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Finally Quiet



 Genre: Experimental

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The title is because Sophie has entered the toddler phase and was going nuts all morning. She just went off to school and I turned this on, and all was quiet.

This is an ambient piece that I constructed using some loops and samples i made (mostly electric guitar and piano that has been manipulated). I put it under experimental as it is another Logic experiment (I'm trying to learn the editor functions right now). Also it is kind of a glitch-ey ambient piece. Originally I did the electric guitar loops in Reaper (on my PC during a lunch break a while ago), can't remember exactly what I did (although I'm sure i must have used audacity to reverse some stuff). I finished up by dumping that track into Logic and adding a few more tracks. The glitch stuff was done using Supatrigga, exporting the track and editing out the good stuff and putting it back in the track. This track kind of reminds me of the Eno/Fripp stuff; thought about adding a couple of e-bow tracks, but that would have just been too much in that direction.

Does anyone know if you can reverse stuff within Logic? I get tired of having to export things all the time and bring them back in.
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intel mini mac, m-audio 49e keyboard
Reaper, LE8, Audacity, Supatrigga, KT Granulator
yrp said 4031 days ago (September 30th, 2008)
Its very good
It is a blissful ambient piece and also very very good.
In here you beat Fennesz at its own game in my opinion.
I had lost contact with ambinet music for a couple of months and this is a fine way to return to it.
PS:I always wanted to create those glitchy guitar loops, but I have yet to learn about reaper and my vacation is over.
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michael2 said 4031 days ago (September 30th, 2008)
thanks Carlos
appreciate the kind words. I think that Reaper is a really great recording program (probably rivals Logic). there is a whole lot to learn there, but they have a really great forum, and you can get the manual in paper form and just kind of slowly work your way through it.

Glad you like the piece, I have a feeling that it can bore the socks off of a lot of people; but I like it and that's all that counts in the end. Thanks so much.
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rsorensen said 4031 days ago (September 30th, 2008)
cool piece. appropriate picture too because I feel like I'm underwater when listening. great to draw to, thanks
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thiscausticautumn said 4031 days ago (September 30th, 2008)
Very tranquil and inviting track.
I love all the glitchy stuff in the background. Mixed with the underwater sensation RSorensen mentioned, it gives the notion that we're privy to a world we're not a part of.
This is very, very cool.

And no, I have yet to find a way to reverse things in Logic.
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five_extra_arms said 4031 days ago (September 30th, 2008)
I thought for sure this was a left over from the cover challenge! A super reinterpretation of bud's astonishing "Phenomenon"!!

Just kidding!

I know that moment and I cherish it!

Rock on m2, or in this case, enjoy the peace.


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Doadars Uncle said 4031 days ago (September 30th, 2008)
The pic implies underwater, to me. It's a sense I get when I pull my head underwater, the world of sound becomes muted and minimal. This is how I carried this tune when I heard it.

I have two girls (older now), so I know what you are talking about with the quiet. Suddenly you can think!

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said 4031 days ago (September 30th, 2008)
sounds like being in an underwater world. In fact it reminds me of an ambient piece called, "World Beneath the Waves" or "Land Below the Waves" or something like that, by ... by ... I forget. This is professional level ambient. Very impressive.

You can reverse in Logic by double clicking the section in the Arrange window. A new window will appear. Under the Functions menu, you can choose Reverse.
Feter said 4031 days ago (September 30th, 2008)
Finally Quiet
Its deep as the ocean and its a very good experimental
it could be very successful sound track ...always so
thoughtful my friend ..thnx alot for sharin !!!!
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Lennon714 said 4031 days ago (September 30th, 2008)
your ambient pieces are always so well executed. Always a solid balance. This was a great listen, thank you.
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Diviner said 4031 days ago (September 30th, 2008)
This is really nice. Great sounds here and lots of interesting noises. Really good soundscapes. Nice one and thanks for sharing.
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guygrooves said 4031 days ago (September 30th, 2008)
All I can say is I am very glad I gave up drugs all those years ago. I had my new studio cans on and cranked when I started this. I am sure if I was still using, my poor lil brain would have completely melted down. This is truly a gorgeous piece. It looks like you are getting the swing of logic, cool isn't it? Till you start finding the little bugs that are really nothing but somewhat annoying. Great piece Michael.
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Jim Bouchard said 4031 days ago (September 30th, 2008)
You can reverse things in Logic in the Sample Editor. Select the region you want to reverse and click on the Sample Editor button to open it in the Sample Editor window. Under the Functions menu in the Sample Editor, choose "Reverse". It's pretty easy and, dare I say, logical. I sort of figured it out on my own, but someday I'll get around to reading up on it because there's a lot of other functions there that seem pretty cool. I think there's a lot you can do in the Sample Editor. You can do also bounce the supatrigga'd track within logic (as a PCM file which creates an aif) and dragging that back into Logic (from the Media "Bin" tab, as long as you have the "Add to Bin" box checked in the bounce window) and editing the bounced supatrigga'd track in the Sample Editor window. But here I am showing my geekiness. I'm such a nerd.

