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 Genre: Hip Hop-Rap

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Fairly self explanatory
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I'm one of many in this nation one of many in this world
stuck to my ideals trying to get a feel for this will I wield
and my shield used to protect and reflect from these creatures
that try to infect these notions full of disrespect
please inject me with a chemical to make my brain numb
dumb to the pries into our lives to control us through lies so I can refrain from
conversation with inner self to help with conservation of my inner health
we all play the hand that's dealt
but my lucks drained strained from the days of pain that changed
the ways that I choose to relate to these clouds of acid rain
who's to blame a game played by brains cause i'm the only one
that nurtures the existence of these thoughts that leave me estranged
sometimes I hate that I know the answer to that
accountability adds up as it continues to stack
the weight ready to break me but I can never look back
although ignorance is bliss
I would rather know the facts

Lost in this life searching for the right path
but the eyes can't see the light when you look back
best believe that this life won't let you lose track
but sometimes it seems that it's just too hard to adapt

Resistance is key killing me to be feeling the
full effect of the steps that I take upon this trek
I inspect the depth of regret rather than forget
the dark times signs that life chose to put me in check
out of balanced feeling challenged by my beliefs
so I release a piece of me on unique beats that bring out the beast in me
frequently exposed to the subjective views of those who don't know
anything outside of the life that they really don't think they chose
we think we know what we want but we know what we need
but we don't want what we need till we bleed
priorities overtly orbiting over the
future self image played and suckered by the gimmicks
here's comes another cynic out of the mental health clinic
looking stressed depressed and confessed that he's truly finished
with a diminished state of mind trying to find what he left behind
but that's when he realized there's no such thing as time

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dolby said 3908 days ago (October 14th, 2008)
I like it!
Like the simple guitar strum, which works well against the punchy drum beat. The rapping seems pretty good - although in the first verse you're cramming soooooo many words in you trip up a few times ( I know this is the effect, but I felt in places you were a little behind the beat). I may be wrong but you sound like you may be twiddling the timing button to get the vocals on track and maybe this is making it sound a little "cut up".

As you can tell I know f**k all about hip-hop so apologies if this is complete rubbish:-))

Good track though - and I like the sudden ending as well!

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Konscious said 3908 days ago (October 14th, 2008)
Thanks man
Yeah I know exactly what you are talking about, I get a lot of that feedback because I do that on a lot of songs. I'm still pretty new at this so my focus at this point to push the limits in my flow on every song to develop the ability to rap at a faster pace. But I realize i'm not quite there yet ;) eeeveentuuaally all those crammed words will be smoothly woven within the framework becoming one with the beat.

Thanks a lot for checking the song out and taking the time to post some feedback, it's definitely appreciated.
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PrototypeEightyOne said 3907 days ago (October 14th, 2008)
Nice track. Very original groovy type of beat. I could tell you fell off a couple lines as Dolby mentioned, but then again the amount of words your trying to cram into a bar no doubt your going to sound "forced". it still works because thats your style, and its not like this track is to emphasize your skill with the flow or cyllables, you are actually saying something. If this was to showcase your flow and wordplay then it would suk :P. But since you are actually talking about something this works as is. Keep droppin, you'll be hella dope one day..i cant believe i just said hella ...lol
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Konscious said 3907 days ago (October 14th, 2008)
yeah i liked working with this beat a lot, super simple but a nice rhythm and pace to support my flow. Thanks for the feedback, well i'm glad it's not being looked at in the context to where it sucks :) hehe but yeah that's the plan, to be hella dope son!
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craft said 3906 days ago (October 15th, 2008)
this soundz great
great song K.. Love the chorus. Simple and catchy
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Konscious said 3906 days ago (October 15th, 2008)
thanks man
I'm looking forward to seeing how cena comes out, thanks for stopping by :)
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