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My contention



 Genre: Classical

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I've always maintained that Bach invented jazz, and Beethoven disco. As proof of the latter half of my contention, I offer the third movement of the Mondschein sonata, slightly reworked.

Ok, yes I know that this sounds really cheap. Hey, it was done on a Roland D-10, about 20 years ago. This was the keyboard version of the MT-32, the first multi-timbral sound module. It was state of the art at the time! This comes of an old tape that I found a while back.
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Roland D-10
Super48 (competitor of Steinberg's Pro24)
Feter said 3886 days ago (May 27th, 2008)
My contention
thats so much work here ...incredible work on the
piano ..this work reminds me of many orchestra came
out of the 70s ..realy refreshin to listen to my
friend ..thnx alot for sharin !!!
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guitapick said 3886 days ago (May 28th, 2008)
...you've made a believer out of me...out under the flashing colored lights with Ludwig...

Nice, man. Playing, production, and transposition/composition...

...what did the dog invent, btw?
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VicDiesel said 3886 days ago (May 28th, 2008)
The dog
Ok, so I went to my favourite stock photo site (istockphoto.com) and typed "beethoven". For some reason I got lots of pictures of St Bernards....
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guitapick said 3886 days ago (May 28th, 2008)
....I knew that...


I completely forgot about that freakin' movie....

Tune's still kick, though, Mr. Diesel...
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LunaTrick said 3886 days ago (May 28th, 2008)
complete riot...
love it!
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Scott Carmichael said 3885 days ago (May 29th, 2008)
every sequencing keyboard
always came with a demo that showed the chops of that particular unit... you could definately be the guy who programs for all those folks... always worth the trip to Diesel-ville...

I've always maintained that these guys where the fisrt pop-rock icons
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VicDiesel said 3885 days ago (May 29th, 2008)
Old rock stars
Oh yes. Do you remember that scene in the first Bill & Ted movie, where Beethoven is rocking out in a music store? I find that totally believable. He would have gone bananas over our music technology.
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Scott Carmichael said 3885 days ago (May 29th, 2008)
"bananas over our music technology"
I can't tell you how many times I've said he same... I guess we should take it for granted
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rsorensen said 3885 days ago (May 29th, 2008)
super mario
haha this is awesome! reminds me of playing NES when i was a kid. actually a really amazing performance. love the slappy bass and the pipe organ break.
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DWL said 3884 days ago (May 30th, 2008)
Made me smile
Cheap maybe but not nasty!

Very well done.


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ledebutant said 3883 days ago (May 31st, 2008)
Even Without the Movie...
...the St. Bernard makes sense, somehow. Do you remember all those "Hooked on Classics" albums they used to sell on tv? This reminds me of that concept, but there's tremendous passion and soul in your playing that cuts through the digital tremendously well (plus you don't have a hand-clap rhythm track, which is always a bonus).

I love this arrangement and agree with Ridd that this is really an amazing performance. Those moments of incredibly rapid notes sometimes sound like an uphill waterfall. Wonderful.

said 3882 days ago (May 31st, 2008)
My contension
Brilliant !! I enjoyed this tremedousely. Thank you for the download.
Peace Dee.
dajama said 3882 days ago (May 31st, 2008)
This is great. Of course I pictured Ludwig himself playing the whole thing and getting down at the same time. Nice playing, and great idea. Very cool. Peace.
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said 3882 days ago (June 1st, 2008)
every classical musicians lies secretly a jazz artist waiting to break forth!

Not cheap sounding... very cool piece of music, and quite a performance. Kudos Vic.

sloparts said 3859 days ago (June 24th, 2008)
When I read Classical, I'm thinking,
violins, oboe, bassoon, french horns and such as that. As soon as this started, you could have pushed me over with a feather. But then as I listened on, I realized this was a serious attempt to bring Beethoven into the 20th, or make that 21st century.

The funny thing is you made it work in spades. In my minds eye I can see Beethoven sitting there at that D10 and hammering out the score while smiling from ear to ear as he realizes the power he has in his hands. What a vision that is.

This is wonderful Vic, thank you for doing it and sharing it. Kudos my friend.



On a personal note,
I apologize for not coming here to check out your music sooner, it was pretty rude after all the times you checked out my stuff. An error I will try to not let happen again. Please forgive my arrogance.


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guygrooves said 3849 days ago (July 3rd, 2008)
Too coooool
I am not much of a fan of Disco (publicly) lol. I am a fan of this. You are one eclectic artist.
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Enrique Gil said 3825 days ago (July 28th, 2008)
very nice!
I have the Don Dorsey version (Beethoven or Bust) and this one is just as good.
I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts of Bach and Beethoven too.
I fell in love with synt-classical as a teenager and my feelings have not changed. Thank you!
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