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Between the Whiskey and the Teardrops

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I had a senior moment the other day and accidentally deleted this song from the site.

Since I had it down anyway, I went back through the song and build a new version of it. It's not much different from the older version, but I did make some enhancements to it and tried to give it a fuller sound.

So here again for you listening pleasure if Whiskey & Teardrops.

I hope you enjoy the new mix,

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Between The Whiskey and The Teardrops
Words, Music and Arrangement By Edward C. Wemmerus Sr.
Copyright © Aug. 1, 1992 All rights reserved
Copyright © Registered October 19, 1992

Verse I

Whiskey doesn't mix with teardrops, you can never get your fill
It can't fix a broken memory, never has it never will
But on the bottle I'm relyin', to help my heart get over you
Though it won't stop me from cryin', I keep hopin' that it will


Whiskey you've gotta take her memory, and help me get it off of my mind
You've got to paint a new illusion, and one that's not the end of the line
Although I know it may seem hopeless, It's really just a matter of time
Between the whiskey and the teardrops, The beer and the brandy and the wine.

Bridge Turn around

Verse II

I know I cannot drown my sorrows, in a sea of alcohol
and that I should just forget her, stand up proud and stand up tall
But that's not in my constitution, I can't do it on my own
I fortify my resolution, drinkin' whiskey all alone

Repeat Chorus

Tag line:

Between the whiskey and the teardrops, the beer and the brandy and the wine

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Uploaded: Jul 24, 2008 - 08:16:44 PM
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Yamaha SY99, Tascam TSR-8 *track Reel, Tascam M2516 Mixer, Fender Twin, Takamine GX200 Guitar, Electro-Voice ND257B mics, iMac 2.0g, Tascam FW1804
Yamaha SY99 Sequencer, Cakewalk Pro Audio 8 DAW, Logic Express 8
Feter said 4012 days ago (July 24th, 2008)
Between the Whiskey and the Teardrops
soothin as ever ...what a great voice my friend ...
is good to come back to the sound and the song ..
perfect guitar licks as ever ..I m enjoyin this
so very much ..thnx alot for sharin !!!!!
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sloparts said 4012 days ago (July 24th, 2008)
Thank you Feter
I feel like a fool for accidentally deleting this song, but it did give me a chance to freshen it up a little and try to get a little better sound to it.

Thanks for coming back to listen to it again my friend. I appreciate it very much, as well as you kind words.

Be well and take heart Feter, it's always darkest before the dawn.

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Lightman- said 4012 days ago (July 24th, 2008)
I really like your voice/vocals.... It's very happy.... And this style of music is great to hear.... While listening to this, i feel very happy... Thanks for giving that happy time....
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sloparts said 4012 days ago (July 24th, 2008)
Thank you for listening Jakob
I really glad you enjoyed the song, and sent me some kind words about it. It's always nice to hear nice things about my work in music.

Thanks again for listening,

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guygrooves said 4011 days ago (July 24th, 2008)
Great job Ed!!
It is a success as far as what you were trying to do. I happened to listen to it through my studio monitors, and I know you will take this for what it is worth, cause I listened to it at least 4 times, and you keep tellin everyone your deaf ( I still think you're havin us on though lol)
The mix seems to have just a touch to much bottom end on it it might be that the output signal is a little on the hot side. I think I hear it clipping in places almost certainly on the guitar runs, the second of the last three note and a few times on the fills. I heard the guitar clip pretty clearly after the word resolution at about 2:11 to 2:13. It is a great mix your voice sounds stellar in it, and I do like this fuller version more than the other one. Once again your vocal is superb as is your playing. I think if you did low shelf the bottom end a bit it it might keep it from clipping, if it is at all. You know I am just trying to help. You are so close to perfection on this I would hate to see it fall short. This song should be on the radio. I listened to it 4 times to make sure I wasn't hearing things, and the last was with cans on to be sure, it wasn't noticeable with the cans (and it sounded almost perfect on them) but that's what studio monitors are for, to catch the little things. I wouldn't have at all noticed at all if It were just the headphones as thats how I usually listen to most of the songs here. It may be my monitors though, I have been told they produce too much of the low frequencies and goes into heavy protection if I use them too loud so this may be all for not lol. Peace my friend keep em comin an I'll keep listening.
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sloparts said 4011 days ago (July 24th, 2008)
Thanks Guy
I really appreciate you taking the time to go through it like that, Guy.

I went through the mix and manually lowered the spikes in the mix by 1 and sometimes 2 db so I could run it hot on the main vocal and guitar track without it getting into overload. I may have gone to far in a few places on the Guitar spikes, which is probably where you are hearing the clipping on those parts. I'll have to recheck the mix and see if that's the case.

On the bass, I am running it a little hot, but I checked in in Logic from top to bottom of the mix and it never did get into the red at any point. That said, I may still have the bass up a little too much and it's overdriving your monitors. I didn't notice it here, but I'll check for that too. It could be the bass is just too hot.

One of the things I often wonder about is when you bounce a song to iTunes, Logic always seem to want to normalize the track after it converts it. I always wonder if that has something to do with the occasional problems with a mix ending up too hot. That's something else I want to check, and turn off if I can in Logic.

Anyway, my friend, thanks again for the close listen and also the heads up on the possible clipping. I'll listen to it again several time and see if I can duplicate the problem.

