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 Genre: Rock

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*NOTE*i'm in no way a barak obama political supporter. I am how ever a supporter of the way he presents his speeches. f.y.i.: he doesn't write 'em just performs 'em. I was an obama supporter before I knew this tinsy little fact, among other political view, which i don't wish to share here. I would consider this song to be Obama Propaganda, though, I'm still proud of it.

Imagine the business men on a downtown street walking past night clubs to their cars after a long days work. Imagine a kid punk rocker type walking the opposite directions towards him. worlds collide.

this story is about both of them.

*my favorite line is"education streaming just beyond my line of site" Imagine the kid just beyond the velvet ropes, he can see visual sound waves just around the corner of the building*

I recorded this with a friend, Jeff, hence the name. it's completed now but unfortunately you get the unfinished version.

thanks for listening
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We live a counter-culture
baby sometimes we just don't fit
this worlds a downtown
business suits faded tees
our office ceilings
dripping echos from across the street
it's noise to you
but to me
it's beautiful
my friends are on their way
my feet are tapping to the drops
of education streaming just beyond my line of sight
I can feel it
i can feel it
can you feel it

c'mon people put your hands in the sky
close your eyes now
can you feel it
don't be scared it'll be alright
close your eyes now can you feel it?

(unfinished version, rough draft mind you, but the music's still cool, huh?)
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'78 fender musicmaster, line 6 X3live, pick, voice, fingers
Monkaton said 3906 days ago (July 11th, 2008)
Good Song
Nice going! I liked the lead guitar riff (first lead) and the melody is pretty catchy, especially the "can you feel it" hook.

Not much change in the drums, but everything was recorded pretty well.

Way to go AGM
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Seven Ate Nine said 3906 days ago (July 11th, 2008)
The vocals aren't half bad, but they're noticeably effected (autotuner?).

The drums are very, very static. Boring. They get old after 15 seconds or so. Same is true for the guitar. They both need some dynamic changes / fills / transitions / bridge. Take your pick.

That said, the strongest aspect here are the lyrics but "can you feel it" is fairly cliché.

A decent enough start though. Cheerio.
AdrianGarzaMusic said 3906 days ago (July 11th, 2008)
agreed! duely noted. buuuuut like i said this was a rough draft. it has a drummer on it now, vocals that arn't being recorded off the top of the dome, and more complexity. this was simply recorded to get a foundation for the song in me and my buddy's heads.
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AdrianGarzaMusic said 3906 days ago (July 11th, 2008)
forgot to say thanks------
forgot to say thanks------

thank 789 for your comment, by the way

I sincerely appreciate it!
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rsorensen said 3906 days ago (July 11th, 2008)
very good
catchy and timely. cool ideas here. good use of samples. looking forward to the finished version. you should try to get it all polished ASAP and strike while the Obama movement is in full force. I could totally see it in a doc about him. just one suggestion you might wanna consider when finishing this off - the solo breaks are a little long and you might lose your audience during them (short attention spans these days) - unless you're intending to throw another verse/chourus in there, in which case never mind! i'll admit though this is a bit of a black kettle suggestion from me since I tend to indulge on long solo breaks myself haha. anyway, cool song and welcome to MJ
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AdrianGarzaMusic said 3906 days ago (July 11th, 2008)
Thanks rsorensen! I appreciate your details response. when I got to this part of the song i knew it had to be completed too. it's done now. there are vocals over the break down tho, sorry about that. rest assured me and you are on the same brain wave when it came to the length of some parts. you were right they were too long. corrected now.

I really appreciate your comment rsor, thanks again!
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