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Montgomery California--Master

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Hello, Allen Dean, here, one half of the mighty MC. We have been taking some time to work on new tunes, and make them as awesome as possible. We wanted to post all fast, but we figured the music would suffer. In the meantime, we have gotten a ton of positive feedback on our tunes, mainly here, but all over, on the other sites where we post. The one thing that is missing from our songs, though, is decent mastering.
Our very good friend, Chris Cihon, was kind enough to master a semi new version of our title song, Montgomery California. I added new vocals, and gave it a remix, bringing out the bass, and giving the drums some much needed attention.
We would like to ask anyone out there whom wants to help us, to help us with a small problem; cash flow. Both Jason and myself are asking anyone who can to please donate whatever he or she can to the Montgomery California Mastering Program Fund.
I found a version of the software Chris uses for a mere 175.00 U.S.
If anyone wishes, they can send us a note, and we can get them a mailing address. I know this is a weird request, but if everyone gave a couple of dollars, we could get this software, and then maybe start a pay it forward campaign to get others the stuff they truly need. Again, thanks for all your support of our music, and please enjoy this new version of our title tune
Allen and Jason.
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Montgomery California..
music and lyrics, Jason Whitman, and Allen Dean, 2007.

Dry as a bone
Hotter than the fourth of July
And that's the way I like it.
I shook you up
And I'll shake you down
I am your worst nightmare.

If you want some, step on up--glad to know ya.
If you want hell-- come to
Montgomery California.

Like an undertaker
I come for my due
And that's the way I like it.
I'll walk on up
And take you down
You won't even hear me comin'.

If you want some, step on up--glad to know ya.
If you want hell-- come to
Montgomery California.


If you want some-- get in line, take a number
If you want some, come to
Montgomery California.
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Allen Dean uses a Line 6 Podxt, run into an M-Audio Firewire solo interface for all his electric guitarwork. Allen uses an Intel Imac w/ 1.25 Gb of Ram and a Time Capsule 500gb storage device.
Allen played an Ibanez GRX20L electric on this tune, with a Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck pickup in the tail, or lead position, and a Seymour Duncan Jazz pickup in the neck, or rhythm position. Allen sang this song through an MXL990 vocal microphone. Allen used a short piece of chrome closet rod for a slide.
Jason uses a Yamaha Magic Stomp effects pedal, directly into his Macbook. He played his Ibanez electric as well as his Rogue 5-string bass on this song.
The initial mix was done by both Jason and Allen via fileshaing, using Pando, as well as several emails and Ichat sessions.
Allen and Jason used Apple's Garageband application for this song. We also used Drums on Demand, Upbeat and Agressive series, for the drums.
Allen remixed this version of Montgomery California in Logic Express 8
Chris Cihon mastered this song for Jason and Allen using his extensive knowledge, and T-Racks 24 mastering software, by IK media
peacepiano said 4119 days ago (June 10th, 2008)
Hi powered mix gentlemen. I am listening closely to how you put the verses chorus and solos together and am very impressed. You guys are great musicians.

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Montgomery California said 4119 days ago (June 10th, 2008)
thank you
also, i spoke to jason who is on holiday, but he thinks we can have a paypal account ready for any donations by week's end, so again, thank you all so very much
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Feter said 4118 days ago (June 11th, 2008)
Montgomery California-
thats amazing rock ...somehow sound much classic
rock ...the singing so powerfull the guitars with
bass and drums ...all so much reminds me of CoC ..
ROCK ON MC !!!!!!!!
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said 4118 days ago (June 11th, 2008)
heavy song!
rsorensen said 4118 days ago (June 11th, 2008)
love this production. it's so full. the bass is just right.
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michael2 said 4116 days ago (June 13th, 2008)
awesome metal sound. love those guitar squeals and the chunky rhythm's. great job guys.
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lavalamp said 4115 days ago (June 14th, 2008)
my hair stood up
Crunchy rock at its best. Really dig this men.

Cool stuff.

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said 4114 days ago (June 15th, 2008)
This nearly blew my two ears off this rocking song.
Great stuff as well. As peacepiano commented very high powered.
peace Dee.
egobandit said 4114 days ago (June 15th, 2008)
is it really that crazy in montgomery..just kiddin great heavy bass the end is my favorite when its just rippin your skull out and using elmers glue to put it all back together ...great song downloaded thanks
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guitapick said 4113 days ago (June 16th, 2008)
...rather pugilistic in nature...I would say that this tune is extremely abrasive in manner with deceivingly smooth slide lines that break up into high powered, ridiculously fast and well articulated note run combinations.

The rhythm guitar is rather powerful in it's own right...as are the drum and bass tracks, adding, once again, to that always present "fight challenge" atmosphere.

Of course, I might be wrong about that. I'm so used to lullabies from you chaps. I must say, though, that lyrics such as:

"If you want some-- get in line, take a number
If you want some, come to
Montgomery California"...

...do tend to make one feel as though you might be interested in engaging in fisticuffs...


I can always count on some serious sounds from you guys...great tune...
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said 4104 days ago (June 25th, 2008)
Killer track guys, really amazing. The music and guitars are heavier now and your vocals are icing on the cake Allen... I love it!

Take Care
- Yeman A. Al-Rawi
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Name: Montgomery California
Location: Sacramento California, And Montgomery Alabama..... USA
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Montgomery California is the long-distance "band" comprised of Allen Dean and Faelin (please note that Jason is taking some time to handle some issues in his life, but both plan to keep the MC machine churning) We plan to c... [see more]

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