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Attack of the Flying Salad feat. Rebsie (produced by Datafunk)


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Lyrics produced and mixed by: JDKhaos

The concept for this track is the underlined theme of human interactions, some references are more in specific and are more in relation to times of turmoil.
…Augh, I dunno, crazy new track from your resident Mac Jams slacker JDK, chek it.

The following contains a sample from DJ French Toast's "Vocal Salad" which features the vocal works of Rebsie (thus the credit in the title for providing the chorus) http://www.macjams.com/song/33899

The original beat was produced and mixed by Datafunk, to whom I am grateful for allowing me to adapt my vocals to his slick beat and create a work that would not normally fit my typical mold. http://www.macjams.com/song/40395
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(1st Verse)

Hard as @$!#,
round here that’s the slogan
we drink, curse
and are very perverse like Joe Rogan
Got problems with your woman
well I ask ya are ya stupid
something tells me I should let this loser lose it
go off ya rocker but if she got yeah
don’t pursue IT!
even tho she do it she know you did it
that’s the reason why she do it
In a manner that’s enticing
mind your manners or you’ll be fighting
over something that’s blowing up!
like this beat is igniting
and escalating at a exponential rate
I rest my case
so slow your role and know your place
unless you bout to showcase some talent
that still will unleash some bold proof
that this woman you cherish dearly
is a dear sloot
now look there sucking up all the extra revenue
hungry hungry corpos
you know how these chickens do mang

(2nd Verse)

I’m the sour taste in your mouth
find me annoying can’t drown me out
I’ma make ya look more stupid then yourself
once they all find out
exactly how your faking; we know what its all about
all the talk around now how the man is back now
profound and gifted in ways we never found out
but back into a relax now this my time out?
I’m taking all the power like it’s mine now!
greedy and torn but this song ain’t about how
quarrels and beefs within the family still creep
still meet to the point where opposition is oblique
shit is deep now looking very bleak
I hope they all find out now
cuz it’s what I’m about pal
is my mind running in doubt now
round round like I’m on a round-a-bout bow
now how am I supposed to hit this excursion with learning
the gateway system sniffing and swerving up on the curb and
working that skirt, singing the sermon
man fuck that this all fake film, drama just for TV
that ain’t no regular life damn straight for you & neither me
cuz in this life boy be realty we gotta see
now account for the metaphors and damned hyperbole
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Dj French Toast said 4108 days ago (April 17th, 2008)
nice sample and great song ..beats hot poetry is ill : ) nice joint !
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Ancient Rhymer said 4103 days ago (April 22nd, 2008)
Thanks for
being the first person to post a comment and take a liking to the song Frenchy! Seems only right seeing how you were, in my mind, one of the collaborators, now I just need da dude datafunk to attune his ear to my crafted track !

If you ever wanna hook up a across the internet colab, good sir hit me up, cheers!
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Holistik said 4103 days ago (April 22nd, 2008)
That was FAR from expected, and a refreshing surprised indeed. I think that first verse is really commendable. Everything fit like puzzle pieces; the placement of echoes and filters shows how far you've come in vocal production. The energy was something else too, it was so far from monotone it kept my interest there 100%. It's a great example of coining your own style. The overall feel had that trip-hoppy sound you've always liked, which went well with the chorus.

My one criticism is illustrated in the lyrics. Notice how the lines in the first verse extend out to nearly half the length of the lines in the second verse? It shows how there were so many extra words fit into the second verse, where as the first had that puzzle-piece fit I was talking about. The line between the first and second verse is that the first got it's point across with less cluttered words, and shone in it's simplicity.

I hope you've got more coming though. You're going to like what I've got cooking.

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Ancient Rhymer said 4103 days ago (April 22nd, 2008)
What's Cooking…?
As always, kind sir, your words are appreciated amongst my crafted works of art.

I'm glad you enjoyed the first half, methinks we should do a 50/Ludacris esq remix where we just cut my second verse and you adapt your own verse (If anyone has heard the I Get Money - 50 Cent feat. Ludacris remix then you'll know what I mean).

Now for the second verse, well truth is I wrote both at separate times (I was really in the zone @ work one day when I wrote the 1st). The 1st was really just pieced together from two days of mindfully connecting a pattern. One that consisted of simplicity, vague enough to apply to aspects abroad. I truly didn't know how it would turn out in pre and post production. In the second verse tho I did slip back in to my, how Lexie put it "complicated, too many words" flow, which I'm sorry dude but I still think it's a path to that tricky, double time, really fast like Tech N9ne flow.

But you are true in the statement that it doesn't shine as bright as the first verse. Look at it as if I made the 1st verse more for the beat, not like the second, which I feel I wrote more for me and to connect the two across the chorus. Thanks for the critiquing brother, and yeah, gonna finish up The Catwalk Cover, that's next…and what's that you got boiling in the water over there, you adding hip hop? acoustic??? and a blend of natural herbs and spices????
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Holistik said 4102 days ago (April 23rd, 2008)
Can't wait to hear it.

As for my project, you'll be happy to know it's hip-hop to a tee. I'm working on it every day, it wont be long at all.
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said 4091 days ago (May 4th, 2008)
I am really getting into this hip hop stuff just lately.
and Rebsie is a sweetie too. Well done guys this is soooo trippy.

Peace Dee.
CogniPhonics said 4013 days ago (July 22nd, 2008)
I like.
Your style definitely keeps the listener interested. Attack of the Flying salad is by far the best name for a song I've ever heard. I came to listen just because of it lol
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