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The Perfect Plan (piano version)

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This is the raw version (no effects or drums) of this song I started writing in high school, and then changed the lyrics a year or so ago. I think it sounds better with the drums, so I'll be sure to upload that version when that's done. Produced by JP DeGuzman.

*ps. for some reason, people who've heard this song get the idea that it's about like domestic abuse or something???? especially because of the last verse. but what's going on in that last verse is that i'm asking him to physically hurt me and leave some tangible evidence that everything is his fault, because i don't want to admit that it's all my fault....i hope that clears things up.
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[verse one]
i never was the one to say things that i didn't mean
but all of that went out the door
when you said, "come inside"
and i said, "sure, alright"
guess i'm much weaker than i like to think.
i never was the one to do things i didn't wanna do
but there was something in your smile
it doesn't make much sense
why i was so convinced
that this is what i really wanted.

seemed like the perfect plan
when you held out your hand
i remember feeling like i finally won oh
i hate who i've become
i've never been so numb
can't believe i thought you were the one

i've got love i need to give
is anybody interested?

[verse two]
i never was the one to listen to my friends' advice
they told me i should stay away
i guess they just don't see
how lonely it can be
when your sheets are cold and you can't sleep.
i never was the one to have any regrets at all
but i guess everything must change
and i thought you would too
turns out that won't come true
is there no one else left to blame?


[verse three]
push me through the doorway
and then beat me till i fall
i won't say that i've been sane
when i admit it's all my fault
so won't you slip me a little poison
while my head is turned away
wait until my body's limp
and i have not a word to say
please just hit me in the head now
leave me with a bruise or two
give me something i can show them
when i put the blame on you...
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guygrooves said 3896 days ago (October 24th, 2008)
Gorgeous voice
Will be waiting for the full production version.
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guygrooves said 3896 days ago (October 24th, 2008)
Welcome to MJ
I just checked and found out you just joined. Welcome and I am honored to become your first fan. Rare for me lol. Great song and I hope and pray it wasn't something you experienced first hand.
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kassia said 3896 days ago (October 24th, 2008)
The piano on this is incredible - is that you playing? Wonderful performance and I love the acoustic simplicity - just you and the keys. Truly amazing playing and composition. You have a lovely voice and do a great job on the vocals in this. Lots of emotion in your singing. Great tune. Welcome to MacJams and I can't wait to hear more from you!
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regulus said 3896 days ago (October 24th, 2008)
You have a great
depth to your spirit and it is expressed soulfully with your vocal projection. Your not to new at doing music as you emanate a great confidence and seem to have good breath control which is essential to tonal pitch. I ware a pair of pretty used ears and couldn't get all the words. Not sure if it is in the annunciation or if is piano bleed over into the vocal mic due to recording and singing at the same time. You can get greater dynamics to your vocal quality,( which you have no lack of) by being right up to the mike and ware earphone to hear ever nuance of your voice. For better quality record independently your instruments and then do the voice over.

It is assured that you have more than a couple of weeks at playing the piano. It doesn't sound like your using loops here. You left out a few things in the bio, so I can only guess that your actually an accomplished and successful recording artist experimenting with some new material to get candid remarks to develop some new material. :-) Good show will tune in later for the update a 11:00. ................... Oh, glad you made it to here, bienvenidos to the site. Hope you'll be around awhile. I enjoy your style of perforing.
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SapphireSandalo said 3894 days ago (October 26th, 2008)
thank you so much for your comment! i actually did record the vocals and piano on separate tracks though. this is actually only the second song i've ever recorded in a legit recording studio! since this is the raw version, the sound engineer hadn't mixed the tracks yet to make it sound the best it can sound.

haha and no i'm nowhere near being a successful recording artist.......
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Feter said 3895 days ago (October 25th, 2008)
The Perfect Plan
WOW ...what an incredible piano work ...great vocal
singing ...no I think this is complete very sensational\
and structured ..thank you so very much for sharing !!!!
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egobandit said 3894 days ago (October 26th, 2008)
Excellent bravo !!!!!
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drakonis said 3893 days ago (October 27th, 2008)
The Masochism Tango...
For some reason this reminded me a bit of Tom Lehrer's music, partly because of the amazing and bouncy piano, and partly because of the lyrics... but on to more serious thoughts...

Kassia's right, this is a gorgeous bit of piano composition and playing... and you need to go listen to some of her piano work to realize that's a great compliment from her! I love the music. The lyrics are a little "crammed in" as you sing, so its hard to understand some of the lines as they fly past. But the "twisted relationship" issue comes through well in the story.

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thetiler said 3892 days ago (October 28th, 2008)
the classical and pop vocal. Terrific combination.

This is one of the delights of today's listening experience!

Creative and unusually good in a nice pop-classical way.

It is great to combine those styles. Then the move to a bit of jazz.

great versatility
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