Anyway, your music is really great no matter how you make it. I wish I had your instincts for this stuff!
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Vic Holman said 4031 days ago (September 30th, 2008)
auchtung baby
oh man, i use to listen to stuff like this years ago. some german bands.

jeez all the stuff I've lost track of over the years.

like roca & jim said about the reverse. One thing though... if you cut and paste a part and reverse one piece, all of the duplicate parts will reverse as well.
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said 4027 days ago (October 4th, 2008)
Bounce it
Bounce the selection to a new segment, then reverse it....

Cubase, anyway...

. - Harold
Char said 4031 days ago (October 1st, 2008)
It is as if you are walking
on the ocean floor. Sometimes you lie in a bathtub with your ears under the water and the water muffles all the sounds in the house. It is like getting back to the womb. Close your eyes, listen to this and you are safe and protected, once more. So relaxing. I loved it. Thank you.
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lavalamp said 4030 days ago (October 1st, 2008)
This is quite a piece of audio art, M2.

Liked what you did here.

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sloparts said 4030 days ago (October 1st, 2008)
Doesn't take any energy
to listen to this one Mike. It just lets you float above it all and relax. Very quieting piece my friend and it's going in iTunes and on my iPod.

Thanks for sharing it Mike,

Be well and be cool,

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jiguma said 4030 days ago (October 1st, 2008)
Beginning sounded like ...
...Yes. Very relaxed and involving creation Michael. Excellent build.
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tempie said 4029 days ago (October 2nd, 2008)
relax, it won't hurt
i'm going to loop this and play it in my office all day. i like all the odd noises, and I envy the fact that you are using Logic.
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said 4029 days ago (October 2nd, 2008)
Just what I needed...
Almost therapeutic! I found this very calming/soothing Michael. I'm sitting here this morning with a pinched nerve in my lower back. Can't stand up straight and in a lot of pain. This actually made me feel a little better for awhile. Many thanks.

Be well friend!
said 4029 days ago (October 2nd, 2008)
Portions of this remind me of the extended underwater sequence in Jimi Hendrix's "1983 (A Merman I Should Turn To Be)/Moon Turn The Tides, Gently, Gently Away"---long a favorite of mine.
egobandit said 4028 days ago (October 3rd, 2008)
Eno fripp
Every listen to no pussyfooting. A relaxing piecs of music this is working real well for me since I just got home from work. As far as reverse I dont have logic . Always a good song with you thanks!
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LunaTrick said 4028 days ago (October 3rd, 2008)
The sonic vacuum that children leave behind eh?

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Parichayaka said 4028 days ago (October 3rd, 2008)
Just as beautiful, surreal, evocative and inspiring as the photo you picked. I admire the patience and subtlety it takes to create a track like that. You can almost see the wondrous creatures moving around in the sonic space you create here. Weightless. Very inspiring.
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said 4027 days ago (October 4th, 2008)
Someone's still in the house...
When I'm working at home, and the girls have all left for school and work, I often put the headphones on and listen to songs... Heh, stuff like this spooky piece invariably keeps me looking around & over my shoulder as I no longer feel alone... *shudders*

. - Harold
bud said 4027 days ago (October 4th, 2008)
Frippin' cool piece Michael
Reminds me a little of moebius/rodelius too. I like what you're up to with logic. Would you mind if I shared some of this with an editor I'm working with?
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drakonis said 4010 days ago (October 21st, 2008)
to and fro
very nice... I love the way you make the backward stuff create a kind of slow crescendo, but without the typical fall-off-the-cliff at the end, it softly decays again, and it is subdued so the glitches can flitter across it in their sparkly high-frequency brilliance... very crisp and evocative. Those sounds are really cool, very organic-sounding, and I love the unhurried, finally-quiet ending. Well done!
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ic42 said 4010 days ago (October 21st, 2008)
it is a dark evening on an alien world. a witch lives in a dodecahedron hut. it floats in a swamp world. there is a light on the house boat. there are many swamp insects that come to the light. some are strong, some are sick. they are confused and bounce against the light. it is interesting to watch them through the window. thank you for the view. 0x0
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kassia said 4010 days ago (October 21st, 2008)
you know
I downloaded this when you posted it and have been listening to it on my iPod and never realized that I forgot to come back and comment! So sorry about that. I love this piece. So much texture to the sounds you chose. Like walking through a huge aquarium surrounded by the play of light and sound through water. I have no idea what all your words about the creation process mean, or how you manipulated things to get these sounds, but they're incredible, and put together very well. Production is excellent. I just love the diversity of your talent. Thanks for another great piece, michael.
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poodyglitz said 3992 days ago (November 9th, 2008)
I'm Diggin' It!
Peaceful. Placid. Playful.
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Estella said 3981 days ago (November 20th, 2008)
Me and Mr. Eno
I get pretty edgy sometimes and need to mellow out.

Me and Mr. Eno have become good friends in that way. Your piece is beautiful and evocative.

So multi-talented you are...
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Heightened said 3947 days ago (December 24th, 2008)
Personally, I like your ambient/experimentals
the best. And this one is superb!
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K.I.S.KISMET said 2973 days ago (August 24th, 2011)
feeling sedated and swathed in soft, subtle sounds.

i am momentarily healed...

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