Take care Guy,and be cool my friend,


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guygrooves said 4011 days ago (July 24th, 2008)
hey Ed
I was referring to the over all mix sounding like it had just a touch and only a touch to much bottom end. The bass sounded awesome as all else did. On my latest I kept trimming the bottom end back because of the monitors and when I listened to it on a friends mac with logitech speakers, it still had a touch to much bottom on it, but I am still happy with how the mix came out. I don't know if you know but, Itunes has a sound enhancer in the preferences you'll find it in "playback" if it is on, you won't get a true representation of your mix, I found this out the hard way lol. On the contrary about the normalizing with Itunes I let logic do it and check the box to send it to Itunes and it usually comes out a little lower in volume and sometimes a little thin but then I just go back make the necessary adjustments and the second or third mix comes out pretty good. I am still learning, but the Doc says I hear much better than an average 45 year old, so I'm using them while they still work lol. Thanks again for a great addition to my Itunes.

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sloparts said 4011 days ago (July 24th, 2008)
I'll check that out Guy
I thought you meant the bass instrument. Oops, silly me.

I will recheck the whole mix though as soon as I get a chance. Especially for clipping. I', using a set of JBL 4206 reference monitors tied to and Onkyo stereo amp for mixing, but with my ears I might miss the clipping you're talking about.

If I have to I'll replace the main vocal, guitar track and redo the mix. That should solve the clipping which is probably and artifact left over by my cutting the spikes off the top of anything that was markedly hotter thatn the rest of the track..

Thanks again for the great listen and comments Guy

I Be cool my friend,


p.s. I know about iTunes having the enhancement capabilities, and I never use it. I made sure that was turned off when I first discovered it.

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guygrooves said 4011 days ago (July 25th, 2008)
Hey Ed
I hope I aint getting on your nerves lol. I had another listen to it after an hour or so of down time. I've been working on a Bass line for a re record of one of mine, so my ears may have been tired. Upon one more last critical listen, the bottom end doesn't sound as heavy as I originally thought. I would leave it alone now, although I think your assumption about the guitar maybe what is going on with this mix. If you were going to re record anything, that would be my suggestion. The rest is pretty near perfect, but I still hear what is sounding like a clip at about 2:11 to 2:14 from the guitar. I have Samson resolve 40 a's, no great hell as far as monitors go, but I am getting better at using them. I listened with the volume down so the heavy protection wouldn't kick in and I still heard what I thought might be clipping from the guitar track. I am certain now, all else I heard was a result of ear fatigue lol. You have been so kind and helpful to me, I thought the least I could do is try and do the same in return. However I'm not entirely sure how helpful I have been. I will say this though, listening to this song has been a true pleasure and you should be very proud of it my friend, it is truly professional in every way.
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sloparts said 4011 days ago (July 25th, 2008)
I heard it too Guy
I listened to it again in several different ways, on several different speakers I have set up for checking tracks and I definitely heard the clipping on the guitar part.

I may be able to just go back in and raise that particular parts gain up a few db and solve the problem without having to redo the track. I'll try that first before I do major surgery on the song.

I guess what it boils down to is I got carried away while trying to keep the track from being too hot in any one place. I had tried using the limiter on it in different ways, but I didn't like the way it took the life out of the track. That's why I decided to try just cutting the spikes in the track to get it under control.

What's that saying, if a little is good a lot is better. NOT ;-)

Thanks for all the great feedback Guy, I really do appreciate your efforts on this. This is how we learn about these things is by this kind of feedback.

Be well my friend and be cool,


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sngwrtr said 4011 days ago (July 25th, 2008)
Ah, yes ... where is David Allan Coe when you need him, eh? This song conjures up memories of songs such as "Tennessee Whiskey" and other classic drinking songs.

I'm not 100% sold on the slow intro into the lines within the chorus ... maybe I just need to listen to it a few more times, but it felt like it took something away from the chorus. Typically, we want that chorus to be "soaring", yes? That is, standing above the verses and increasing the song's momentum?

Other than that, I thought it curious that lines 3 and 4 were not paired in the 1st verse. They are in the 2nd verse and it felt as though they should have been in the 1st verse as well.

With that said, I found the song to be well written and well performed. Now, if only we could get Nashville to embrace these classic jukebox tunes again .....
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sloparts said 4011 days ago (July 25th, 2008)
Hello John
I'm afraid Nashville doesn't have nearly as much control on the Country business as they used to have so I'm not sure they could get these songs on a juke box any time soon. Maybe there will be a revival in Country music that'll bring these kinds of songs back some day, but I wouldn't want to hold my breath waiting for it.

I guess I just did the intro line into the chorus that way for timing reasons. It just seemed to fit better in the mix than any other way I tried it. If you want I can send you a lead sheet on the lyrics so you can look at it. Maybe you'll come up with something that would work better.

As for the 3 & 4 lines on the two verses, I wanted to story to make sense, and with where my mind was going in the story, that's how it came together.

If I'd taken more time I might have changed it so they did fit together better, but there again, I liked the the way the words flowed with the theme and music of the song so I never gave it a thought.

Thanks again for taking time to go through it and for the critique John. If it does nothing else, it makes me think about details I never considered before, and that can only be a good thing.

Take care and be well my friend, you efforts are very much appreciated,

Be cool,


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AcetyleneJukebox said 4010 days ago (July 26th, 2008)
Nice one. Reminds me of George Jones.
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sloparts said 4010 days ago (July 26th, 2008)
Thanks Ace
Yeah, hadn't thought about that, but it does lind of have a George Jones thing going on there. Not enough twang in the vocal, but it is his kind of style.

Thanks for the great comment and for dropping in to listen Ace. I really appreciate that a lot.

Take care and Be Cool man,


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MannequinRaces said 3195 days ago (October 19th, 2010)
Man this is so smooth. Great lyrics! Thanks I really enjoyed this. Awesome voice man!
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sloparts said 3195 days ago (October 19th, 2010)
Thanks Adam
I appreciate your kind words my friend. I just hope there was a kernel of information that would help you in the song you're working on.

Be well and be cool,


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