 4th, 2008)
I would agree but
according to several reports that led me to write this song last year....and these are from official defense and homeland security reports....as well as several news agencies....

Out of 500 detainees at Guantanamo.....maybe 15-20 were possible confirmations of involvement in terrorist cells....that's a terrible ratio(20 out of 500)....not to mention that many people put there were sold out by family and friends in countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq...in these cases there was reward money offered to people in very poor nations...then these "accused terrorist" were handed over to the local authorities of that country....then turned over to the USA or a member country of the "Coalition Of The Willing".....when these folks were handed over to the USA there were no questions asked.....we "trusted" their intel and detained these people....with no lawyers....no hearings....just tossed them away....even a couple of brothers whose only crime was running a political satire mag in Pakistan....

Also....in official reports on some of the torture committed.....the guards would take a Muslim prisoner to a confinement cell....beat the piss out of him (literally).... wrap them in American and Israeli flags....force them to kiss a crucifix.....when the prisoner would cry out for help to Allah the guards would laugh and smirk and tell them that they were their Allah and their Gods....then they would have a female guard (who was having her cycle) come in and ring out a bloody tampon all over the prisoners face.....

is this how a better or enlightened and free people should behave?? I think not....

I believe that no matter what we should never stoop to such a level....now is interrogation of people confirmed to be terrorist needed....of course it is....esp. if it will save innocent lives....

But before we get out the battery and clamps we better make sure we know who and what these people are.....all I'm saying is that this shows that a "no questions asked" type of atmosphere just does not work and we can do better....

cause if we don't? blood and revenge only creates more blood and revenge....just look at the middle east and the struggle between the Palestinians and the Jews....no one can remember who threw the first punch....they just keep on swinging....several thousand years later and they are still throwing punches over who did what first

much peace amigo and thanks for the dialog....
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timothy devine said 4212 days ago (January 5th, 2008)
this tune just floated by
here i am in the the earth ocean and this great songfish cruizzzes by with a message/a real message
hey have you herd "Guantanama Vacation" by jiguma


youmade me remember this tune

great rock
supper production and strong supreme playing n singing
to the top/for air
keepin it

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Tiny_Man_Inside said 4210 days ago (January 7th, 2008)
I like music that actually has a message. I'll post some more comprehensive comments when I can hear this through a decent system, but I'm liking what I'm hearing so far.

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Fourth Window said 4210 days ago (January 7th, 2008)
man oh man
what kick ass song I like very much good lyrics
very good mix of everthing good job
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Einarus said 4208 days ago (January 9th, 2008)
Now this sounds pro.
Such a full, powerful sound and excellent performances.

I know this is not my most original comment, but when I don't have anything to criticize, how can I?

Excellent stuff!

-Einar S.

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TobinMueller said 4208 days ago (January 9th, 2008)
Light & heavy
Nice. Love the lightness of the sound within the context of a heavy tune. I think it has to do with the upper mid EQ you use on the distortion. Could use more defined bassline, but other than that this is a really good track. I'd appreciate lyrics, tho. I truly enjoy your stuff.
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Nick_Flash said 4207 days ago (January 10th, 2008)
Cool Song
I love the vocals on the verses. The sound is so powerful.
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