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Chorale Prelude BWV 639



 Genre: Baroque

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Composed by J.S. Bach as "Ich ruf dir, Herr Jesu Christ"
It is most often performed on the organ being a chorale prelude.
This was orchestrated and arranged from midi.

Probably, the earliest record of a melody used in chorale prelude by Johann Sebastian Bach is his arrangement of Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ (BWV 604). this melody appears in a manuscript c1370, in the city of Celle. Later, it appears with an original text by Martin Luther, printed in the 'Geystliche Gesangk Buchleyn (edited by Johann Walter), in Wittenberg, 1524. In 1715, the hymn's book of Gotha, Gerrmany, had already printed thee melody of Gelobet seist du, Jesu Christ. Soon after, in 1717, Bach was requested by the Duke of Saxe Gotha to present a musical passion.
However, in a singular style, chorale prelude appeared first in the works of Dieterich Buxtehude (1637-1707), and includes 48 extensive compositions.
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said 4141 days ago (June 14th, 2008)
An amazing piece of work, the beauty and the clarity of the work catches the listener. I loved everything about this masterpiece, really "elegant."

Take Care
- Yeman A. Al-Rawi
Feter said 4141 days ago (June 14th, 2008)
Chorale Prelude BWV 639
Ahhhhh ...its been a while since I listened to
anything for Bach ..this is just an awesome
orchestration my freind a true maestro touch
loved the cello behind the harpischord ..just
fantastic ...thnx alot for sharin such gem !!!!

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Ibstrat said 4141 days ago (June 14th, 2008)
I have
an organ version of this- I like your version much better.I'd love to hear it played by real instruments.This is great work you are doing!
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drakonis said 4141 days ago (June 14th, 2008)
Excellent on many levels
Of course, wonderful choice of material... then, there's the gorgeous transcription to orchestra here, not an easy task (and not often appreciated.) I like the restrained choice of period instruments, sounds like something Bach would have done to it. Then there is your choice of sampled instruments, the strings sound quite good, rich and full. The harpsichord is on the verge of being too loud in the mix, or too much treble bite, not sure which, but not too bad (this is in headphones, though.) Overall, a very luscious rendition... thank you!
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Harmonesque said 4140 days ago (June 15th, 2008)
Most Enjoyable!!
I love your rendition of the Chorale Prelude. I have always thought Bach to be one of the greatest composers ever. The midi orchestration worked very well, and very effective Scotty, very well done!!

guitapick said 4140 days ago (June 15th, 2008)
Dang, Scotty...
...this is magnificent...
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MidiOrleans said 4140 days ago (June 15th, 2008)
Yes Bach was magnificent! This is the most romantic
I ever heard of him. Of course the original version was for old time
Baroque pipe organ but arranged here there are all of the traditional
instruments that we usually identify with that style but to my ears
much more like some of the 19th century in places and even
similar to movie music into the 20th century. Bach was something else!
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guitapick said 4139 days ago (June 16th, 2008)
...it's a given that JS Bach was a complete musical genius. I was speaking of your arrangement, production, and performance of the piece...

I appreciate your modesty...but kudos to you, Scotty. I love this. Bach is my favorite composer.
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Bowman said 4137 days ago (June 18th, 2008)
Just Right
I've heard a lot of Bach in my time but don't recall ever hearing this work. It's lovely with beautiful harmonies running throughout. I love the rich orchestration and performance just right.
It really is very moving Scottie.
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sloparts said 4135 days ago (June 20th, 2008)
This is an excellent example,
of what can be done using midi as a recording medium when use properly. The depth and feeling you've captured here is full and rich to say the least. And since you have this in midi it wouldn't take much work to transfer it to sheet music if you wanted to have live musicians to have a go at it. Not that it needs it mind you.

That said, your mastery of this piece is complete. This is wonderfully done and a total pleasure to listen to. Thank you for sharing it, I'm in awe of your musical skills.

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thetiler said 4134 days ago (June 21st, 2008)
had to go in for another listen!

Sorry I didn't comment, because this pieces is so beautiful.

Enjoyed reading about your descriptions, especially in this case. Your descriptions are some of the best. Thanks for all the great education I am getting each time I hear a new upload from you!

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thetiler said 4134 days ago (June 21st, 2008)
You know
mo, I was listening to your latest Bach piece on my itunes player while typing on the forum to Rebsie's wanted to know about CD buying habits. And I am still listening to your's and Bach's piece :)

Wow, what a terrific listen!

Very enjoyable indeed and great to type to! :^)

WaY tO gO MO !
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richardhowardjones said 4133 days ago (June 22nd, 2008)
JS meets the new world. Lovely arrangement. Thank you for sharing. I'd have the viola line a little more up in the mix as compared to the violin sound but then that was my instrument so I'm biased.
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dirigent said 4119 days ago (July 7th, 2008)
Choral Prelude
Great take on this. Wonderful production. A touching piece of music, awesome rendition!
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said 4112 days ago (July 13th, 2008)
Chorale Prelude BMW 639
just blew me away ! Gorgous Music sounds sooo sweet.
Thank you for sharing your great work of art. Love it.

Peace Dee.
Enrique Gil said 4098 days ago (July 28th, 2008)
synthetizer rendition at its best. Very well done.
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composerclark said 3814 days ago (May 8th, 2009)
I'm very late to comment on this, but I just wanted to say that I am impressed by this; you have taken an organ piece and done a very skillful and tasteful orchestration, and I would have to say that, like ibstrat, I think I prefer your version over the organ one. Bravo!
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stviemr said 3787 days ago (June 3rd, 2009)
Good orchestration
Ahh - bach... Now that's real music. I like your orchestration much - excellent work.
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