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“Nagasaki” started out as one in a series of pieces that I have been working on for Christephor Gilbert, beloved partner/choreographer/ and dancer, for his upcoming show.

12 complete pieces that combine string(s), drum, bass, and a variety of instruments and percussive effects. The collection continues to be honed and worked for the September performance; however, “Nagasaki” broke off from the dance group to be “a different sort of performance piece”.

" A young man, walking, remembering, Nagasaki before that morning on August 9th: before the bomb was dropped.
Dreamy, dark, tranquil, sometimes even just feeling moonlit.
The fields he grew up in. The school he went to. The playground. The aroma of tea in the house. The way his dog looked up at him when he first learned to climb a tree. The first girl he kissed. . . ."

All gone, all vanquished.
The rising sun went dark --

It had been a very long eclipse . . .
but an eclipse, never the less.

This is the working copy:
Japanese vocal inserts are coming as well as different types of audio and acoustic media.
My language choice for this piece really had nothing to do with the original content of it. There are no “regional” instruments in it; no affiliation to an individual; I have never been to Japan.

My choice for the language was based purely on the actual “sound” of the language. To me, it would seem to be the perfect marriage: technological and metallic sounding machinery blended with the organic / earthen tones, that I created and introduced, are all finely balanced with the texture of the Japanese language.

As the working copy, the melody is over emphasized by an access virus synthesizer. It may seem to be “banging”. (( It is ))
It will be toned down after recording and inserting the vocal tracks..

I am getting assistance on the lyric translation for this piece from long time friend Jubilith Moore, artistic director for Theatre of Yugen, San Francisco and a close friend of hers.

Final production of this piece will be introduced and then made available on my third album, Global.

I hope you enjoy -- please send me a note if you are able.

fishboi, san francisco
donald gordon-bell
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magnatone said 3962 days ago (August 13th, 2008)
I'm talking to you in chat right now, so you already know I love this - such an excellent production - very polished sounding. Love your instrumentation, beats - great mix - I've got nothing but praise for this! Glad you happened by!
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EZamor said 3962 days ago (August 13th, 2008)
just played this twice in a row. and wow, this is a pretty cool piece of music! i'm rather fond of that analog synth sound.

the song art and intro made me think this was going to have a retro sound, but when the beat kicked in, it turned into something impressively difficult to classify. well done.

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fishboisfo said 3962 days ago (August 13th, 2008)
thanks man
I really appreciate your comments !!
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fishboisfo said 3962 days ago (August 13th, 2008)
thanks guys !
I really appreciate the comments :)
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elfdaughter said 3962 days ago (August 13th, 2008)
OK, firstly let me just say that I don't usually listen to this sort of music. But I found myself getting strangely drawn in, and I ADORE those drums.... (is it a snare?) Like EZ said, it turns it something incredibly impressive, yet difficult to classify. I'd love to hear this completed with the lyrics.
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fishboisfo said 3962 days ago (August 13th, 2008)
in answer to your question:
It is a snare and rim riding / bussed into the dame track and then filtered. I used a pair of dynamic EQs -- spit the frequencies. panned them and then "wove" them together in the panning process. The kick is actually a doubled kick that is also bussed to a sequenced pair of ( believe it or not ) standing bass's that I just EQ'd for the punch.
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Mystified said 3961 days ago (August 14th, 2008)
Industrial pulse
I am really digging this vibe! Excellent depth of sound in your production (as always! ;)

I'm looking forward to hearing the additions--but this stands well enough on its own!

Always a pleasure to hear your tracks! Thank you for posting!
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MarkHolbrook said 3961 days ago (August 14th, 2008)
The production/mix sound quality is amazing!
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Skean said 3961 days ago (August 14th, 2008)
As always
I love you're music and the mixing u know I do.
Very good work to your friend I hope he have a great show.

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said 3961 days ago (August 14th, 2008)
Quality excitement
Deep, round, zonking sprong sprockets! Love it!
said 3961 days ago (August 14th, 2008)
Wow! My head nearly got blown off had to turn my ear phones lower lol
Nice beat. Very nice. Thanks

Peace Dee.
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