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This is the Place



 Genre: Acoustic Rock
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A song I wrote and played the instruments. This is one from the archives when I began recording live drums.
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This is the Place
Music and Lyrics by: Sean C. O’Malley © 2003

The schedule I have to keep
Is dragging me down to my knees
The reason that I carry on
The idea seems so far gone

Believed in the things that I said
The words and the songs in your head
I’d promise you roses and wine
I need to know that you’re mine

This is the place
Come on inside
In front of your face
This is the place

Don’t say goodbye…, it’s much too long a word
When hello is straight to the point
My nerves tend to take control
Though my heart seems to stay far behind

This is the place
Come on inside
I’m in front of your face
This is the place

Why’d you have to go and think for yourself
I never heard you crying for help
All the times I was noticing me
I was just the one who was blind to see
That you were saying goodbye…

It’s much too long a word
When hello is straight to the point
My nerves tend to take control
Though my heart seems to stay far behind
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TobinMueller said 3957 days ago (July 26th, 2008)
Unstoppable waves of exhaustion
The lead up to "Don't say goodbye" is like a slow building surge forming behind a dike, like the first part of a verse waiting for development, then overflowing into a relationship that is suddenly over. Great concept writing. I totally dig the writing, the vocals, guitar, piano and arrangement. The instruments are too severely panned, in my ears, and the snare especially is lost in the hi-mid frequency saturation. The cymbals are kind of too squared off, rhythmically - consider whacking them on the off beats instead of the downbeats, at least on occasion. And consider using a trap instead of tapping the bell, which gets kind of lost.

I'd really like to hear different mixes of this, ones that bring the rhythm guitar into the center more, or splitting one rhythm left and another track of guitar right. Also, as a very minor thing, it seems the snare is slightly off the beat a few times, especially right after the phrase "know that you're mine.

Very nice writings and I love your vocals. Your sense of exhaustion and being pushed forward into loneliness by a force you cannot control is palpable.
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Remark80 said 3957 days ago (July 26th, 2008)
Great Feedback
This is what this sight is all about. Your feedback is perfect, it's like having an on-line producer. I agree with every word. You're dead on regarding the drum tracks and my playing. The mix is very raw as this was one of the first songs that I recorded on my Boss 1600 machine. I have recorded so many songs but I came back to this one and decided to post it as is. I will definitely re-mix and repost with more attention paid to the production and mixing. Thanks for all your input.
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MarkHolbrook said 3957 days ago (July 26th, 2008)
The panning is a little too wide for me too in headphones. I also lose the drums almost completely in this.

But Sean like most of your songs, well more like all of them, I love your work. I could still listen to this and enjoy it.
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Remark80 said 3957 days ago (July 26th, 2008)
Your feedback is very helpful. The panning surely needs adjustment. As I mentioned to Tobin, I will hope to re-mix this one again and re-post. Also, thanks for your kind words at the end.
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Feter said 3957 days ago (July 26th, 2008)
This is the Place
This reminds me of the story telling song of CSN ..
very impressive singing ..very honest lyrics with
thougthfull words ..top Notch recording ..enjoyin this
so ..thnx alot for sharin !!!!
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guygrooves said 3956 days ago (July 26th, 2008)
I have nothing to add..
as far as a critique .. Sean this is beautiful. If Jim Cuddy or Greg Keelor hear this, I am certain they would be wishing they wrote it. It is touching and deep, with excellent melody and Lyrics. Great heartfelt vocal, I was captivated by it. Thank you for this beautiful piece of art.
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12parsecs said 3956 days ago (July 27th, 2008)
another renaissance musician!
well done. you played all the instruments and played them well! would have liked to hear the drums up in the mix a bit more, but then i'm a pretty heavy rock guy. like the vamp at the end, sticking to the root. cool way out.

i hear what tobin's saying about the severe panning. when all the instruments are playing, i'm not too put off by it - as you have the levels pretty carefully balanced. but at the very beginning my head started to lean to the left. :) good post. thank you for sharing!
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jiguma said 3956 days ago (July 27th, 2008)
Nothing like a weary 3/4
Great song, great vocals - let down by the mix.

Critical mode engaged:

I'd like to hear more of the drums for a start - at this volume level, you almost might as well leave them out. Panning seems too wide to me too, and placement/volume levels of the various tracks need some adjustments.

Maybe you could double track the acoustic and spread it right and left to provide a little more continuity across the sound stage. I often try to use the acoustic (doubled with a slight delay on one track) as "bookmarks" on the soundstage - panning them to around 30 (or maybe even 40) left and right. I then fill the space between them with other instruments: vocals near the middle, harmony (in a song like this) just of to the side (maybe 5 to 10). Bass always in the middle and drums centred with a bit of spread.

Sounds like a fretless bass you're playing, and I wonder if for this style of music that is a good idea. If there's a weak link musically on this, I'd nominate the bass - I hear lots of opportunities for more interesting runs and holds, and there's a suspect note under "don't say goodbye" at 2:41. As has been mentioned there are also some timing "moments".

Sean, I really like this song, and you have a great voice - a good remix (and for me at least, a little attention to the bass line) should make this seriously good.

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Vic Holman said 3956 days ago (July 27th, 2008)
great song
this is a great song with nice ideas on instruments.

Looks like you also got some good feedback. that kind of stuff is great to know on recording future tunes as well.
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dirigent said 3955 days ago (July 28th, 2008)
This is the place
Intense performance of a marvelous song. Great voice and superb guitars. Thanks, I enjoyed it :-)
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12parsecs said 3950 days ago (August 2nd, 2008)
this is the place!
nice composition. love the bass line. and the bass tone. actually, the whole mix is very nice and wide... not wide panned, but every thing is in it's place and well articulated. very nicely done. great vocal performance too.

only thing i could nit pick, and it's a stretch, is maybe the drums could come in stronger - when they do come in. is there any kick drum? if so, could definitely use more of that. not a clicky close up mic, but roomy - if you catch my drift.

all in all, nice post. thanks for sharing!
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12parsecs said 3946 days ago (August 6th, 2008)
i posted twice on this tune. sorry about that. :)
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The Infinites said 3908 days ago (September 13th, 2008)
I'm not going to comment on production
or technical recording aspects of this. There are superior commentaries already on that side of it.

However, I am in awe of the build you have here, it just slides upwards in a huge envelope that wraps around me. This is that thing I look for first in a new song - am I instantly engaged? Answer - absolutely!

It will benefit the song by taking on the constructive comments here, and I can't wait to hear an updated version. But the groundwork of a terrific song is already nailed, Sean.

Thanks for giving it up. And glad to see the words, too; poignant and well suited to your music.

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